Erik on Twin Flames

Before we delve into the fascinating subject of twin flames and my very revealing quantum session with Kim Voigt, I have some explaining to do! Last night, I logged into the radio show page only to find that it was not up. I think the producer forgot to put it on the schedule although he says it was a glitch. But every week, it’s something, and I’m sick and tired of it. So I’m canceling with Liveparanormal (who operates via Blogtalk Radio) and am trying to find a new avenue that won’t be more expensive than what I’m paying for now. Rune and I are going to Norway to see his 96 year-old father and other relatives on February 20th, returning March 3rd, so I’ll use that time to explore options. Until then, no show. I need a break from the aggravation.

Now on the more positive things. Blog member, Amy Elizabeth, sent me the webcam video which caught Erik paying her visit. In a session with a medium 4 hours later, it was confirmed that it was indeed my boy! Ask him for a visit of your own! Thanks for sharing, Amy!

Definitely an orb!

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Elisa:  Hey there Kim! How are you doing?

Kim: I’m great today, how are you?

Elisa:  I’m doing great! I hear we’re not only going to talk to you and my lovely Erik, I love you so much, but we are going to also talk to Jaii, your twin flame and the topic is twin flames, so I’ll just let you guys take the show for now.

Erik:  I love Mom, good morning. So, yeah, we’re going to talk about twin flames today.

Kim: And so, he’s been preparing me for this for awhile.

Erik: Start a little bit telling your story.

Kim:  My story about Jaii. Before Jaii transitioned we were really good friends and we hung out on a regular basis, he was a gay male that, we spent a lot of time together, we were like best friends.

Elisa: Wait, wait, and his name is spelled differently isn’t it, for the transcriptionist, how is Jai right?

Kim: Jaii.

Elisa:  ii, Jaii, sorry about that, go ahead.

Kim: Yeah and so then in 2008 he moved to Hawaii to a retreat center and I didn’t hear from him again, fast forward 2012, he committed suicide and I really didn’t know what it was about. Initially when I found out about it, my husband and I were up north, so I tried to pretend like I wasn’t so bothered by it because it was the first weekend our kids were old enough to leave alone, we were getting away. So, I tried to just not let it bother me, so I just kind of stuff it for a few weeks and then maybe 2 or 3 weeks later I really started communicating with him and hearing him. The difference in his death, I asked him right away, I said I don’t know what to think of this, but I feel like I’ve lost my will to live. I said I feel like my body is grieving, I don’t know what this is, and this is when he told me that we were twin flames.

Elisa: Now wonder.

Kim: Our energies were perfectly synchronized and that in reality we could never be separated. Well, I didn’t really know what a twin flame was, I’d heard all these phrases, love kind of stories and I actually felt a little deprived then because I didn’t get to have that in my life. So, anyways, I clearly channeled Jaii for 5 months or so and then he seemed to disappear, I didn’t know what had happened. Well, recently I found out, it was because, and I really didn’t quite realize this, I was really angry with him for committing suicide because to me, not for committing suicide but why did you have to tell me this? What good can I do with this now? I felt like I would have been much better off never even knowing about this because now I feel this great sense of loss and I can’t find you. So, I had a lot of anger towards it, so I had another medium healer friend that I went to, and she helped us to integrate and since that’s happened, my sense of anxiety has gone down. I know he’s there, it’s like we’re in constant communication.

Elisa: What does that entail? The integration process.

Kim:  Well I did not notice much when I was having the session. I was on a massage table and it was kind of a hands-on thing but the first thing I noticed when I left, it was heavy rush hour traffic, she was way across the city. I normally would have a little anxiety, driving in that, none, nothing, I was sleeping better, my sense of joy was returning, things were just working out better. What she told me, is she said that it would be more like, when I would notice it, it would be subtle, and it would be more like things that, oh this doesn’t happen anymore.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Kim: I’d feel better, that type of thing.

Erik:  Go back and talk about what actually twin flames are.

Kim: So, we help find source/creator, and in the beginning source/creator wanted to experience us.

Erik: Itself.

Kim: So, it split apart into many, many different aspects and fractals and so these aspects, each of these individual aspects are an exact replica, DNA replica of source. Well you had this aspect.

Elisa: Like a hologram, right.

Kim: Right, you had a male counterpart, which is the positive charge, and the negative charge which is the female counterpart.

Elisa: Oh, why do we have to be negative, that’s no fair!

Kim:  Well, it’s more of a fluid motion.

Elisa:  I’m kidding.

