Interview with the Annunaki, Part Two

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The weather was gorgeous here in Houston, so I spent most of it outside. As always, I have a couple of housekeeping announcements before delving into the exciting second Annunaki Interview.

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And now for the Annunaki Collective. They have a lot to say, and Denise Ramon did such a wonderful job! Look at these creepy elongated skulls!

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Elisa:  Hi Denise and hello my boy Erik.  Happy Birthday belated.  You had a birthday Saturday, two days ago.  So, happy 30th.  Oh my god, wow.

Erik:  Hello, Mama.

Denise:  He’s jumping around like he hasn’t aged a bit.  He’s really flirting his flexibility, and also while he’s doing it, he’s eating chocolate cake.  He was eating chocolate cake, so.

Elisa:  Mm.  Well, we got you a cake and we lit the candles and we sang, and so.

Erik:  Everybody knew, almost everybody knew I was present.

Denise:  Is that true?

Elisa:  Yeah, I felt, we felt it, yeah.

Denise:  Yeah, that’s what he’s saying.

Erik:  You can’t miss your own party.

Elisa:  Yeah, and yesterday too, I felt. In fact, when he’s around, for some reason I feel like a little down, like it’s triggered something, but itsy bitsy, just a little dysphoric. So, thanks a lot! But I feel like that was probably because he was around.

Denise:  He was definitely around, and he’s telling me that you’re becoming, not that you weren’t aware before, but your knowledge, anyway, yeah, I do see and feel. That’s what he tells me,

Elisa:  Yeah.

Denise:  And I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t just start channeling him.

Elisa:  Oh god, oh no. Too many monkeys in my brain. But you never know. I don’t know.  I mean, I just channel him for my own purposes. All right, so we are going to do the Anunnaki part 2. I never heard of Anunnaki until this whole Channeling Erik thing happened.  I had no idea. But anyway, so hopefully this is right after on the heels of me publishing the first part. So, a lot of the remaining remain questions are from blog members, so let’s get started.

Denise:  Okay.

Elisa:  One blog member wants to know, “What do they want for us?” I mean, what is likely to happen when they do eventually return en masse. I mean, I hear you’re coming back! When and why? What’s going on?

Erik:  They’re not coming back to take over the world or destroy us or hurt us.

Elisa:  Phew, thank god!

Erik:  They’re coming back for, there’s something that we need from them and they need from us.  It’s not about, they’re not coming back to . . .

Elisa:  Conquer.

Erik:  Yeah, they’re not. I know that there are videos out there that maybe go in that direction, but that’s not true.

Denise:  He keeps telling me they talk about these Anunnakis on Star Wars movies.

Elisa:  Okay, really?

Denise:  That’s what he’s saying.  And when he’s saying that, I’m thinking I remember it was like maybe, with what he showed me, I feel like maybe it was like Star Wars 2 or 3.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  One of those, because there were so many of them.  He makes me feel like they’re coming back just like animals come back,  . . .

Elisa:  Oh! Hm.

Denise:  . . . Or people come back.  And I don’t feel like we’ll be so startled by it, because I feel like . . .

Elisa:  Oh, yeah.

Denise:  Because I feel like then we will have already had encounters with other kinds of ETs, for lack of better ways of putting it.  We will have already had some kind of . . .  not some kind of . . .  we will know.  He’s just showing me, we will have had visitors, I guess, would be a good way, visitors.  And I also, the way Erik is showing me, like, they respect us where we are, and the thing is, is for us to respect them.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Denise:  I guess, when they come, and I don’t even know, like, how they, like, what they will look like.

Elisa:  Are they going to come in as human hybrids and stuff instead of, like, just like creepy-looking—well, I’m sorry, creepy-looking but – instead of, like, these different-looking aliens.  Is that what you’re saying?  So, it’s more subtle, but . . . I mean, what will they come back as?  What will they look like?  And also, when?

Denise:  Erik says, when they come back, and when he was talking a little bit earlier to me , he gives me the impression that they are going to be coming back as something that we’re not so shocked by. It’s almost, yeah, so . . .

Elisa:  Ah. Okay, good.

Erik:  They’ll have some human-like features.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  But we just won’t be, it won’t be so shocking.

Elisa:  Will it become as children born into us, or will it be like whoosh! Poof! There they are.

Erik:  Both.

Elisa:  Oh, wow. Mm, cool.

Erik:  Both.

Elisa:  So, when? I mean, free will and all.

Denise:  I don’t think, like, in my lifetime.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  So, are you saying I’m not living long, Erik?

Elisa:  Oh, my god. Scary!

Denise:  I feel like it’s . . . Erik is showing me it takes time for this because . . .

Elisa:  Yeah, yeah.

Denise:  Because there’s a lot of activity going on the outside that we are so unaware of and that we are becoming aware of, and just the stuff that we’ve learned, in the past 5 years of what’s out there and what is and what we consider to be the truth, as opposed to what we’re told, is pretty shocking for us, and we still have a hard time absorbing that.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Denise:  So, can you imagine these people coming in five years, start coming in, it would just be too much.

