Erik Visiting Scotland

Here’s a fun Erik story from a while ago. I’m still working my way through the stories from 2017! Keep ’em coming, though!

13 October

So reading Eriks book and watching videos about him visiting blog members. Life changing and its touched my soul like no other for the very detail he’s gave about crossing over very comforting. As a kid i had a soul would come visit me parents thought i was nuts. I was scared though as an adult and when i sensed them i was scared about them being evil and would tell them to go away. Not sure how i make sure that only good come through. However I said okay Erik I’m open to visits but no appearing in pitch black you’ll scare me, gently ease into it if visiting me. No hiding things I’ve got hard enough time with ptsd not knowing where i put things? reading his book about him visiting blog members one his family goes to bed then goes around the world. i said gently don’t spook me and not in pitch black. came to my dreams last night with his family on tour at a prison i worked at. never got to speak to him but said hello to all of you as i walked past. i put on binaural beats last night hen i slept and voila Erik standing there with his mum and others.

15 October

Watching one of Elisa’s video on youtube and decided to record to see if it picked up any orb of Erik with his mums video on and sure enough this orb was zipping around near the laptop ad in front of me several times and one super close to phone whilst recording. Hi Erik ? I look forward to your visits and some of your pranking

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