Raylene Awakens!

All of your prayers and healing energy worked! Raylene is out of her coma. Here’s some much awaited information from our wonderful Paulina:

For those of you tracking Raylene Nuanes’ progress, she is now awake! –although another 10-20 days in the hospital is needed and she’s still on breathing apparatus and yet unable to speak until it’s off. Here is a message from  Raylene Nuanes, “After being in a coma for 3 weeks I lost some normal body functions so right now I’m learning how to walk and talk normally. Thank you all!”  *** Please continue sending Healing Energy and Prayers, and for those of you who have asked about assisting Raylene with expenses, please see Paulina’s website for several options:  https://www.OneinLight.com.

Here are some pictures:


Here’s a snapshot to show the T shirt; Now there’s a Junior V Neck and Men’s Sleeveless – 15 colors. 33% of the orders are from men! Very cool! If you can, please purchase one to help Raylene with her finances. All profits go to her. Plus, I think they’re beautiful!!! Go to https://www.OneinLight.com to make your selection.

I’m so proud and grateful to you all!

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