Erik Visiting Scotland

Here's a fun Erik story from a while ago. I'm still working my way through the stories from 2017! Keep 'em coming, though! 13 October So reading Eriks book and watching videos about him visiting blog members. Life changing and its touched my soul like no other for the very detail he's gave … Continue reading

Incredible Erik Pranks!

Check out this blog member's amazing encounters with my boy! Hi Elisa, I'm writing you to share my story about 2 encounters I had with Erik 5 years ago and, he was human.  But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Louise. I'm engaged to a very kind hearted, loving man … Continue reading

Another Dragonfly Visit!

Wow, I have been stunned...and I mean stunned, by the reaction to my personal message video. The outpouring of love, not to mention the generous donations, has really taken me aback. It was completely unexpected and has done immeasurable good to soothe my broken heart. A balm of love that I wasn't … Continue reading

How to Become a Medium

Before Erik, through Jennifer Doran, teaches us how we can develop our innate abilities of mediumship, I have a few fun things to share. I went to Kari Mena's and Allison Allen's Shiny Show event at Kari's house, and it was so awesome! I really recommend you attend their next one, whenever that is. … Continue reading

Ask Erik Questions, Part One

I had the coolest session with Kim and Erik this morning. At the advice of blog member and dear friend, Steve Trask, I asked Erik to bring in my Higher Self. First of all, I had a bone to pick with her. Why, girl? Why did you throw your mini me to the wolves? It was so enlightening, and I think … Continue reading