Erik:  There’s still a lot more stuff here to unearth for us to get accustomed to and get used to, that what we think is what’s happening isn’t what’s happening.

Denise:  So, I feel like this may be . . . He keeps showing me 20, 20 or 30, and I get that’s like . .

Elisa:  2030 maybe.

Denise:  It could be 2030 or 20, 30 years.

Elisa:  Oh! Okay.

Denise:  He keeps showing me.

Elisa:  So, what is it?  Hang on, just tell me when, but I’m gonna mute myself because I need to tell these people to be quiet in this house! Just a minute.  Go for it, Erik.

Denise:  He says like 20, 30 years is what he’s showing me because 2030 wouldn’t be enough time. So, it’s like 20, 30 years, but i don’t feel like all of a sudden, poof, they’re all here.  I think it’s going to be kind of a gradual thing, and it’s going to be, they’re going to come where they’re going to be more, where people are more receptive to them.

Elisa:  Okay.  Interesting. ‘

Denise:  There are people, Erik says, that I don’t know if they channel them or they’re just in contact with them, they connect with that energy, they’re able . . .

Elisa:  Okay, probably both.  So, how long have the Anu . . . Maybe there’s some Anunnakis here.  So, how long have you guys been on Earth, and are you still here, if so, in what kind of form?

Denise:  I feel like it’s, how long were they . . . I’m getting thousands of years that it’s been.

Elisa:  I bet.

Erik:  Thousands of years.

Denise:  Erik is showing me with him that—I say “him”—that there’s, like, an underground city underground the Earth.

Elisa:  Ooh! Where?

Denise:  There’s stuff that’s underground, like, it’s kind of like in, and as Erik is showing me, it’s like an underground.  It’s not just . . .

Elisa:  Like in tunnels or caves or?

Denise:  The way Erik is showing me, it’s just like, I don’t feel like it’s even caves or anything or tunnels.  I just feel like there’s a whole other underground.  He’s showing  the depth to Earth, it’s not like going out and digging a hole to plant a tree, and Erik, they’re both showing me, it’s like there’s levels to what’s going there.

Elisa:  Ah.

Erik:  And we haven’t even begun to touch the surface of what’s under there.

Elisa:  Well, there’s only so much you can dig until you get to the core, and melt your ass off!  Are you talking about a hollow earth kind of thing or a big cavern of a different civilization underground, or what?

Denise:  What they’re showing me, it’s like just a whole other section to Earth is what they’re showing me.

Elisa:  Ah, okay where?

Denise:  And we don’t have the equipment, they’re showing me to dig even further down, to even get in there.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah.

Denise:  Nor would they or anyone else allow us to go there to destroy that.

Elisa:  Oh, no. So, what part of Earth, if we dug and were able to dig, would that be in ?  Antarctica? Norway? I don’t know, what?

Denise:  When you said Norway, I just get a very cold environment, and . . . I get a very cold environment.  It’s almost like where civilization really isn’t even taking place, and so they’re showing, and they’re not, I feel like they are not really wanting to say, but if I had to say somewhere, I don’t even feel like it’s around here at all, in the U.S. at all.

Elisa:  Like, Antarctica?

Denise:  I just feel like, some, like Russia or something.  I feel something like that, the cold, but it’s just in a place that’s not, where people don’t live.

Elisa:  Ah.  So, maybe it’s Antarctica.  Is it Antarctica or Siberia or some other place, Erik or Anunnaki, Mr. or Mrs.?

Denise:  Erik is telling me, he’s saying, where they’re showing me . . . he’s showing me how Russia is close to, like where he’s showing me it’s not as far as I think it is.  So, it could be, and that they’re just like being real . . .
Elisa:  Okay, they don’t want us to know.  That’s fine, that’s fine.

Denise:  No, no.  And I feel like the reason why is because people have gone out there to, like, they go out there.

Mr. A (Anunnaki):  Very inquisitive people go out there, that we don’t even know about are going out there because of the energy out there.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  And when he’s saying that, I’m thinking to myself, that’s been a place I’ve always wanted to go was to go the Antarctic and just sit there and listen to the silence.

Elisa:  Yeah. Okay, we have to move along quickly, I’m sorry.

Denise:  Well, no.

Elisa:  Because I’ve been asking questions after the questions, sorry.  Were Hindu Indian gods Anunnaki, and what was your agenda on that part of the world, and did they succeed in it?

Denise:  Were they related?

Elisa:  The Hindu Indian gods, were they really the Anunnaki?

Denise:  Mm, they show me like what we would say is cousins.

Elisa:  Ah. Were they, what, Reptilians or . . . ?

Denise:  Mm, I don’t get that in what they’re showing me.

Erik:  No, they weren’t that.

Elisa:  So, there’s another race, okay.

Denise:  Yeah, he says no.

Elisa:  Okay.  Now, my question would be, this blog member, how exactly did the Anunnaki tinker with human DNA in order to evolve it?