Kim:  To get the energy flowing, you need an ebb and flow, so that’s what it’s about, it’s not that we’re negative beings.

Elisa:  No, I’m teasing.

Kim:  We’re the fluid, creative source and the masculine is the scientific, the intelligent, the grounded, get it done kind of source. The electrical charge. So, in the beginning, historically, it’s been that one of the twins incarnates into physical life and the other one stays on the other side as a guide and they meet up in between lives. Some did come into life together, the reason we couldn’t have a planet of everybody being twin flames is because there is so much power when twin flames are together that the energy of the planet couldn’t even handle it. Now, we are moving into a time where more people are coming together as twin flames,

Elisa: Incarnated on earth together you mean?

Kim:  Incarnating on earth and then getting together into a physical relationship.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  When two twin flames integrate their energies, that is Christ consciousness, because that is the whole completion of the two worlds. You can even have that when both of you are alive and incarnated.

Elisa:  But I don’t understand, explain Christ consciousness. I’ve heard that a lot, and I’ve read definitions but I’m just not quite sure and maybe our viewers are not either so.

Kim: Yeah. Christ consciousness is that level of knowing and doing and being where you just know that you’re connected to source. That you are an individual expression of the whole, and that power and that knowledge that he utilized, and he worked with natural laws to make all these happen and he was very effective at it.

Elisa:  So, you really know that you are one with the collective, i.e. all that is.

Kim: Right. Christ knew that he was one and he knew that he was an individual aspect of that whole. Christ and Mary Magdalene were twin flames.

Elisa:  Ah!

Kim:  And so that has a lot to do with the miracles Christ was able to perform and many of the things he did on the Earth because he was with that twin flame energy.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim: So, because your soul closely connected to your original blue print, so the reason I am able to hearing Erik so clearly and do some of the things I do is because of the integration that I have with Jaii. I mean we’ve been on and off during the years where we’ve been closer and further apart but now, we’re integrated, we’re finally together, although we’re two separate beings, we’re one being in the same. I always know he’s there, he’s always with me, it’s a very big comfort.

Elisa: It’s almost as if you have multiple person, is it like multiple personalities? Some people are diagnosed with DID, multiple personality is it just because they’re integrated with their twin flame?

Kim: No because when somebody’s integrated with their twin flame, one of the things they have to go through is they have to raise their own individual vibration to be able to handle that charge. So, somebody who’s got a like a multi personality, that’s a kind of dissociative thing, they don’t hold enough of their own charge to be able to do that because first you have to make your own vertical connection with your own pillar of light, and then you see the mirror to that.

Elisa:  Ah, okay.

Kim:  Yeah and so the other thing Erik is bringing up too, you know when we’ve heard stories of like, I always think it’s so sweet, but it’s kind of sad for the family, where you have had a individual where maybe the husband died, say an older couple and then the wife dies a few hours or a few days later.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, like the Notebook.

Kim:  Yeah.

Erik:  That is often because they are twin flames and when one twin flame dies it is so painful for the other, to remain.

Elisa:  I wonder if that the place, what’s that Quidmore, I can’t remember. There’s a medical thing where people actually die of a broken heart.

Kim:  Yeah.

Erik:  A twin flame death can definitely cause that. The Romeo and Juliet story, that’s what that was really about. They couldn’t stand to be apart, that love was so intense. Mom, I would like it if you could align with your twin flame.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  You will be so much clearer, and a lot of things are going to make sense. Do have any inkling on who your twin flame might be?

Elisa:  I don’t know.

Erik:  You can feel your twin flames energy, whether they’re alive or based on the other side but just putting your hand on your heart and just feeling into it. Just shut your eyes for a minute and ask.

Elisa:  I don’t want to say some possibilities because it might hurt other people’s feelings.

Kim:  You’re not going to hurt anybody’s feelings, we’ll go on to explain more about this twin flame energy but who is the first person who comes to mind? Who is that other part of your heart?

Elisa: I think Erik?

Kim:  You’re right.

Elisa:  Oh good. Okay.

Kim:  You’re right.

Elisa:  I always felt some weird connection to, not weird but you know this strong connection, where I just couldn’t stop, when all through his childhood, I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was just so beautiful to me.

Erik: That’s one of the signs you’re going to recognize, when somebody is your twin flame, there is just this very special connection that you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Kim: I used to tell Jaii all the time, I don’t know what it is about you. I mean because Jaii, well I was happily married and Jaii was a gay male, I knew there was never going to be a relationship, but I had these deep, deep feelings for him that were almost like, I’d have for a child or something and I did not understand what it was. Well that’s what it was.

