Erik on Removing Energy Blocks

This quantum session with Kim Voigt from was perhaps one of the most impactful healing sessions of my life. I hope you get something out of it, and I highly recommend you contact Kim for your own session!

But before we get to that, I wanted to share something with you. I was going through home videos on iTunes and found this lovely moment between Erik and his niece, Arleen. Check it out.

It makes me happy and sad at the same time.

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Enjoy today’s session and the transcript that follows!

Elisa:  Hello Kim from, how are you doing?

Kim: I’m doing well, and you?

Elisa:  Excellent! And how’s our boy doing? And Jaii? Hi Jaii! Hi Erik! I love you!

Erik:  Hi, and of course we always have to start with I love you, you just beat me to it today Mom.

Elisa: Ah, for once!

Erik: Yeah, yeah.

Elisa:  Alright.

Kim:  He has been a busy boy, he’s got a new job.

Elisa: Really?

Kim:  I would call him a spiritual cupid lately, so.

Elisa: A what?

Kim: A spiritual cupid, a little match maker.

Elisa:  Oh, I bet I know what that’s all about.

Kim:  Yeah, you probably do so.

Elisa:  Because I know you probably don’t know anything about it but does it have to with somebody in the family? Or a friend? Or what?

Kim: Okay, he did say yes to the family, but also kind of on a collective level with helping people connect with their twin flames.

Elisa: Oh good.

Kim: (inaudible) souls, and he’s telling me to tell you he impulsed you to help with this as well.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: I was working with a client, thinking it was just a regular medium, psychic medium kind of session and it quickly turned into more of a twin flame’s session.

Elisa: Oh!

Kim: And I was just a little unsure of it because she wasn’t, she wasn’t having the reaction I would have anticipated she would have had, that I had in my mental mind.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim:  So, at 11:11am you texted the people, some of your mediums, thanking us.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, 11:11 I remember that!

Kim:  And 11:11 is the sign of the twin flame union.

Elisa: Oh, I thought it was just your angels saying “Hey, how are you doing? You’re on the right track.”

Kim:  It could be that, but it’s also the sign of the twin flame union.

Elisa: Oh, that’s awesome.

Kim:  So, it was just kind of like he used you to send me a message.

Elisa: Oh, that’s cool.

Kim: That’s what I was feeling in channeling to say, yes, this is for real so.

Elisa: Okay, that’s great! So, tell everybody what we’re going to talk about today, Kim.

Kim: Well, so today we’re going to talk about energy blocks, and specifically we’re talking about the seventh chakra or crown and root chakra today because our seventh chakra is where we connect with source and remembering they work together to the number eight, it affects our physical level.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim: So, anything where there’s any blocks that prevents our ability to receive spiritual input from source.

Erik: Specifically, for you, and for Kim with Jaii.

Kim:  Although Erik’s helped with it, this is getting a lot better.

Erik: If you have blocks that originated from this seventh chakra which as humans we relate to when we’re children as our parents, as source, any authority figure, our parents, our teachers, anything like that, so any negative experiences we would block that and it would affect us in our physical level.

Elisa:  Oh.

Kim: And he’s reminding me to say it shows up as dysfunction in relationships.

Elisa:  What kind of health problems? Usually.

Kim:  Any kind of health problems, of the physical realm.

Elisa: Okay, what kind of physical ailments, usually?

Kim:  Any kind of physical ailments.

Elisa:  Oh any, okay, sorry about that. I just saw a text come up from my husband so.

Erik:  Especially things that cause the restrictions in the physical body.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: That prevent movement, mobility.

Elisa:  Oh, like arthritis and things like that, all right. Strokes maybe.

Kim: I’m sorry I didn’t hear what you said.

Elisa:  Maybe a stroke.

Kim: That’s possible, but that kind of is more related to a third eye function.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim:  In the brain, so that’s another area to cover.

