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I hope you all are having as lovely a Sunday as we are. Here in Galveston where my hubby and I are camping, it’s sunny and 60 degrees. We came up empty handed fishing, but the cool crisp air and sunshine more than made up for it. 

Before reading these Erik stories, I have an announcement: My son Lukas (event planner extraordinaire) tells me that Jennifer and Jamin are planning another CE event this summer. I want to give you the heads up so you can plan ahead for it! Click HERE for the details.

One more thing, we’re looking for a celebrity like Deepak Chopra to give the thumbs up to a TV show idea we have so it’ll be an easier pitch. Do any of you guys have any such connections? If so, let me know. My email address is

Now for the stories!  Please share your own Erik encounters and testimonials by clicking on the appropriate button on the righthand sidebar. You’ll have to scroll down a bit.

Story #1

This blog changed my life. Seriously. About a year and a half ago during my freshman year of college, I stumbled upon this blog, completely randomly. I started to read channeling sessions with all of my favorite celebrities who have passed (Lennon, bowie, Janis Joplin, etc.) From that point, concepts started to make sense to me. I felt like I understood the universe finally! And thank god, because after finding this blog, I had my awakening. About three years ago, my high school choir teacher unexpectedly passed away and started visiting me in dreams. I’ve always had very strong intuition, lots of premonitions, etc. And I would explore the possibility that this could be a reality, but I would judge it, and dismiss it, because how could that possibly be a reality? I thought it was too ridiculous, and it also scared me a lot. But this blog helped me come to terms with my truth, and has helped me understand more about my gifts. As it turns out, I am a lightworker! Specifically a medium. Here on earth to help others awaken and align with their abilities! I believe Erik guided me to this website. I have read his book, and I feel his energy around me frequently. I have channelled him before, I feel as though he is helping me through my journey.My life has taken a complete 180 in this past year and I am so grateful for it! I see signs for myself in many of your posts and frequently come back to read more. I have immense gratitude for you all. Thank you for helping me find my truth, and to be comfortable enough to wear it proudly, and to help people open their eyes and heal! you are doing wonderful things here, and are helping so many people. You all have helped me immensely. I am so grateful for you all.

Endless Love & Light,
Mack Fensterstock

Story #2

Can you find the EVP? I couldn’t but I’m terrible at finding them.

My name is c h e r i I watch all your videos I love Eric we talk everyday communicate with each other everyday is wonderful and help me through a lot I just wanted his mother to be aware that it’s an older video but the video that you have out conspiracy theories if you listen to it after the 21 56 mark and continue to listen for the next 30 seconds maybe not really sure exactly how far but not too far after the 2156 mark your hair Erik said complete sentence in his real voice not a whisper not faded out perfect sentence talking about bottled water I couldn’t believe it I just had to tell his mother I wish I could call you right now I never use emails or anything like that I never but this time was necessary I love Eric’s mother with all my heart and I know that she would want to hear this hope you enjoy and I hope you get this message very quick I’ll ask Eric to help out with it getting to you quickly thanks for everything you’ve done big transformation in my life I know that

Story #3

Thankyou so much for sharing your story. ERIC the brave! Or should I say ELISA!
No but seriously, your story not only moved me to tears, i felt my heart physically hurt hearing you Elisa. In fact the tears are still rolling as I am writing this. You may jump in and say oh you have lost a child. No, I haven’t. My son is in Australia findings his way as we all have to. Yes ERIC that involves plenty of booze and sex lol I guess. He thinks he’s an atheist so if you could just pop in and say boo. As you might put it Eric, Josh would shit his pants. Lol.

If I have a story, it’s probably the same as a million other people. So I won’t bore you.
However, extraordinary events have happened to guide me to where I am now. That’s it. No Angels that I can see. No ghosts, no phycic abilities, no epiphanies. Just a sense that at certain points in my life, I have been manouvered, guided to make decisions. For me, some of these were definitely not on my bucket list. Talk about move me out of my comfort zone! It would take too long to tell.

I can tell you, i was as logical as Spok so didn’t resonate with the teachings of religion. It has never sat comfortable with me for what it has done to people and I went to a Catholic school. All I new for sure was that energy existed. That when we died, our energy had to go somewhere. I had my own hypotheses which in your interviews had given me clarification and a lot of oh really, moments. I feel like a child learning all over again but with a familiar pleasant residue.
So, your story has helped me and probably countless others who needed to ‘hear’ in our lowly dimensional state, how it is and the radical changes were experiencing.

Your work makes a/the difference .
Big thanks to Jamie too.

Just, thank you.


Story #4

Thanks for taking us along on your Norwegian trip, it is stunningly beautiful and I feel like I am experiencing it right along with you. I would happily go along with you If I could. I am 55 and have hot flashes every hour so I lOVE snow and have also grown up in snowy central New York State. I’m quite used to snow! I miss your you tube videos so much. You are such a decent human being, and I truly like you. You have helped me in the darkest of times, my friend, without you even knowing it. I also have initiated a wean down of my opiode meds because you have given me the strength. I will try LDN as soon as possible. (2 weeks after wean). I have also cultivated wild lettuce for natural pain relief (you can ask Erik about that) and I am excited to be free of the opiodes. Its going to be a tough road, but I’m ready. Please know that you are truly loved and missed. Sorry that I didn’t talk about how Erik changed my life, that’s for another time. This was just to tell you how YOU changed my life, and wish me luck on this difficult road!

Story #5

I just recently discovered your channel and watched some YouTube videos which I enjoyed very much thank you so much for sharing what has got to have been a difficult time in your life. I’m really enjoying your sons humour and like that he says what he means a spade is a spade sort of thing. I’m sure you’ve realised by know I’m not American just ordered your books looking forward to reading those.

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