Elisa:  Intimacy, just a feeling of intimacy, but of course it does not have to be sexual or romantic.

Kim: Right.

Elisa: It’s almost like, you want to occupy the same space.

Kim: Exactly.

Erik:  When you are able to completely integrate, your energy with mine.

Kim:  And he’s kind of telling me that a process has already been started when he gave you that globe. That was what that was about, that was the start of this process.

Elisa: Where he put to my heart.

Kim: Where you took it into your heart.

Erik:  So, what I need to tell you Mom, is the reason we chose to come into this life and do this and why I transitioned as I did, when twin souls come into life together, it’s for a unique purpose it’s not this great love story, and romance that everybody wants to think of. You are doing something for the planet, something for humanity.

Elisa:  Wow.

Erik:  So, for you and I, we had this agreement that at the right time to help with the ascension of this planet and to help others grow in their spiritual understanding, that I would transition, and you would find a way to find your way back to me. We’re one continuum, there is no stop and there is no end, we’re two hearts that beat as one.

Elisa:  Wow! That explains why, you know I know, of course I’ve seen parents that who are bereft with grief when they lose a child, but for me it seems like it was so unusually deep a grief, like I did not want to be here anymore.

Kim:  Exactly.

Erik: I’m so proud of you, you did such a good job. I know this was a challenge for you at times, it’s going to get easier, you’re going to be a lot in your relationship with me, like Kim is with Jaii, where you just know that I am there and you’ll learn how to recognize the signs and the little subtleties and see what I am trying to tell you.

Kim:  He’s telling me actually that your energy has already shifted quite a bit.

Erik: There’s a sense of peace about you, there’s a sense of joyfulness about you. You’re returning to your own.

Elisa: That is so true! I’ve said that here recently, I just feel more put together. Yeah, will I be able to channel him better? Uh-oh internet.

Kim: Can you go back a little bit because you cut out and froze, I didn’t hear everything you said.

Elisa:  Internet problems. Yeah, I feel more, just happier and more a peace and more put together, does that mean I will be able to channel him better?

Kim:  Yes. Yes. Yes.

Erik: It’s going to be a time of learning and growing.

Kim:  He’s telling me we’re learning from each other because there’s things that I do not quite understand about this and we’re going to help each other to understand and with being able to have you go over to the other side and talk to him, you’ll be able to get a lot of clarity about things that I may block because I’m afraid of the pain.

Erik:  You have just done such a great job and I am just so impressed.

Kim:  Oh! So, the other thing and this is very important, he wants me to tell before I get on to anything else. So, once that great love that is God split into all of individual souls and we split into the male/female counterpart, the souls arranged into 12 rays or 12 layers and so each of those layers and I’m thinking this is something we’re going to discover, signifies a different quality or a different attribute it wants to bring through so each of those layers or those rings around this great central love is a layer of soulmates, one layer, two layers. three layers, going all the way up into twelve, each having a specific purpose. I would like to verify it with him when we get over there but what I’m hearing him tell me is that Jaii and I are in the eleventh ring, and that you and he are in the eighth ring and that, that’s why he had to time his death to the number 8. He didn’t know this consciously, but he had to time it to the number eight to leave to find the other half of his heart, although he didn’t know this, he was in full alignment with his soul contract and with his mission. He’s telling me to also tell you that song you like, that Rush song that he had his passcode 21 whatever, if anybody wants to go in and listen to that song, it’s quite lengthy, they will be able to tell the reason why he identified it, it talks about like the high priests and a new planet. What he’s making feel like, you know how we’re having this new planet Earth, this fifth dimensional planet earth, that’s what he and you and Jaii and I are working towards and that he and Jaii are on this fifth dimensional planet earth and there’s going to be a merging of the two worlds and that is what we are assisting with. That we are bridging the two worlds.

Elisa: Okay, so where does the eight come from? Is it adding up the month and the.

Kim:  Wasn’t it the time of his death?

Elisa:  Maybe, I can’t remember.

Kim: He’s telling me the time of his death was to the number 8, he had to get it to the number 8, to the exact to find, he felt a part of him knew he was on some kind of mission.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I think it was 12:06, was it 12:06, Terry told me, he goes now I’m definitely was not to clear the minute we got in Maria’s call, yeah so but I can look that up on, I kind of don’t want to, the texts.

Kim:  No, you don’t really need to do that, right now.

Erik:  Mom, that’s irrelevant don’t go there. When you start looking at that kind of stuff you can bring your vibration down and you can just lower your mood. Don’t even go there, that’s just something I wanted you to know to deepen the understanding.