Erik:  It’s about manipulating energy.

Denise:  I’m asking him, so when you say it’s, and this is how I’m perceiving it, and I’m asking him, when you say manipulate energy, are you saying that you just went in there and manipulated us, and, he says, because I thought that was kind of rude.

Elisa:  I know!

Denise:  And so I was asking him, and it’s not the manipulation where we don’t have control of it, but it’s just, he’s showing me how they’re able to . . .

Mr. A:  And remember, everything is with permission.

Denise:  And so, just somehow he’s showing me how they are able to intertwine with our energy somehow?

Elisa:  Yeah, everything’s energy, including DNA, so it would be easy to manipulate it, but do they do it for good or evil?

Mr. A:  We’re all for good, regardless of what anybody else thinks that they find or hear . . .

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Denise:  And then also I’m hearing, it’s all in our interpretation of what we think is bad or good.

Elisa:  Oh, oh yeah, that’s true.  Can you please ask if they really are the controllers of the world, the Anunnaki?

Denise:  He says they’re the controllers of their own world, but we are also the controllers of our own world, and that’s the point that we don’t realize.  And when he’s telling me this, I feel like, when he’s saying that, like I have control over my world here, and everybody is their own world, and that’s the whole thing that we are totally, he says, separated from.  We don’t realize that.  And that, and then that kind of goes into some other conspiracy things that are going around and makes you think.

Elisa:  Well, yeah, a lot of people just tend to think the worst-case scenario of everything, including probably the Anunnaki.  Here’s one, for example:  People say they are the evilness of the world.  What’s going on now, and did they really trick us when we die to reincarnate so they can take our energy.

Denise:  I get that that is not true at all.

Elisa:  Oh, good.  Is 2028, is that when things change over for them?

Denise:  When things change over them . . .

Elisa:  Whatever that means, I don’t know.

Denise:  I know, and I’m picking up from that sentence that they mean, like, is that when things change over for them like, like not in a good way, and I just don’t get that these are . . .

Elisa:  Hostile creatures.

Denise:  Yeah, I really, I don’t get that, and what I keep getting is, is we’re looking at the wrong, we’re looking in the wrong place for that because we keep looking on the outside for everything, is what they’re showing me, and it’s, it’s, I just don’t get that, and I’m also getting from them that there’s also some kind of force around us, which I don’t know anything about, but what they’re showing me, there’s a force around us—I guess around the Earth—that’s protecting us from anything that comes in here that is not here for our own good.

Elisa:  Interesting.

Denise:  Yes, so . . .

Elisa:  Well, then maybe this is what this next question means:  Have the Anunnaki created a red energy of fear to keep us at a lower vibration. Maybe it’s not that, maybe they’ve created something, more positive, I don’t know.  You tell me.

Denise:  I don’t, he’s telling me that they did not create an energy to keep us in fear, but there is an energy that does, I feel like there is like an energy barrier around us, but he keeps telling me that we’re looking in the wrong . . .

Elisa:  Who’s he?  Is it Anunnaki or Erik?

Denise:  “He” is an Anunnaki .

Elisa:  Ok, got it, got it.

Denise:  But he is telling me, like, we’re looking in the wrong direction for this kind of stuff.  We keep wanting to find somewhere to blame.

Elisa:  Yeah, of course.

Denise:  And it’s okay, to, he’s telling me it’s okay to blame, and Erik is with him on this.

Erik:  So, we blame him.  So then what’s our responsibility?  Where’s our ownership of anything.  Yes, there are things going on that are kinda like out of our control, so to speak, but we do have free will.

Elisa:  Of course.

Erik:  And that is what we forget about.

Elisa:  We shouldn’t just sit there and be victims.  Just say, hey, you know what?  Let’s take care of this shit.

Denise:  And there is a universal law that cannot be broken.

Elisa:  Yeah, what is that?

Erik:  The universal law is about we are the creator.  We are the Source.

Denise:  These are things that . . .

Elisa:  Yeah! We are whole and part of God, exactly, yeah. Wow!

Erik:  We’re all connected.  We’re not separate.

Elisa:  Including with the Anunnaki.  They’re all part of the same collective that is whole and part of Source. All that is, of love, of light.
Erik:  Yes, of this infinite Source.

Elisa:  Wow, so wow.  So, including the Anunnaki.  So, they’re all like these evil creatures that, whatever, they’re part of God, and as are we, and it’s like, unless they’re trying to be evil to create polarity for the human experience, but that can’t be right.  All right, is it true that the Anunnaki are trying to slow down the healing of the Earth? Boy, they get a bad rap, man! If so, why and what can we do to stop it?  Are they really slowing down the healing of the Earth? That’s all I need to know.

Denise:  When you ask that, I get that there is some truth to that.

Elisa:  Oh, is it because we need to learn something? Maybe it’s a positive reason.  Tell me.  I got that, too.  It was like, oh my God, they are, and there’s something good about it.  Go for it.
Denise:  Yes, because with the slowdown of it, it’s making us really look at things, and it’s allowing things to come up to the surface like everything has, even though people think the whole world’s falling apart, it’s really falling into place with everything.

