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Still super busy watching a busy 16 month-old, so I’ll skip any intro (not that I don’t have anything to say anyway!) and go right to this awesome Erik story from a blog member! Wait, there is one brief but important announcement: Raylene will be taking a break from Channeling Erik to heal. For those of you who entered questions for the last Q&A, she will refund your PayPal account. That usually takes a couple of weeks. Keep sending her prayers!

Erik said he would prank everyone who signed on to the sight but I didn’t really believe it. The night I signed up I was watching tv and there was a small chest behind me. All of a sudden it sounded like something was moving inside it. I got up and looked inside and all around it but there was nothing there to explain it. That was #1. I have 4 security lights outside around my house. They work independently and are motion sensor lights that should only turn on at night. One of the lights is pretty sensitive and turns on a lot. I jokingly called it my spirit light because it would turn on for no seeming reason. The one closest to the house hardly ever turns on. So one day in February I said, Ok, if you want to impress me turn the one on by the house! The next night all hell broke loose! All 4 lights turned on and on and on! When they would time out they would turn on again! At one point the one by the house turned off and I said, “when I get to your initial turn on.” I went A, B, C ,D, E and at E it turned on. The lights did that for hours and there was nothing I could see that turned them on. The only thing I could think other than it being a visit from Erik was the temperature that day went from really warm to really cold within a few hours. So the next day I began to think that was what caused it. Well….. the following night the same thing happened with no change in temp so I think Erik came back when he saw me trying to rationalize it away. That was visit#2 Then for months the lights stayed completely off. Visit #3 happened about a month ago. These lights shouldn’t go on in the daytime. I have a small spiritual study group that meets at my house Saturday mornings and as I was waiting for them to arrive I looked out and lo and behold the 2 lights I can see from the kitchen window were on. I just knew that other 2 would be on as well so I went out and sure enough they were! They did not time out for the whole time we met! As I’ve said, They shouldn’t have even been on in the daytime! The 4th thing that happened was pretty funny. I got to thinking of an old skit from Saturday night live where they spoofed the movie Ghost and the gal was picking her nose when her ghost love showed up and it grossed him out. I was thinking how funny that was and hoping nothing like that would happen to me! The next time I went to the Erik sight there was a full screen picture of baby Erik with his finger in his nose. I’m pretty dense I guess because I didn’t get it until the next time I went to the site and there it was AGAIN! Then it hit me like a ton of bricks! He was saying Hey!! Not a big deal! Relax!! Once I “got” it the pic never came back up! Love it! Thanks Erik and many thanks Elisa! You’re the best!!

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