Elisa:  Yeah, all right real quick before I forget. So, it always male/female, you can’t have twin flame that are both female or both male?

Kim:  No but you could have a twin flame that plays a different role, like Jaii he was a male but he carried a heavy feminine vibration, so you could have it something like that because there always got to be one man and one woman, or you could have two twin flames that maybe incarnate maybe into the same lifetime and both would be women or both would be men but that soul being, your imprint, there’s a male and there’s a female counterpart always.

Elisa: All right now, what’s the difference between that and what’s a soulmate for example? You can have more than one soulmate, right?

Kim: Right, right. Your husband’s your soulmate, your children are your soulmates, your co-workers are your soulmate. Soulmates are people you’ve agreed to come into this life with who are going to play certain roles for you. So, that’s what a soulmate is and the other thing he’s telling me to mention to is, once you integrate this energy, this twin flame energy, because you are the creator of your reality and so you integrate this energy in then you just really start feeling this love for yourself even more than you already do and so since you’re the creator of your reality, like you’re a projector, projecting out what happens handing other people roles to play in your play. You start handing them out roles that are based on this deep, heavy, not heavy, this wonderful twin flame love, this very solid love.

Elisa: Do this, do that, go do this.

Kim:  Yeah, well what happens is you start seeing it reflected back to you, like the things I’ll notice like my husband and I have always kind of read each other’s minds but since I integrated the energies of Jaii, it’s like instant, automatic happens all the time. Don’t let me forget to tell you what Erik did last night.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim: I don’t know why that just popped into my head, oh my God. Well, I’ll just tell you right now. I don’t want to get to far off track, I said Erik, send me some sweet dreams tonight, that will help me with our session tomorrow with your Mom, and so he says use that, I have these peddle tones and ones for working with dreams, and he says use some of that, that’ll help. So, I’m grabbing it and I can’t find it, so I have this little light on my night stand that was not plugged in, so I pick it up, it starts flickering while Erik’s talking to me. I’m thinking, okay, this is a coincidence, so I find my peddle tone, I pick it up and I say thanks Erik. In response that light starts flickering again. I don’t know how he does it but, it wasn’t like it turned on like a bright light, but it was like there was still some light left in there that wanted to come out, it was so cool.

Elisa: That is awesome.

Kim: I said thanks Erik and I went to sleep.

Elisa: Well what does your husband think about all that?

Kim: Oh, he knows, I mean I’ve been working on my ascension journey for 20 years, it took me a long time, so he’s gotten used to and he knows.

Elisa:  Yeah, okay.

Kim:  We talk about it all the time and because I have a son named Eric also, I have to say Eric with a C or Erik with a K so he knows who I’m talking about.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: And sometimes, I mean I talk about him so much, you know with Jaii and Erik, sometimes I’m calling him the wrong names. I even called Erik, Jack once which is my dogs name.

Elisa: Uh-oh. When he came, he a dog sometime.

Kim: But yeah, so you know because they’re all just talking to me so fast, so yeah. So, that’s what he’s saying that you are his beloved, you are the one, you guys are two, your souls that is the original blueprint and so once you guys align your energy and really integrate it, and this process is complete, we’ll have to ask him how much of a process this has to be or maybe it’s already done for you. Once this is all complete, everything’s just going to fall into place and you’re just going to feel so much clearer and so much better, even better than you already do.

Elisa: So, what do we do to accomplish this?

Kim: Well, we’re going to ask him. He’s telling me, I had a hard time with it because I was angry with Jaii, and I didn’t want to feel anymore pain.

Elisa: I don’t have any anger.

Kim: No, no but the other part of it is, I didn’t want to feel the pain anymore.

Elisa: Oh sure.

Kim: So that was how I blocked it by being mad at him. So, if there is any residual pain here that could be something that could prevent it. He’s got a new song, when you come over, you’re supposed to see him, he plays the Doors, Break on through to the other side. So, you’re supposed to go on over to the other side and we’re going to stop the recording, or you’ll take out the recording and just do the session, and we’ll ask him some questions once we get over there, so let me know when you’re ready to get started. Oh, do you want me to ask him any specific questions through you, once you’re there?

Elisa: Why did we decide to be twin flames? I guess, it’s eternal. It has always been and it will always be, right?

Kim: Right.