Elisa:  Oh, wow. Yeah, hm.

Mr. A:  We’re at a point where we as a collective consciousness are sick of repeating history.

Elisa:  Mm.

Denise:  So, there’s a lot of good things.  It’s to help us.  The way he says, they’re slowing it down, so we can really look at it go on. It’s kinda like getting out of debt.  Somebody gives you $20,000 to get out of debt and says here, here’s your $20,000. You don’t have to pay me back.  Well, if you never learned how to not get into debt, then you’re going to get into debt again.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah.

Denise:  And I feel like this is kind of the same thing is what he’s showing—what he, he keeps coming as a he—what he is telling us, but I just don’t get they’re as monstrous as some of the people say.

Elisa:  I know, wow.

Denise:  I don’t know anything about them.

Elisa:  Yeah.  Okay.  Well, I like that.  That’s good.  All right, so also I’d like to know what the famous ones are doing relative to us, like Enki, Anu, Enlil, and Marduk, or what they do in general for that matter.  So, oh what’s the famous ones doing? What is it, the A group, the A class.

Denise:  You’re very good at the names, he said, by the way.  The famous ones, what hat are they doing?  They’re like they all have their own properties or responsibilities on what they’re supposed to be doing, and tending to different aspects of this planet and other planets, is what they’re showing me.

Elisa:  Wow.

Denise:  Mm hm.

Elisa:  Are they good?  What they’re doing is good?

Erik:  It’s just like the human race. There are bad apples in every bunch.

Elisa:  Yeah.  But of the ones I mentioned, is there a bad apple?

Denise:  I don’t get that.  I don’t get that there is.  I get some that are . . .

Elisa:  Slackers or whatever, I mean . . .

Denise:  Very, very what we would call is real stern or something, that kind of military type form.

Elisa:  Like hard asses, drill sergeants.  We probably need that!

Denise:  Mm hm.

Elisa:  Yeah, I get it.  All right, I was wondering if the Nephilim existed on Earth—I’m probably pronouncing it wrong, whatever—and do they still exist that are in like a sleeping state, waiting to come back.

Mr. A:  Everything still exists.  The energy is still there, so everything still exists.

Elisa:  But are they still on Earth, and are there beings alive that have that Nephilim, or whatever, DNA in them?

Denise:  When you said that, he’s showing me like a little bit.  So, when you say a little bit, do you mean, I’m asking him, I just feel like there are some people here, I would say, that have a little bit of that DNA in them, because he’s showing me a little bit.

Elisa:  Ooh, anybody I know?  Anybody in my family?

Denise:  [laughing]  He says no, and I feel like these people that have it are very, almost like these like extremely empathic healers, and they are like in a tribe that’s not even, that’s what would you, not civilized I guess would be a good word.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Denise:  I mean, we’re all civilized, but he’s showing me it’s like they live in like a community or somewhere where they haven’t been discovered or something, where there are still tribes.

Elisa:  Ooh, yeah, oh that’s cool.

Denise:  He says there’s still a lot of that going on where tribes are just.  Even human tribes, where they . . .

Elisa:  Yeah! Haven’t been discovered.  So, what’s their purpose? Are they like in a sleeper state,  gonna pop up and say “Hello, we’re here, and here’s what we’re here to do.”  I mean, what’s going on with them?

Denise:  The way he’s showing me, it’s like we’re needing their energy to help with the balance of this planet, just to help with the balance.

Erik:  You gotta remember, we weren’t created for nothing.  There’s a purpose in all of us. Regardless of who we are or whether, bad or good, we all had a purpose for here.  It’s just people are more curious about it because people are starting to become more aware that the Bible thing is not the absolute truth, and . . .

Elisa:  Yeah, no kidding.

Denise:  And that the God thing isn’t.

Elisa:  Yeah, 80% of the Bible is not really true, according to Jesus.

Denise:  I’ve never believed it.  I’ve never believe it, and it’s not because I don’t like God or I don’t like Jesus, because I absolutely know 100% without a shadow of a doubt that there is a God, the Source.

Elisa:  Yeah!

Denise:  I absolutely know.

Elisa:  But mankind manipulated the Bible to oppress the masses. All right, here’s a Bible question, actually.  Were the Anunnaki part of the big battle of Genesis in the Bible? Were the ones that breeded with women of those times, created the Nephilim? I have no idea what that is.  Denise:  He kind of smiles, and I think he takes pride in this.

Elisa:  Is it Anunnaki or Erik?

Denise:  Anunnaki but . . .

Elisa:  Mr. A, let’s say, Mr. A, Mr. A.

Denise:  Mr. A, and he said they were participants, yeah.  They were participants.

Elisa:  Oh, wow.  What was the purpose of that battle, because I don’t know much about it.

Denise:  He’s telling me it was . . .

Erik:  It was clearly a misunderstanding.

