Erik’s Many Pranks

We spent most of the morning at Kristina and Houston’s new house during the move in process. Needless to say, both of them are stressed to the max, but moving, as you probably know, is a huge stressor. 

Last night, we had a welcome home party cookout with steaks, chicken, grilled veggies and poblano rice. It was yummy, but I’ve yet to finish cleaning and unloading the dishwasher. Since I’m taking care of Easton for the weekend, I just have to fit it in while I can!

I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and Alex, the pharmacist, asked me if I was still practicing. I told them how I went back to work as medical director at a clinic two weeks after Erik died, and my first patient was a severe head injury. I took care of him, sutured the huge gash in his skull, went to the nearest trashcan to throw up and left, never to return again. Seeing that bloody head reminded me of the horror I saw when I went up to Erik’s room after he shot himself. As I told the story, I started tearing up for the first time in months. My throat got so tight it was almost unbearable. I guess there’s still grief deep inside me that needs to come out. Maybe there always will be. As I type this, he just turned off the television. He’s probably telling me he’s here with me forever.

Enjoy today’s Erik Encounter and please, please, please share your own.

Well, it started about two years ago when I started watching all the videos on youtube and reading the most interesting blogs on this website. First, they came as smells (at that time, his favourite being marijuana, smelly socks). Then, he would turn on my computer, full blast the last youtube video I was watching … at 3 AM in the morning! Yeah, that was not my favourite. His favourite thing now is to make me smell poop or communicate to me through Siri on my iPhone. I had just moved into my home in November of 2015 and there I was at 10 PM finally having something to eat, sitting alone in a very large house with boxes everywhere. I wasn’t touching or near my iPhone and Siri (Erik) comes on spontaneously and says, “Know of any good places to eat?”. He has also typed certain numbers all over my computer screen, as if a key was stuck. After I finally figured out what the number meant (re: numerology), the typing of the number stopped. Yes, it took me about five times of restarting my computer and swearing at it that I finally complained to a friend about this “computer problem”. Luckily, this friend who knows so much about numerology, spirits, etc. explained to me what that number represents in the Angel world! It was the number 9 (back in Spring of 2016). Its the number of change – end of one phase and beginning of another. Just two weeks ago, my iPhone came on spontaneously which I was not touching, with Siri (Erik) saying again, “Isn’t it nice to learn that you are right?”. And, indeed he has been right.

While I am typing this, I got a strong whiff of poop, which immediately disappeared. Thanks, Erik!

What is really amazing is that Erik has taught my spirit guide how to simulate the smells and engage my iPhone! Through these means, I am able to get direct messages from my spirit guide. It is a very unique smell that Erik first started using to annoy and irritate me, as I had assumed that my neighbour was making the smell. Well, sure enough I was getting the smell wherever I was, at work, at home, walking the dogs, etc. After teaching my spirit guide how to simulate this smell, I got a full on smell while looking for a home to purchase. I had previously had a reading with Kate Sitka where my spirit guide promised to help me find the perfect home for me. Well, sure enough when I got to one house, the smell came on full strength. I wondered why Erik was pranking me then and there. I later found out after another reading with Jamie Butler that my spirit guide was trying to encourage me to buy that particular house. Since that time, my spirit guide engages that very specific smell to encourage me in whatever I am thinking or doing at the time. By the way, I misread that smell and did not buy the house. It took me a full six months to figure out that no one else around me could smell that very annoying smell but me…in my head! So, I kept asking people around me at that time, “do you smell that chemical smell?” to get weird looks from people like I was crazy. I even went to my doctor to ask if I had a brain tumor as I remember that some people with brain tumors experience strange smells. No brain tumour and about six months later, after getting strange looks from people when I asked, I finally figured out it was Erik … and he had taught this to my spirit guide. I am very happy to be able to have this direct communication with Erik and with my spirit guide, it had changed my general disbelief and suspicion about these things.

I was having a terrible time last year dealing with an issue at work. Just terrible. I was quite depressed. Sure enough, my spirit guide turned on an audio book (of the many that I have on my iPhone) while I was walking to my car to get to work. The audio book that was turned on was a description of “psychic attack”. So, the reason I was feeling terrible, depressed and miserable at work was because this other person I was dealing with was psychically attacking me. I only learned through my subsequent reading with Jamie Butler that it was my spirit guide who turned on my iPhone at that time and not Erik. I knew it was my spirit guide but I needed that confirmation.

So, Erik is helping me in my 3D world by opening my eyes to the “other side”. I always thought people who talked about these things were nuts. Well, I am one of the nuts now! He has also helped me by helping my spirit guide learn these “tips and tricks”. My spirit guide is able to more effectively communicate with me. I think I’ve been intuitive all of my life but denied it up until now. This whole thing started when I saw my spirit guide and thought I was being haunted in my own home. Only other time I experienced the paranormal was when I was a teen, being lifted from my bed by a real ghost. Since then, in my mind, ghosts or the afterlife did not exist. I was determined to be an atheist and non-believer. Now, I don’t doubt my almost daily interaction either with Erik or my spirit guide. They both help me with my work here on earth. Erik likes to interfere when I’m working (which helps me keep a sense of humor) and my guide tries to help by giving me “the smell” to encourage me to go in a certain direction with my work.

I have learned now not to share too much with strangers around me, because it sounds crazy. But, I am so grateful when Erik and my spirit guide “communicate” with me in these different ways. I have also learned so much from this website, from the books and from the youtube videos. I am living in a home that has two negative spirits. From what I’ve learned from these various sources, I have banished them from my property and all is working out well in my world. Pretty surreal and damned cool!

Thank you, Erik, Elisa, Jamie and Kate! There are so many out there doing such amazing work. Thank you, my spirit guide and guardian angels. You have a tough job!

With gratitude and thanks,

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