Erik: Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, there is no separation, its one continuum. It wasn’t so much of a decision, it’s just what it was. We are one in that split, we are the exact replica, our DNA is the exact replica of source and that combined and integrated, you have an enhanced DNA, your spiritual DNA is enhanced and you get back your power that your original mold, your original blueprint, the things we were originally supposed to have on this planet which were downplayed and taken away from us and that type of thing because the powers that be did not want us to know how powerful and how creative we were. This is the Goddess energy coming back to this planet, and so the powers that be did not want that control, so they started taking out things about women, out of the bible and that kind of thing and making women look like they were disempowered and that they were less than so that mankind would not recognize the sacred Goddess energy, the sacred God/Goddess energy that can live on this planet.

Elisa: Ok so one other question. When twin flames integrate, for example me, will I be able to manifest reality, like Law of Attraction type stuff easier.

Erik: Yes, it will be easier.

Kim: And so, what he is saying and I don’t know where you are on this process, I think there will be maybe a little bit of growing into it.

Erik: There can be a little bit of a, it’s kind of like a spiritual grace period, because once we have the ability to, like it’s almost like you can create reality instantly, you can almost manifest things instantly. Well if you’re still where you’re having some blockages or some issues where you getting pulled back into lower density reality, something could happen, like you could be driving in traffic, get mad at someone, you know call them a name or whatever, crash, you crash into a car because you just lowered your vibration, it could happen that quick. So, you’re given a grace period so you can learn how to shift your thinking and the things you say. Once you achieve this level of clarity and creation, its about learning how to maintain it and how to stay in it and how not to focus your awareness to the you know the heavier side and get pulled down there because what you focus your awareness on you create. So if you want to focus your awareness on negative things, you could be watching murder mysteries on TV, you’re going to lower your vibration so its about standing at zero point, being in the middle, you know that these murders and awful things happen but you know in fifth dimensional reality that is not your reality, because you are right in love and you are peaceful and you work on yourself so those kind of things can not affect you. You take it one step further, you make these YouTube videos and you show many, many people how to do these types of things as well.

Elisa: Right, so Allie O’Shea from, says that, she heard from maybe Abraham Hicks, that a thought that lasts for 17 seconds becomes reality, so make sure that if you think something for 17 seconds it’s something positive.

Kim:  Yeah, get your timers out!

Elisa: Alexa, set a timer for 17 seconds.

Erik:  Yeah, you know the other thing too about that, so you could have a thought, a nonsensical thought that doesn’t have too much charge with it but it there’s a strong emotion behind it and it doesn’t matter if the emotion is I want it or I don’t want it, so if you’re sitting there focusing on something that you don’t like, like say your car is going to break down or something, you can actually create it by focusing on it with a strong  emotion. If there’s heart energy that’s another emotion and then if you speak it, that’s another emotion. So, say you just felt this about your car, you thought, you had an emotion those are two energies but now you’re speaking it, calling you car a piece of junk or something, well you can actually create that situation in your life. There’s a slight time that we get a pause time so that we learn how we are creating our reality and we learn how to focus our energy and how not to say (audio cut out 29:29), so that we create negativity.

Elisa:  Yeah, I think the only thing that I have a negative thought about or well it’s not so much anymore but the intense resentment toward what my father did at the end of his life, even worse than all the stuff that he’s done all through my life but how can that manifest into reality? It won’t kill him because he’s already dead.

Kim: You cut out so I didn’t hear the part, what part about your father?

Elisa: I used to at least for long periods of time about my resentment toward what he did to me at the end of his life.

Kim:  Oh, yes, yes.

Erik:  You know, Mom, yeah that absolutely wasn’t right.

Elisa: What kind of reality would that manifest?

Erik: We’re going to work on forgiving that so you don’t have that resentment and then you won’t manifest.

Elisa: I don’t really have it much anymore, I’m just wondering what you could manifest.

Erik:  You would manifest situation, what would be typical is that you could manifest situations in your life, where other people would come in and take advantage.

Kim: It was a financial situation, right?

Elisa:  Right.

Erik: Where other people would come in and take advantage of you financially.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik: Where it would keep happening until you forgave your father. It would keep patterning over and over until you forgave your patterning.

Elisa: It probably could also manifest disease like Arthritis.

Kim:  It could manifest disease, eventually because remember they all start spiritually first and if that spiritual disruption and energy is not taken care of it can eventually manifest physically is what he is saying.

Elisa:  All right, I have one more question before you take me down. Erik what will happen to you, I mean it’s not all about me, when you and I integrate, what changes are you going to experience if any?

Erik:  That’s something I can give better clarity from the other side.

Kim:  I wondered about that myself with Jaii too.

