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My son currently lives in Chengdu, China and two weeks ago he has gone through a rather painful breakup with his girlfriend. I spent many hours talking with him online to help him working through the emotions and finding ways to cope. I often ask his angels, guides and Erik to help him. Last Monday morning on my way to work, I saw a dragonfly appeared in front of my car and then circled around my car. I immediately thought of Erik and gave him thinks. He then flew away high up into the sky. I was overjoyed but had doubt whether it was really Erik. The dragonfly came to me again and again for the next three days when I drove to work in the morning. On Thursday, he came and gone very quickly and I was disappointed he didn’t stay for as long as he did before, so I said to him “Don’t leave so soon! Come back please!” and within seconds he came back and hovered in front of my car, facing towards me, then he touched down on the hood of my car several times as if to say “I am here, I am here, see!”. I was so moved by his reassurance and tears of joy filled my eyes. By now, of course I had no doubt it was Erik. Thursday night I asked my son to pay attention to dragonflies while he is out about. Friday morning on my way to work, it was raining, and somehow I knew that the dragonfly won’t be showing up because Erik knows that I have no doubt that it was him. I told him I understand if he won’t show up because there are many others who need his help more than I do. A day later, my son chatted with me online, he said “When you told me to look for dragonflies, I thought to myself that I’ve never seen a single dragonfly in Chengdu”. Later that day (Saturday), he was sitting outside at a local café, all of a sudden he saw a dragonfly buzzing near his head, and then the poor thing was caught in a spider web. My son broke the web trying to save it but he thought it had died already. He then snapped a picture. He said that the dragonfly “gave its life just to show me the sign”, and “he wouldn’t have been able to snap a photo if it weren’t caught”. He also gave thanks to Erik and the dragonfly! Erik truly touched my heart and my soul and now my son knows him too! Thank you so much Erik! I love you! I wonder if I can share the picture here, can’t see how though.

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