Erik Sets Off an Unplugged Fire Alarm

Yesterday, we took Arleen to the quaint little town of Fredericksburg, ate lunch and shopped for a little souvenir for her. Then last night, we went to the Old Tunnel State Park to watch 3 million bats fly out of the tunnel at dusk. Ah, the smell of bat guano. Every night, each bat eats around 40 moths, bugs or beetles, saving hundreds of thousands of crops all over the country from being ravaged by these insects. The docent said that if we had no bats, a $25 dollar pair of jeans would cost $300 because so many cotton crops would be destroyed. 

Today, we plan to hike in the Enchanted Rock State Park, then return to Fredericksburg for lunch, visit a winery and then go back to the campsite to roast s’mores over an open fire. Arleen is having such a great time!

I remember first receiving this story. It’s such an awesome one!

Hi Elisa. I love sharing your son with you. I am one of the thousands he helps. I was one of the first. He makes sure I know he is here all the time. I get smells and sounds and shadows waving.I was at my sons during the Denver event this yr. totally by a fluke. my granddaughters called and mom said yes for a change so I went. Didnt realize it was the same weekend until I got there. I did attend the last one in Denver because Erik had several of his Peeps pay for my ticket. And this yr he made sure I knew I was included. when I got to my sons house after we met for supper. I took the girls home after a long lost drive. it was dark and we only had the garage opener so the 6 yr old went in first to a dark house. she was not afraid and it is a new house they just moved in a2 months ago. and she came around and opened the door for her sister and I. as soon as she opened the door the alarms started going off and a voice was yelling FIRE Fire over and over again. I went around the house looking for the fire and the alarms and they were all hanging with no battery and wires hanging. so not connected. I called my son and asked how to shut off the alarm. He said there was no alarm. so he heard it on the phone it was so loud. He called the old owners and they said they had no alarm. So I said Hi Erik Im glad you are here with me. but why are you scaring the pants off us? then it stopped. I had a very vivid dream about him that night and he was hanging with my dad and brother and grandparents and my little girl. He brings my dog to me now and then too. He says I help him send souls to the light. I help many cross over or shift to higher dimensions. I have memory of some of it. the cool elevator. He says when I get that strong urge to napp hard in the middle of the day it is when I am needed to help a tough one. I wish I could get paid for the work that takes me from my earthly job. It would make my husband less afraid anyway. I love my heavenly job and I love listening to all the shows you and Erik put on. Thank you so much for making my life so much better and my attitude.

The Old Railroad Tunnel

Bat Emergence

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