Erik:  I still exist, I am still separate but together with you and so it’s actually going to make me more powerful and stronger because with our energies integrated and working together, I really am in a better position to create heaven on earth, which is basically what I am trying to do. So, I am not going to absorb into you and disappear.

Kim: One of the things I noticed with Jaii, is sometimes and other people have heard this too, when I am channelling, they’ll hear a male voice kind of but not quite in sync where they’ll hear me talk and he’s right behind me and they can suddenly hear this male voice through the whole conversation, usually when I am playing bowls. Well since this has happened, it was like our energies are like this, since this has happened our energies have synchronized and when we speak, we speak in harmony, there’s no longer any lag time.

Elisa: That’s so cool.

Kim: So, it’s like I know.

Erik: For one I will have comfort in knowing that you know that I am always there and I will be more effective.

Elisa: I’m so proud of you, Erik. All right, let’s do this thing, I’m ready!

Kim: Okay! So, let’s get you comfortable.

Elisa: (over talk 33:29) I did what my hairdresser told me never to do.

Kim: What did you do?

Elisa: I just like clipped.

Kim:  Oh, I learned my lesson on that one.

Elisa: Oh my God, I’m a slow learner, but anyway I like it a little shorter here, because otherwise it was like a helmet but the last time I did I had a hole in my hair.

Kim:  Oh no! I’ll have to tell you about the one time bleach in the hair dye, but we’ll go into that at another time.

Elisa:  Okay.


Kim places Elisa in hypnosis and directs her to the 5th dimension where she visits Erik. Hypnotic Induction held intellectual property

Please see the YouTube video “Channeling Erik Connecting to Source” 



Kim: And take a seat, and let me know when you have that image, and once again we’re going to invite all of the people that you have ever interacted with to join you here, those living and those and those who have transitioned, may the come forward to help you and Erik celebrate this special moment. I can tell there is a feeling of excitement in the air. Now ask Erik to step forward and join you on your bench and let me know when he is there with you.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim: So, now Elisa why don’t you spend a little bit of time just kind of spending some time with Erik and you go ahead and let him work on your energy body or anything he’s got to do for a few minutes while I play bowls. Or if you have any questions. Let me know when you feel like you are done communicating with him and we’ll move onto the next part of this. You’re going to be there for awhile yet so don’t worry I’m not crossing you over.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim:  So now one of the things that is coming through to have you do, is I’d like you to imagine that you’re standing up and allow your spiritual body just to be like a tube and to fill with light and love from head to toe and let me know when that feels complete. Okay, and now Erik stands up, also his body filling with love and light, just like he’s a tube of love also for lack of a better term. Now when you have that image, you two will look like an eleven, two vertical pillar of lights, let me know, okay, now as him to join your pillar of light and some kind of integration is going to take place as he does this. So, let me know when that feels complete.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim: So, Erik a few questions through Elisa and so one of the questions Elisa had and I answered is as best as I understood is as this process of integration takes place for her how (audio cuts out at 55:30) different Erik, start with yourself can you have your Mom explain to us how you will be different?

Elisa:  He will be stronger and able to do his lightworker duties.

Kim:  His lightworker duties. Yeah, so I had it right, it was as I said. How will your Mom’s energy change?

Erik: She’ll be stronger, happier.

Kim: Will she learn to create her reality and really be more powerful in that as time goes on?

Elisa:  Yes, and be able to communicate with not just him but others too.

Kim:  Good, good.

Elisa:  On his side, on my side says Erik and Mom’s side. Won’t need that glass of wine every night.

Kim: No that was the other, well I never was a glass of wine drinker but that was the other thing I noticed I was so much calmer and relaxed, actually, I just wanted to tell you, don’t come out of hypnosis but that first night after I got into bed after this happened for me, I felt comfortable in my skin for the first time. Not even knowing that I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. Okay, and so for your Mom, what I want to know, is that it took me awhile, I had difficulty with this because I resisted. How is it going to be different for your Mom? Is the integration complete or is this something she’s going to be learning? I’m sensing that the integration is complete but it’s going take a little time to learn and grow into it, is that correct? Am I perceiving the information correctly?

Elisa:  He’s nodding his head, yes.

Kim: So, that’s correct. Okay, and I’m sure you’ll guide us along the way as you always do. Okay. Is there anything Erik, and then I do have a question about something but is there anything that you would like your Mom or I to know about the viewing audience, I’m sorry not the viewing audience, your Mom or I or the viewing audience, is there anything that you would like any of us to know about twin flame energy that I haven’t covered?

Elisa: Does everyone have one? Erik?