Erik:  It can prevent you from really feeling physical sensations in your body and being able to recognize those impulses from spirit, like the goosebumps you get.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  That kind of thing, so if you were really blocked here, and you heard some (inaudible), someone else would get goosebumps about and you don’t, it’s because you’re blocked and it’s causing problems in your physical body.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  So, anything where there’s been an authority figure that has caused a negative imprint in our realities is going to be affecting our physical realm, and for you specifically and for Kim with Jay, those things will prevent you from being able to connect with them fully.

Kim: He’s also brining up the fact that because he’s a masculine energy and you have so much abuse in your young life from masculine energy that you would naturally kind of put a block in that area.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  Kim should share just a little bit of her story.

Kim:  Because like for you, you were raised, we both had cruelty from parents, peers and everything, but for you, being raised by Atheists there was no, you didn’t really have any understanding of Source or any of this.

Elisa:  True.

Kim:  Well I had parents of a very strict religion so I had understanding of this but also injected a whole bunch of fear. I was actually as a child, the scary monster hiding under my bed was actually God, the things they told me was just horrific.

Elisa:  The wrathful God. I mean really. Really?

Kim:  Yeah, so I.

Elisa: Does God have that big of an ego? You’re not doing what I want, I’m going to smith you.

Kim: People put human characteristics on God.

Elisa:  I know.

Kim: So, I blocked myself that way, I cut myself off that way because I really thought that God was a psychopath because I related that to men because of how my Dad was. My Dad was nothing like your Dad, he wasn’t like this horribly abusive person but when I was young, he had a rage problem.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim: And I would get spanked even as an infant.

Elisa: Awe.

Kim: And so that’s why I disassociated when I was 24 months old, I could not understand this duality of this person that was so loving at times could just suddenly flip out in this rage.

Elisa: Yeah, yeah.

Kim: And beat me.

Elisa: Yeah, I think I did too, I was in my own little world, they called me space cadet, they were so nice to me because I was in my own little world with this little plastic skunk figurine that I loved and I kept it in my pocket all the time it was my little almost like a little bankie.  All right so, and then what about the root chakra?

Erik: So, all of these things for you and Kim and many people prevented you from feeling safe in your physical world and you may feel like you’re safe but until you really have that feeling of safety and security you’re not, you can’t even really comprehend it until that fear and those energy blocks are gone.

Elisa: Now, who’s talking is it Jaii or is it Erik?

Kim: It’s Erik, telling me.

Elisa: Oh, okay okay, just want to make sure.

Kim: Yeah. So, what Erik suggested to do today was to do another quantum session and go in and remove those blocks.

Elisa:  Okay before we do that can you tell our viewers what sort of things you offer. I mean you offer these quantum sessions like the one we’re about to do now but tell me some other healing services that you help with.

Kim: Well we can do, a lot of times someone will come to me thinking it’s for one thing and it will quickly turn into, oh, this is what we really need to do, but in addition to like we did where we went into the fifth dimension through the park, there’s other ways we can go up through a tunnel or this thing.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim: And some of the things that we do there’s a healing (inaudible).

Elisa: Oh!

Kim: Which is very profound, people see beings of light using beams of light to heal them, there’s a hall of justice.

Elisa: A what?

Kim: Hall of justice.

Elisa:  Okay, hall of justice, I thought that’s what you said.

Kim:  If there’s a legal matter we can go see the Elders, we can do all kinds of things on the other side to get advice and insight and bring it back into our physical realm.

Elisa:  That is so cool.

Kim: Yeah and on a physical level one of my very favorite things to do, is myofascial release and cranial-sacral therapy.

Erik: Acupuncture or rolfing those kinds of things really help on the physical realm to bring that energy in and clear those blocks.

Elisa:  Oh good, but you have to be in person for that obviously.

Kim: Right, right, right.

Elisa: Where are you?

Kim: I’m in Minnesota, Crystal Minnesota.

Elisa: What’s, oh that’s the name of the town?

