Erik, the Pot Pusher

Hey Erik!  How goes it, man?

Erik is smokin’ a doobie. 

This is typical of Erik, picking up on a conversation I’ve had, and he’s been working pretty hard to get weed in front of my face, lately.  It started with Elisa emailing me information about CBD oil (the refined oil from marijuana which does not contain the get-high chemical THC) which is shown to be beneficial in impeding the re-growth of brain tumours, reducing the inflammation in the brain, and even aiding in the re-growth / healing of healthy brain cells.

Now I’m not a doctor, nor even a med student like my sister, so when this information is coming directly from me – the hippy-weirdo daughter who lives in British Columbia, the pot capital of the country, it just looks like I’m pushing local hippy-culture on to my mother’s health issues.  It’s too easily dismissed, coming from me.

But Erik does not give up so easily!  He’s been putting this information in front of me very persistently, the latest of which was a podcast episode by my friend Dr. Vic Manzo.  You can listen to that podcast here:–good-bad-and-the-ugly

This podcast has renewed my resolve to at least be *prepared* if my family opens up to the possibility of CBD oil, and really, that decision would come directly from my mother, based upon how she’s feeling.  If it gets to that point, I want to be prepared.  So if anyone out there has links to actual medical studies involving CBD oil and glioblastoma multiform tumours, I would be so grateful if you’d forward that information to me at

(For the record, I’m not planning to buy marijuana illegally, it would be obtained via doctor’s prescription to my mother, upon her request.  If I ever got caught buying marijuana illegally, I’d never be able to visit you wonderful folks in the States!  Legalize it, already, sheesh!)

Erik says, I don’t know why you’d want to flter out the THC, especially if you’re taking it (as part of a treatment / pain management plan.)  Why not get a little happy while you’re at it?  People are afraid of getting high, and that makes them afraid of the whole idea of mary-jane! 

(Erik shows me preparing ghee on the stove, filtering out little green bits – I haven’t actually done this, he’s teasing me about doing it, preparing to make pot brownies or cookies or something.  Erik directs me to do a CE blog search for marijuana to pull up what he’s said about it in the past, to get me on the same page – directs me to this entry:

Oh, okay.  Forehead smack.  Right in that entry is a lot of the information I was just asking for.  Juicing, huh?  I don’t know if we can gain access to fresh, juicable weed via prescription in Canada.  Something else to research.

Now Erik’s speaking to my sense of defiant rebellion.  Dude, of course I know that taking care of my mother is more important than NOT getting arrested.  Ha.  Recently I had a mild altercation with the local RCMP regarding my bike helmet use, and it ended with Sweetie and I furiously declaring we didn’t care if we got arrested.

Erik you’re a wonderful terrible influence, you know.  (fart sounds)

Yeah and I’m a handsome charmer, and you can’t resist me!  (bedroom eyes!)

(takes a puff)  Buy the weed, Kate… buy the weeeeeeed!  (pot smoke smell)

I think Erik’s made his stance on this issue very clear.


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