More Erik Mischief

I'm feeling under the weather today, so I won't write an introduction. Hopefully, you'll enjoy these great Erik stories. Don't forget to share your own! Story  #1 I was laying in bed, right before falling asleep, and I started thinking about my cousin and all her troubles, how her mindset is … Continue reading

Other Erik Encounters

I've been checking on our possible Ayahuasca trip, and it seems like there's on in Orlando called Soul Quest. Upon researching it, I discovered that it and "churches" like it are under investigation by the DEA. Also, I discovered that being on antidepressants can create a life threatening … Continue reading

Erik Pranks Four Blog Members

I love this first story. She loves her f-bombs just like Erik does! Story #1 Pranked!!!!!! Putting on nail stickers.....something or other. I don't fucking know what they are called but they are cute colors and I stick them on my nails. Anyways! I use a nail file to file them down. I had … Continue reading