Kim: The name of the town is Crystal.

Elisa: Minnesota, lots of Norwegians are surrounding you, you poor thing.

Kim: There is.

Elisa: Well, I tell you what, they know how to party. They’re very serious as a general rule, I mean this is from my experience, you can’t really generalize, but I’m going to just to make a point. And they’re a little standoffish but then when you connect with them, they’re just lovely friends and like, I remember when I was first dating my husband, we got married six months later, but anyway we were walking on the sea wall in Galveston, and I was passing people and I would say Hi, how you doing? Good Afternoon, Hey, what’s up, how you doing.  And he said Do you know all these people? I said no I don’t know any of them, Well why are you saying Hi to them? It’s just a difference in culture but then they become very warm when you become their friend and you just couldn’t ask for better friends. But boy, when they party, ooo wee! They drink everybody under the table, Vikings! Anyway, that’s my little a side. Oh, Elisa, did you take your ADHD medicine today, No, I don’t take that, I’m just kidding. I probably shouldn’t.

Kim:  In Minnesota there’s the cutest little town that’s Norwegian, it’s just adorable. We drive through it up North when we go to our cabin, so, yeah, how you’re explaining that is how those people are, when we stop, we can feel that energy there.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: The other thing you should cover a little bit before you start, is just to go over a little bit, bringing up why in the planning stage you would have chosen the family you were born into to come into. If you look at that past life regression, you did, where you and I had a life together, that ended prematurely and you were killed.

Kim: You took food or something, was that why?

Elisa: Yeah, a loaf of bread or something.

Erik: It was important for you this time to come through parents that would instill in you the importance of the education and getting that firm financial ground.

Elisa: So, I wouldn’t be like a little street rat.

Kim: Right.

Erik: That is part of the reason.

Elisa:  Wow! Interesting.

Erik: In the grand scheme of things, in the bigger picture of things with all this channeling and what we’re doing, the other part of it is, with your Mom and Dad being physicians, you being a physician, part of what you’re going to be doing.

Kim: I don’t know if it will be through the ripple effect or directly, he’s not really telling me.

Erik: Part of what we’ll be doing is teaching others how to connect with their own higher self and channel and so people that are in the medical field, once they learn how to do this channeling, they’ll be able to bring insights through. It will be like a merging with spirituality and science.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: And because you’re a doctor, obviously you’re more believable.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: Another doctor would.

Elisa: Got them fooled, ha ha.

Kim: Take you seriously, and as ironic as this sounds, I wanted to tell you this earlier, your parents and my mother’s past too, they sometimes interact in this level as well because my Mom had a chronic disease when she was alive and they’ve kind of combined resources to help us get together and to help us channel. I don’t know if your Dad was ever funny in real life, when he was alive but he says Yeah, we formed a club for parents of daughters who are really mad a them.


Elisa:  Oh, that’s hilarious. No, he can be funny.

Kim: He can be funny yeah, well.

Elisa:  In between the beatings, no Hi Dad, Hi Mom. Hi Kim’s Mom.

Kim: Yeah so, you’re going to see them, they’ll be in the background when we go over there and the other thing, I wanted to tell you about my Mom that was really unique was, we did not get along when she was alive, we have a much better relationship now that she’s passed, we really do communicate and are close. She was very fearful around religion, she was the worst of the two of them, so when I was about 3, I told her that, she had Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis pretty significantly, and so when I was 3 I told her that not to worry Mom, when I grew up I would become a doctor and I would find the cure for her Lupus and she wouldn’t hurt anymore. Well she told me that I wasn’t smart enough.

Elisa: Oh God.

Kim:  And tried to let me down gently, oh honey, that’s so nice but you’re just not smart enough and then she went on.

Elisa: Oh my God, how awful!
Kim: I know it was awful, but I wouldn’t have done what I did had she encouraged me to be a doctor, I would have been too much in my mind.