Kim:  And what is he saying?

Elisa:  No.

Kim: Is it that they don’t have one or there was never a split after that moment in creation?

Elisa:  The split.

Kim:  So, some remained whole, some didn’t separate into a male/female counterpart?

Elisa:  Yes.

Kim:  What do those individuals do, are they just always in alignment? Is it like the ones that split, split apart to find each other and the ones that didn’t have a twin flame are always whole is that how it is?

Elisa:   I think so, but I’m not sure. We can maybe.

Kim: Yeah, we can go into that another time, because that’s getting a little too complicated.

Elisa: Because I don’t know if that’s coming from me or him.

Kim: Yeah, because I was under the impression that everybody did so we’ll go over that another time, because I definitely could be wrong. Okay, so I have another question Erik, and this isn’t about the twin flames. What I want to know is because your voice is showing up on when we’re recording sometimes and sometimes, I hear a voice superimposed over mine as I’m channeling, when I’m doing a Channeling Erik session, am I hearing your voice sometimes and sometimes Jaii, is that accurate?

Elisa:  He shakes his head.

Kim:  And how is it that you’re able.

Elisa: He says yes.

Kim: Yes, okay, so how is that you’re able to have your voice show up on a recording. I know it happens sometimes with other mediums as well, my thinking is it has something to do with the bowls, that they bridge the world and you are able to come through or is it that the medium themselves holds a space for you to be able to do that and makes your energy stronger. Can you give us clarity?

Elisa:  He says everything is energy and so it’s really easy to fuck with electricity and change it, including sound waves.

Kim:  Including sound waves. Okay. So, I am trying to find the purpose in the bowls, do they make it easier for that to happen? Do they hold the space and it’s easier for your voice to come through?

Elisa:  It just changes the vibration of the environment to make it easier for him.

Kim:  It changes the vibration of the environment to make it easier. That is what I thought. Okay. And so, Elisa do you have any other questions for Erik?

Elisa:  Yeah. Does Terrie have a twin flame, Erik? My sister, Aunt Terrie. He’s just staring at me so I don’t know. We can ask that after we come out.

Kim: Yeah, sometimes, this is what he’s making me feel like. I suspected when Jaii was alive, I suspected he was my twin flame and I was working with a very talented psychic medium, I asked her and she got no. Well the reason was, was because Jaii wanted to tell me that himself, we had that planned before we came into this incarnation. So, it could be very possible, that that’s something your sister will find on her own and that he doesn’t want to take away her surprise.

Elisa:  Okay. Well, I was getting the image of her daughter, Fiona.

Kim:   You’re getting the image of her daughter.

Elisa:  Fiona.

Kim: Hmm.

Elisa:  Maybe ask after I come out.

Kim:  So, Erik I have another question. So, as I explained earlier, you had a little bit of trouble convincing me to bring this message through because I was (audio cuts out 1:03:36) twin flames never came through a parent, that it was never a child/parent relationship with the twin flame. So apparently this is somewhat unusual is that correct?

Elisa:  He just shrugs his shoulders, I don’t know what that means.

Kim:  He’s not sure, okay, or maybe not that he’s not sure, maybe that it just doesn’t even matter.

Elisa: No.

Kim: The reason. Okay. Well, do you think you’re ready to cross, ask Erik if there’s anything he would like to send back with you, any piece of knowledge, any information.

Elisa:  Okay. Yeah, he’s putting a big ball of light into my forehead, I don’t know what it is though.

Kim:  Into your forehead? He must be doing something to enhance your thoughts. Okay, and I have one final question, what are some of the first things your Mom should start noticing in her connection with you? Should she start noticing the song connection, or will she see you or hear you or dream of you or feel you, what should she look for or notice?

Elisa:  All those things as images, he’s grabbing them and collecting them together, like all of them.

Kim:  Okay. And yeah, he’s told me this and he’s reminding me of it now, that it would be beneficial for us to have a session where we just talk about ways to connect with spirit and ways to connect with him because he has very unique ways of coming through and letting you know what he is trying to say.

Elisa: He’s nodding his head. Seems really excited.

Kim: Yeah. There’s several ways that he comes through, I guess today before I merge you, maybe we’ll talk about the song. So, somehow, both he and Jaii are able to do this, they are able to, they either will inspire me to turn on the radio at just the right moment and it will be some love song or something that just sends chills down my spine, when that happens know that’s Erik, impulsing you. So that’s one thing. When you have a song running through your mind, that could also be another sing that that’s him. Like once he was going to be working with me with a client and he kept playing the Titanic theme song over and over in my mind, he wouldn’t give up. Well, he was trying to tell me, I have an angel encounter theme and he was going with the In the arms of an angel and that’s what I was to do with this client, that’s what he needed. So, that’s one of the ways that work together.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim:  Yeah so, we’ll have you start watching for that. We’ll take one thing at a time to focus on, he’s kind of telling me so we don’t overwhelm you so much, is that correct Erik?

