marajuana , mom and Erik

It’s hard to believe that all 3 of those words could be use in the same topic. I came across your blog and youtube segments and have watched and read what I feel is almost all of them….I still have a few to go. I have been clairsentience since childhood, and clairscent as an adult. We were headed up to visit our cousins as children in our parent’s blue,wood paneled, station wagon (remember those) and once buckled up, I said, “Wait, David needs his “Noopy”…….child speak for Snoopy. I ran back inside the house and decided to grab the smaller Snoopy (more convenient for a car packed full of 5 kids) only to find the bottom of the small Snoopy completely charred black. It had been placed by him on top of the light bulb of his lamp so that he could see him from his top bunkbed.. I grabbed it, turned the light off and ran outside and gave it to my mom, knowing that that action had saved our house from burning. I lost my parents 5 years ago and the evening of my father’s passing, I was awakened by a roomfull of lilac. It wasn’t until my mother’s funeral 5 months later that I realized that the exact scent was my mother’s lilac bush that blooms every year in the Spring. I usually go home in June and December, so I had forgotten about that beautiful bush that I smelled the minute I stepped foot on our driveway. Mom passed away in the Spring. So, not only have I read what feels like everything on Edgar Cayce, when I stumbled across his health readings years ago. but I’ve been trying to channel like he did but in a more contemporary way. So to come across Erik’s work for me is exciting. I’m still reading the blog but have reached out to him in meditation and asked to be a channel for him if that’s a possibility for me……and then I let it go. A few days ago I was driving near the Ocean and all of the sudden my car was full of that marajuana smell… first I thought it could have been from a car in front of me and then I remembered Erik. Well, it happened again this week. Thanks Erik! (please keep it to smell only while I’m driving my car!) I was walking my dog recently and close to my townhouse, an old blue wood paneled stationwagon rolled right by us……Thanks Erik! I live in Santa Monica and rarely do you ever see a car like that unless it’s a vintage Mercedes. That was my sweet dad’s car grownig up. Thank you so much for that. I also dreamt of my sweet mother last night. She was wearing a beautiful silk 60’s dress with matching jacket and had a beautiful glowing smile on her face. She was stunning like the movie stars from the 60’s. She was at the side entrance of our house and had purchased party supplies for us to throw a big party. I haven’t had any dreams of my parents yet that I can remember since their passing. Thank you Erik and thank you Elisa for opening up both your left and right sides of your brain……or should I say heart….to this good work.

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