Elisa: Oh, so maybe that was a contractual thing too. You never know.

Kim: Yeah. And then she brought up because you’re not a man, and she told me that was a man’s job and on and on and on.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: So, what my Mom basically did, after she died, she apologized for interfering with my spirituality but since all this Channeling Erik and meeting your parents and finding out all this information, she tells me that, honey, I’m going to help you keep that promise, I am going to help you in one way or another find a cure for this type of a disease for others.

Elisa: So, you’re applying for medical school? I’m kidding.

Kim: I’m not applying for medical school but by teaching science how to channel and how to merge and bring this stuff through, they’re saying discoveries will be made.

Elisa: Awesome.

Kim: That’s the other part of it.

Elisa: Well, let’s talk about the root chakra.

Kim:  Okay.

Elisa: I’ve distracted you, down the rabbit hole I took you.

Kim: I am very easily distractible too. So, our root chakra is our, that’s associated with our physical body and adrenals really, really with the adrenals specifically and it’s how we ground into the earth so when we’ve had experiences in the seventh charka that are scary, we are not able to ground into the earth. Erik talks about how important that is to be grounded and to feel good in your physical body and to be comfortable with all the sensations and experiences of it. And how by removing the seventh chakra blocks or any other blocks that you and I and anybody else who needs to remove blocks from there will notice a big difference in physical sensations of our body.

Erik:  Just the things you already know and have in your physical body, good nutrition, proper rest, exercise, time in nature is imperative.

Kim: And he’s talking about obviously you can do this right now in Minnesota, but being outside in bare feet with your feet on the ground and feeling earth’s energy and just kind of absorbing the energy of the earth because in addition to receiving nourishment through our crown into our physical body, we also receive nourishment up through our feet into our root chakra from the earth.

Elisa: So, what do you do, if you don’t want to lose some toes to frost bite, so what do you do to ground yourself? I guess you could use crystals like black tourmaline, obsidian things like that.

Kim: When you are doing your, like myself I meditate for a few minutes in the morning before I leave for work, I always make a point to drop an anchor into the earth or push my energy into the earth and then pull it back up through my feet and then remember how I taught you at the Solar Plexus class, and then go up to the twelfth dimension and periodically through the day.

Erik: This is how you’re going to know when you’re not grounded, when you’re getting spacy.

Elisa: Oh man, that’s 24/7 practically! Okay, go ahead.

Erik: You have had some difficulties staying grounded because of the trauma after the loss you felt after I died it made it even more difficult.

Elisa:  Oh yeah. Yeah, my husband, I would do some stupid stuff, like I would pull instead of push on a door or I would just say something without thinking that it was just so ridiculous, not anything bad or anything but it was just like. Or I would be honey do you know where my cell phone is?  Or try to use the remote control to call somebody and he’ll say how did you become a doctor, so you know, family they’re here to humble us and strip us of our ego. Anyway.

Kim:  That’s so funny.

Erik: That’s going to clear for you Mom, that’s going to get better. We’ve got to remove the blocks, we’ve got to remove the fear.

Elisa: I mean I really don’t mind it. I don’t mind being spacey, I mean, is it that bad? I don’t know any other way maybe when that gets cured, it will be like Oh my God, why was I happy being spacey and ungrounded, so I don’t know.

Erik: You just hit it on the nail, you don’t even know what it’s like to be grounded so it will make quite a difference when you become grounded.

Kim: I just know for myself, I can just talk about quickly when Jaii was alive, and we would do trades every week, I would do hypnotherapy with him or singing bowl meditations or whatever we were practicing at on each other. He trained in myofascial release which I’ve trained as well after he died but he would constantly be telling me to get back in my body, get back in my body.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Kim: And finally, I’d just say to him, Jay I don’t know what you’re talking about, maybe it’s because I’m always out of my body and that was true. I often don’t feel pain that I should feel because I am out of my body.

Elisa: Yeah pain doesn’t really bother me that much.


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