[Denise laughing]

Elisa:  Uh oh, should have read the memos!

Denise:  But it’s all about, and the guide is saying it’s really about miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Elisa:  That can happen.
Denise:  Yeah, basically that’s what it was about is a misunderstanding.

Elisa:  What was misunderstood?

Denise:  I think territory, territory, he’s saying.

Elisa:  Oh, I was like, oh, I thought maybe it was like, no, on the seventh day we can’t rest.  It should be the 5th day!

Erik:  No, it’s the 8th day.

Elisa:  Oh, there we go.  So, explain a little bit more, Erik or Mr. A.

Denise:  They’re showing me, I’m asking Erik because he can feel him and hear him better.

Erik:  It’s just about it was a misunderstanding basically and fear came in.  It’s like they were very stubborn and didn’t want to be more and it was . . .

Elisa:  The Anunnaki, right?

Denise:  Yes.

Elisa:  Who were they fighting against in this Genesis battle, another alien race, humans, or?

Erik:  They’re humans, but we’re aliens here.

Elisa:  Well, that’s true, but so, it was Anunnakis against who?

Denise:  I feel like it’s another race.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Denise:  There’s another race they were fighting against, and yeah, I just feel like it’s another race.  It’s not the human.

Elisa:  What is the race called, Erik?  I mean, well what does it start with, maybe people will figure it out, what letter?

Denise:  Erik is showing me, he’s showing me it also starts with an A, whatever that is.

Elisa:  Oh, okay!

Denise:  He’s showing me it starts with an A, but he says it’s kind of like when they came here it wasn’t as, and I’m saying, how did you come here?  Did you have this equipment? And they made me feel like they did.  They weren’t coming on horse and buggy by any means, but yes.  But also, it’s almost like, what Erik is showing me, it’s almost like they could think themselves at a place and then they’re there.

Elisa:  Oh, that’d be so cool, man.

Denise:  Yeah, and it’s like it’s there, and Erik is showing me it’s kind of like on Star Trek.  Remember how they’d say, “Beam me up, Scotty?” It’s almost kind of like that is what he makes me feel like.  And there is a feel of threat going on, threatened, and I feel like the Anunnakis, that they’re very stern and stubborn.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  And Erik says they can be somewhat offensive, I guess would be the word. . . Aggressive.

Elisa:  So, they can be dicks!

Denise:  Aggressive, aggressive.

Elisa:  They can be dicks?

Denise:  Yes.

Elisa:  Ok, so did they, the Anunnakis, Mr. A, have anything to do with the Rh negative blood type?  There’s a whole big thing about Rh negative, how that came into our DNA.  So, what do you got to say about that?  I mean, where did that come from?  From the Anunnakis or from some other . . .

Erik:  That didn’t come from them.  That came from another species.

Elisa:  Why? What’s the purpose?

Denise:  I feel like it was, the way Erik is showing, it’s almost like to integrate, like to integrate into this by getting used to being in just . . .

Elisa:  Okay.  Into the human race?

Denise:  Yeah, just integrate, yeah.

Erik:  You know, we’re not just humans like we think we are.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah.  Oh, we’re hybrids, man.

Erik:  We’re so much more.  We get real caught up in this body, and that’s not what we should be caught up in, it’s what’s in the inside.

Elisa:  No, no.

Denise:  Yeah.

Elisa:  All right, so are the Greek gods aliens?

Erik:  Not in what that person wrote about, is asking.  It’s not aliens.  They’re just highly involved, and they come from a place that’s different, and so you can call them aliens, but they’re not lizards or something.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah.  Not like aliens, the creepy types.  Who were the first aliens to visit Earth? One person wants to know.

Denise:  Erik is showing me, he’s saying some form of animals were.

Elisa:  Oh, cool.

Denise:  And it was kind of like a . . . Erik makes me feel like they were testing.

Elisa:  Wow.

Denise:  And so I’m telling Erik . . .

Elisa:  Like that chimp we put out into space.  The canary in the coal mine! Yeah.

Denise:  I’m asking Erik, so they were doing animal testing back then, and Erik just laughs.  Of course, it’s different.

Elisa:  Yeah, but there’s no time, so that’s kind of a weird question.  It’s like . . .

Denise:  Yeah, so . . .

Elisa:  Everything’s always been, so that’s kind of a tricky one.

Denise:  I know.

Elisa:  So, there’s this whole thing about the soul trap people keep bringing up.  It is said that we are trapped in this simulation and that even the afterlife is a trap, like, something is trapping or souls.  What’s going on there?  Sounds kind of creepy.

Erik:  I’m not trapped.

Elisa:  Yeah, so what’s going on?  It’s weird.

Erik:  You’re getting a lot of different views from people who’ve been there or heard from people who’ve been there or people who know have been there or whatever it is.  They’re formulating it into their words, and that’s their truth, so that’s true for them.

Denise:  But for the ones that, and he’s saying like for you and for me, we know that there is not a trap.  There’s too much evidence from people from the other side that have visited us, and that we have talked to even, that there isn’t.

