Veronica and Erik’s Question and Answer Session 3/16/20


As many of you know, every Monday at 8:30 AM PT/9:30 AM MT/10:30 AM CT/11:30 ET, Pamela Aaralyn ( and spirit guide, Erik Medhus, take questions from the audience on YouTube Live via the Channeling Erik YouTube Channel alternating with Pamela’s YouTube Channel. Since Pamela was under the weather, Veronica Drake very graciously stepped up to be a wonderful substitute. Check her out at

But first, a couple of announcements. We will not have a radio show tomorrow night because I’ll be celebrating my birthday. Damn, they just keep a comin’! 

Second, I have a special offer for free remote healing from the wonderful lightworker and healer, Nora Hazel. The FIRST FIVE who sign up will receive this amazing gift! Click HERE to access her page and sign up.

And now for today’s YouTube. I have so many amazing ones in queue!!!

If you want a transcript, click on the three dots (…) under the video, then you’ll see how you can generate the transcript. 

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