Erik: Yeah.

Kim:  Okay. All right, Elisa are you ready to come on back over and bring your new-found knowledge and DNA activation with you and a little bit bigger of a piece of your son?

Elisa: I want a hug.

Kim:  You can stay as long as you want. You want to just do what you got to do and tell me when you are ready? Hugs and kisses and goodbye. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim: Okay, so go ahead, and rise from where you are sitting and walk over to the bridge. Bringing with you all of your energy, all of your power and all of the insights you gained and once you’ve crossed the bridge back into the third dimension, drop an anchor into the ground, anchoring your new picture of reality where you just know, Erik is with you, every second of every day. And when you are ready just bring your awareness back into your physical body, and you can go ahead and wiggle your toes and your fingers, just kind of feel the sensations of your body and when you’re ready open your eyes.

Elisa:  Okay. Boy that was cool.

Kim: Yeah, so, were you completely surprised? Did you have any inkling that was what this was going to be about?

Elisa: No, but I’ll tell you it is really hard for me to merge the 11, it took me awhile for some reason.

Kim:  Yeah maybe it was a little fear that you wouldn’t recognize him as well when you came together like that but in reality, you’ll recognize him easier.

Erik:  It’s easier for twin flames to be connected and hear each other and communicate when one is on the other side and one is there.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Kim: Yeah and actually the night that I found out about Jaii, and he communicated with me, Christ himself came through and he told me that as well. He told me it would be much easier to stay connected.

Elisa:  Oh, how nice.

Kim:  Yeah.

Erik:  I know this is very hard right now but I’m telling you this is going to be easier.

Elisa:  Oh no, it’s not hard, I mean.

Kim: This is for me, this is what Christ told me because I was grieving.

Elisa:  Because you were so angry, yeah, yeah.

Kim: I was grieving at the time, right. Yeah, so, any questions?

(audio issues 1:10:26-1:10:29)

Elisa:  I’m going to take some time to digest all of this, to think about it, to really be aware, I mean mindful of my thoughts and so on, but can you ask, Erik does, maybe I’m blocking because I don’t want to make a mistake with my sister, maybe that’s why, does Aunt Terrie have a twin flame?

Kim:  I’m getting a yes. I got yes. Once we’re more used to this, we’ll get more clarity on him about this. Because I honestly and I could be wrong but I honestly believe that everybody had a twin flame.

Elisa:  Well that might be me blocking too, well let’s ask him. Erik, does everybody have a twin flame, did I just mess up over there? Because I feel like I didn’t really know if it was me or him.

Erik:  Everybody was created with a twin that way but not everybody chooses to experience a lifetime with that twin flame energy.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Kim: That’s what he’s telling me.

Elisa:  That’s why I felt a little confused about that answer.

Kim:  Right, right, right.

Elisa:  Well who is Terrie’s twin flame?

Erik:  That’s for her to discover.

Elisa:  All right.

Kim:  Yeah, that’s for her to discover.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  You wouldn’t want, a person wouldn’t want to know about it until it was time because what will happen, say Erik wasn’t your son, and you were two individuals that met in this lifetime, when you had all those issues around your father being, he was your twin he would have had to play those out.

Elisa:  Oh okay.

Kim:  So, he would not have been a nice, to play out the contract you had he (audio cuts out 1:12:13) He’d have been jerkish.

Elisa:  Oh!

Kim: But that is your picture of reality, that’s what you had. So, it would not have worked for you guys to be a couple in this lifetime.

Elisa: Okay.

Kim:  And there was a reason you chose to come into the lifetime that you did and have this experience and its about like I said the new earth, the fifth dimensional earth and the ascension of this planet and it’s planetary and its very, very big.

Elisa: Oh, that’s great, and Terrie just texted me. All right, thank you so much Kim, thank you Erik, I love you.

Erik:  I love you.

Kim: Stay on the line, I have one quick question.

Elisa:  Okay and you guys get in touch with her at

Kim:  Correct.

Elisa: I won’t forget that dash, I promise.

Kim: Okay.

Elisa: All right I’m going to end the recording.

Erik: (blows kisses) love you.

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