Erik:  It’s kind of like that trap is like what people consider like purgatory or something.  That’s not true.

Elisa:  Okay, that’s good.  I’m happy with that.

Denise:  Me too.

Elisa:  Are the Anunnakis related to the Olmecs, Those big heads that are, I can’t remember, were from Peru or something, are you or does that have anything to do with the Anunnaki, the Olmecs?

Erik:  I don’t know if they’re related, but I feel like they know each other somehow or another.  There’s a relationship there of some sort.  There’s something.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.  What is it?

Denise:  And I feel like what it is, those people, like they knew how to communicate with them or something.  They knew how to, like, whatever it is they didn’t have . . . so, like, if they didn’t have eggs to make a cake, they would know to go to them for the eggs.

Elisa:  So, the Olmecs were pretty much people who knew how to communicate with the Anunnaki, right?

Denise:  Yes, and Erik is telling me it’s like, energetically, telepathically.

Elisa:  Ah, yeah.

Denise:  That they knew how to do that.  Yeah.  I just don’t, I don’t feel like.

Elisa:  That’s the relationship. Okay.

Denise:  Yeah, I just don’t feel like they were like what we would say, like, blood related.

Elisa:  Okay.  Here’s another one that’s kind of similar.  I would really love to know about the ancient megalithic ruins at Puma Punku in Bolivia.  What was the structure used for before it was destroyed?  Who built it and when they did build it and with what tools? What did it look like before it was destroyed.  Why and when was the damage caused to the structure?  What happened to the people that created it?  So, I don’t know.  Who created it?  That’s a lot of questions in one little . . .

Denise:  Yeah, it is.
Elisa:  So, tell me the basics.  What do we need to know about this, these megalithic ruins at Puma Punku.

Denise:  Erik’s laughing at you, the way you just . . . He’s giving you a thumbs up the way you pronounce it [Elisa laughs].  There was a lot of, and there still is, wherever that is, there’s still a lot of energy there.  Anybody who is . . .

Elisa:  Ah.

Denise:  Could go there and just feel the energy that’s still there.  I feel there was definitely . . . Erik is showing me it’s something like equivalent to kind of like a sound chamber here . . .

Elisa:  Yeah.

Denise:  . . . that goes on.  The energy was very real, very intense, I feel like.  Like very . . .  just . . . you could really feel the energy in there.

Erik:  It would be like equivalent like walking into a cave with just full of raw crystals or something.

Elisa:  Wow.

Denise:  But the energy was there.

Elisa:  So, what, what were the ruins, I mean, and who created them?

Denise:  When you were asking about, like, who built it or whatever, I feel like it’s someone who is related to whoever, or it’s in the same vicinity of who built the pyramids and that, and how they did it was.  They just, they were able to . . .

Elisa:  They had the technology that the coral house guy in Florida had?  Having this . . .

Denise:  They do have technology.

Elisa:  . . . this alien instrument that was able to lift really heavy masses.

Denise:  Yeah, ‘cause they’re showing me, like, how they did it was like it was energetically, but they had equipment that we don’t have, but . . .

Elisa:  Oh, I got it. Are they Anunnaki? They’re not Anunnaki then, huh?

Denise:  No, no, no.

Elisa:  Okay, so that’s the main part, I guess.

Denise:  No, but they’re . . . and I feel like it was destroyed because we destroyed it?

Elisa:  Oh.

Denise:  You now, we just . . .

Elisa:  Human beings.

Denise:  Yeah, we destroyed it . . .

Elisa:  Shame on you, Denise!

Denise:  I know it, but the thing that, even though the building isn’t there, it’s already in the Earth.

Elisa:  The energy is, yeah, okay.

Denise:  It’s in the Earth.

Elisa:  What was the purpose of the ruins?  Not the ruins, but the original before it was ruined?  What was it for?

Denise:  Like a . . . What they’re showing me is kind of like a, like a gathering?

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Denise:  Somewhat, not a . . . a gathering place, but I feel like there was so much more that went on in there.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  There was so much more that went on.

Elisa:  Worship.  All sorts of stuff.

Erik:  Healing, for one.

Elisa:  Healing, Ooh, wow.

Erik:  Healing in there because vibration, energy, can heal everything and anything .

Denise:  But just the healing.  Also, there was like, I feel like there was a connection with their gods, or whatever you want to call it.  There was . . .

Elisa:  Their leaders.

Denise:  Yeah.  There was a connection.  Yeah, yeah.

Elisa:  Okay.  All right, so this one person want to know about the elongated skulls of ancient Peru.  Who were they?  And that’s true.  I mean, it’s like, Queen Nefertiti even had this big, it’s almost like people in Egypt tried to . . .  bound the skulls of newborns to make their skulls elongated, like they were trying to mimic some alien.  So, who were they?  When did they come?  Were they technology advanced? Did they have telepathic . . . What’s the name of the species?  Just anything you can tell me about it, basically.  But make it short because we have some questions I need to get through.

