Erik Stole My Cake!


I love this Erik pranks!

I had been preparing to host a Christmas party at our house and had spent a lot of time making super yummy little mini Christmas cake bombs. (like cake pops without the stick). I bought the Christmas cake from the supermarket and it was the most beautiful moist delicious Christmas cake I have ever had. Anyway I made as many of these round delicious bundles of cake that I could and then decided it wasn’t quite enough for the number of people coming. So I went back to New World(supermarket) and bought a second cake. I went home and continued making more but I left one fat slice of delicious cake for me to enjoy later with a cuppa.

My daughter was visiting the next day and we agreed it was time for a cuppa tea and I offered to share my 1 slice of delicious cake with her. I took it out of the container and cut this one little piece into 2 to share with my girl. she took hers off into the other room muttering yum yum sounds about it’s deliciousness and I took a small bite of mine and then placed it back on the bench while I finished wiping the last few dishes and cleaning the sink etc. I wanted to really savour the moment and enjoy it with my cuppa tea. so I finished up my jobs and leaving the kitchen tidy so I could go and relax.

I came back to get my cup of tea and cake….and it was gone!!!! There was no sign of my cake anywhere. I asked my daughter if she had stolen it. Which she denied and said she would never have stolen my cake. There was nobody else in the house. We don’t have any pets, there were no doors open so no access to anybody else. Together we searched everywhere. we double searched ….we triple searched…. the cake was never seen again. My husband is convinced I must have eaten it without realising.

I was convinced from the moment I couldn’t find it….Eric….did you steal my cake? How on earth does spirit steal cake???? It was the topic of the party the next day. The missing cake story.

I sure hope you enjoyed it as much as I was going to Eric.

From a second post:

Just an apology for spelling Erik’s name wrong. That is my pet hate…..because it has happened to me all my life… and then I went and did it to you. Sorry Dude…but it probably serves you right for eating my cake!!
I had an exchange student from Switzerland come and live with us here in New Zealand for a year and his name is Eric, that’s my only excuse for getting it wrong.


And yes, K, he LOVED cake. I guess he still does! Another 5 minutes in timeout when I get over there!

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