Erik on Women, Part Two

Although Erik wasn’t exactly an expert on women when he was in the physical, he adored them. Even as young as 4 or 5, he’d flirt with them, telling them what a beautiful dress they had on and how pretty there hair was. Of course there were other times when he crossed the line, like when he was sitting on his paternal grandmother’s lap, looked down her dress, and announced, “Nice boobs, Bestemor!” And one day, while sitting on the stairs with her, he played the “What color is…” game. “What color are your eyes?” “What color are the stairs?” and then, “What color is your butt, Bestemor?” Not understanding a word he said given her poor understanding of the English language, she answered, “Green.” Erik’s eyes widened and he asked, “Your butt is green, Bestemor?” And of course he wanted to confirm her answer.

Here’s a cute video of Erik showing off the bikes that were really not his. 

Before we go to the main event, here’s a sign Erik gave a blog member for 4th of July!

Now enjoy what else Erik has to say about women!

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