Denise:  Yes, they were very technology advanced, and when you asked that, I feel like that’s a given with everyone that comes around here.  They have to be is what I’m hearing.

Elisa:  Yeah, of course.  That makes sense.

Denise:  And what was the other one?  I’m sorry. My mind’s . . .

Elisa:  Oh, just tell me anything.  Who were these people with the elongated, the elongated skulls of ancient Peru? What alien race were they if they were an alien race? Or were they some people in Appalachia.  With inbreeding, they can create some weird stuff, but go ahead.

Denise:  I just think was, the way Erik is showing me that it’s . . . Yes, there was some crossing going on, and, but it’s . . . I don’t know why, but I just feel like that that’s how . . . I don’t feel like it was . . . I don’t know.  Because I’m asking him because Erik is saying.

Elisa:  Were they Anunnaki? Let’s just go with that.

Denise:  No, they weren’t that.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  They weren’t that, but who I keep . . . who I thought was like an alien, like one of those, when you said, because when you were talking about it . . .

Elisa:  Yeah.

Denise:  . . . is that one that played Star Trek.  He was the bald-headed white man.

Elisa:  Oh, yeah!  Yeah.

Denise:  Because him, I saw him on a show or something.  I forget when it was—the other day is probably a couple months ago—and I was, like, he looks like an alien, and then there was a woman.

Elisa:  Or was!

Denise:  Yeah, and I saw a woman, and I’m like, are they like from the same race or something because it was just real odd to me . . .

Elisa:  Yeah.

Denise:  . . . how their head were kind of back.

Elisa:  Yeah, that’s weird.

Denise:  It wasn’t like huge back, but I remember thinking I wonder who . . .

Elisa:  But my kids, they had this prominent occiput, but anyway, we gotta be real quick here.  Okay.  Who built the pre-Inca sections of the ancient megalithic Inca Roca wall in Cusco?  The stones look as if they were melted into place.  Just one name.  What? Who?

Erik:  Wasn’t it the Incas that did that?

Elisa:  I guess, maybe?  Okay, so there wasn’t an alien race that did that?

Denise:  I feel like they had help from . . .

Elisa:  Okay, but not Anunnaki or yes Anunnaki?

Denise:  Erik is not giving me yes for sure.

Erik:  They had help, but they knew how to connect.

Elisa:  Ok, that’s fine.

Erik:  If we knew how to connect, we wouldn’t have to work this hard.

Elisa:  Oh, god.  Well, I would like to know any information about the recently discovered Nazca mummies that have three fingers on each hand and the same on each foot.  What alien race is that?  Or maybe they were part of a cult that you had to have some fingers and toes cut off, I don’t know, but go ahead.

Denise:  I’m asking Erik did they have to have . . .

Erik:  No, because not all of us come with the ten fingers, like different races.  Not all of us come with that, and not all of us come with ten toes.  Some of us come with . . .

Elisa:  Yeah, but was that a race, these Nazca mummies?  An alien race of some sort and if . . .

Erik:  It’s a breed.  It’s a different breed.

Denise:  So I’m saying, I go, “Erik, is it an alien?”

Erik:  Yes, but it’s like a breed within the alien race.

Denise:  I’m asking him, “Which alien is it? and I don’t get it’s the Anunnaki ? I don’t get it’s that.

Elisa:  Okay, but were they part human, like a hybrid?

Erik:  Yes because they had fluid in their veins and stuff like that . . .

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  . . . but they didn’t have all the insides like we do.

Elisa:  Ok, so they were some sort of hybrid but . . . all right.  All right, very quickly, was Zecharia Sitchin a Freemason who spread disinformation purposely and did he mistranslate the Sumerian cuneiform on purpose?  Wow, I’ve never heard of that.  That’s interesting.  Just yes or no, yes or no.  As a Freemason, did he spread disinformation purposely and misinterpret the Sumerian consent form on purpose?  Yes or no.

Erik:  He didn’t interpret it on purpose wrong.  He just interpreted it his way.

Denise:  And I’m asking Erik, “Did he spread lies and stuff?”  Erik said, he . . . I feel like he did it to . . . Erik makes me feel like he did it for fear, to spread fear.

Elisa:  Why would he do that?

Denise:  I know and also to . . . I feel like he exaggerated whatever it was he was talking about.

Elisa:  So, what was the purpose, Erik, of that, baby?

Denise:  Control.  Control.  Just to see . . .

Elisa:  Sounds like an asshole.  Ugh.  Ok, real quick, I got just three more—one  two, three, yeah.  Were Inanna and Ereshkigal real people?  Just yes or no, quick, hurry!

Erik:  Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Elisa:  Ok, the first time the Anunnaki are mentioned in a Sumerian myth of the goddess Inanna traveling to the Underworld and finding her sister, Ereshkigal, in the Underworld, the mines.  Seven Anunnaki apparently sat in judgment.  Is that whole thing true, that this? . . . yeah.

Erik:  There’s some truth to it.  There’s some truth.

Elisa:  Okay, so what were the Anunnaki sitting in judgment about?  Okay, here’s this lady trying to get her sister out of the Underworld, and they’re sitting in judgment, so what happened?

Erik:  It was more of an interrogation-type approach.

Denise:  I just feel like that there was a feeling of betrayal on their part somehow?

Elisa:  On whose part?  The Anunnaki?

Denise:  Yeah, there was some form of betrayal.  Nothing that the women did or didn’t do was wrong or nothing like that.

Erik:  There was a feeling of some kind of betrayal.

Denise:  Erik said that’s why I’m picking up on like an interrogation type . . .

Elisa:  Oh, interroga . . . Okay, all right.  Did Christian concept of dying and reborn God, Jesus, come to the Sumerian dying and reborn Inanna, this woman we’ve been talking about.  Does that come from that?

Denise:  The whole thing didn’t come from that.

Erik:  It kind of started a story.  It’s kinda like . . .

Elisa:  Well, let me read the rest of it, actually.  I didn’t see this.  The story says that there were two alien/Anunnaki brothers who were put in charge of the worker mines, miners, because they wanted our gold, right?  One of those brothers sought to free the miners by illuminating them and giving them knowledge.  The other brother sought to keep them ignorant and in compliance, never questioning who they thought were gods.  Some say this is where the concept of Lucifer comes from, e.g., “the bringer of knowledge.”  Lucifer is the brother who sought to free them by bringing knowledge.  So, what’s up with that?  What do you think?  I got one more minute!

Erik:  There is some truth to that, but it’s more in depth than  just that, and it’s about light and dark.  It’s about you gotta have contrast.  You gotta have contrast.

Elisa:  All right, so what was the purpose of it, then?  Is that what Lucifer’s all about?

Denise:  Not solely, not solely, but that’s not  . . .

Elisa:  Well, tell me what you can and make it juicy!  We want to end up on a juicy note!

Erik:  Some of that story is true.

Elisa:  Yeah, what parts?  But go ahead.

Erik:  It was about bringing the truth and knowing who Source is, God is, or whatever you want to call it.  There is truth to some part in that.

Denise:  I feel like there was, the truth is they were promised something else by someone else, and this other person is trying to tell them don’t believe in that promise.  Look at this, because . . .

Elisa:  Ah.

Denise:  . . . if this were what all your wanting is, or something, I guess, like the truth will set you free.

Elisa:  Is that person, is that Lucifer or is it the person that if fighting against Lucifer.

Denise:  I feel like . . .

Elisa:  They’re saying, “Don’t listen to these people.  Who is saying that?

Denise:  When you said that, Erik is showing me that that is Lucifer.

Elisa:  Okay.  So, is Lucifer an Anunnaki or some other alien race, or is he just a fallen angel?

Erik:  He’s more than just what we say is a “fallen angel.”  He’s so much more than that.  His energy is so much more than that.

Denise:  Is he an Anunnaki?  I don’t feel like he . . . I don’t, I don’t feel that from Erik.  Erik isn’t showing me that.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  Erik just isn’t showing me.  I feel like Lucifer just walked over and said, “Hey, how’s it going?” and they were, “Oh, my god, no, no, no,” or whatever.

Elisa:  Oh, so Lucifer had some communication with the Anunnakis.  Oh, okay. All right, I got it.

Denise:  Yes, that’s what I’m getting, like he just had some kind of communication, was able, that’s what I’m getting, a Lucifer-type energy or whatever.  I don’t know if it is the Lucifer, but it’s definitely the Lucifer energy.  I guess . . .

Erik:  Yes, it is that person.  Yes, yes.

Elisa:  Ok, so, to wrap it up, anything else you want to add, Mr. A or Mrs. A or Erik or Denise? Anything else you want to add before we close?

Erik:  This is all history, what we’re learning.  It’s kinda like history.

Denise:  Even though everything is now, this is history, he wants every to know.  And so, he wants everyone to know we still have control over our own bodies, even though we feel like we don’t.

Erik:  That’s the main thing to remember is that we have control of our bodies.

Denise:  And Mr. A is agreeing with Erik, and he’s also wanting to say that there is a force out there, but it’s really more out there for our protection, but we’re so caught up in the fear that we’re thinking everybody is against us.

Elisa:  I know.  Well, that’s what people do, humans. They think of the worst-case scenario all the time.  Anyway, thank you so much.  I love you, Erik.  I love you Denise.  You guys check her out at, which I will put here.  Thank you, and Denise, I will talk to you tomorrow on our Tuesday night radio show.

Denise:  Yes.

Erik:  Bye, mama. I love you.

Denise:  He’s thanking you so much for the best birthday.

Elisa:  Oh, that cake was so good.  It was just like a giant cake—supposed to get a small one, but it didn’t work out—covered with rainbow sprinkles.  It was awesome. All right, love you!

Denise:  Love you, too.  You take care.

Elisa:  Bye.

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