Feminine Energies and Ascension

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Conversations with Erik

These last few years have seen unprecedented changes in my life and to cut a long story short, I met Erik and from unprecedented changes in my life went to Weeeeeeeee wtf just happened – What is happening to me now and did I agree to this ride. Well yes I did, I was ready to meet Erik and ready for him to tell me what I needed to hear, ready for his tough love, ready for change, ready to break down the walls and make my mark so to speak.

I said to him one day, ‘Ok Erik, what the hell have I got all these gifts for; I’ve no clue what to do with them so what’s the point in them if I’m just sitting on my butt going, well hey I can talk to dead people how cool is that?’ Well, Erik has a way of sneaking things into your brain without you realising it till afterwards then you go – ‘oh cheeky, I see how you did that nudge nudge wink wink.’ So I found myself on a small scale channeling for people online as a practice thing, then from there I expanded out to family and friends on Facebook and then came pinnacle after 60 or so reads – I brazenly offered this service in exchange for practice to the Changeling Erik Facebook Group and what a ride that turned into. The night I put the message on the CE Facebook group the response erupted, and I could see Erik next to me rolling his sleeves up and rubbing his hands together as if so say – I’m ready for this challenge baby – it made me chuckle and I was also little scared I must say.

Erik comes to every CE reading I’ve done. He inputs as much or as little as a person needs and I have to admire that as it’s not an easy task being in many locations at once which he often is.

This conversation is about the divine feminine energies and the ascension I’ve been seeing and hearing a lot about lately and it’s interesting to hear what Erik has to say:

Hey Erik


(He smiles and is kicking a stone about on the floor with his foot waiting for my questions)

Howz it hanging

Low and a little to the left

Haha I wasn’t expecting that image. Can we talk about the divine feminine energy that keeps cropping up in the readings and teaching I’ve been seeing on the internet?

Whadyya wanna now –

(He folds his arms in wait of my questions and looks at me with that teen stare he’s got – intense eyes)

Are we headed back towards maternal societies like the days of the early Celts and such?

Well ….. yes and no, there is certainly an alignment of female energy with Gaia – it’s not so much heading back there is more respect and equality that will come.

It’s hard to see it when so much that’s happening is paternal and aggressive.

But it’s not systemic, sure the leaders are playing the war card but it’s not gonna last. The divinity of the woman is rising and that can’t be stopped.

(I wondered about the word systemic, but I’ve come to realise with Erik he chooses his words carefully though at times they may seem strangely put, its more that we need to read more deeply what he is saying – in this case word systemic relates to the conspiracy sweeping the planet in terms a grand plan by all world leaders to make changes that have us cowering in our homes, it would be a paternal world domination, if it were true.)

I think in some instances it is going to last but what about countries such as India and Egypt to name but a few where women are treated appallingly.

It’s rising there too – women have got to the point of saying no more on mass. Brings the issues to the surface, it creates a magma effect.

(where does he get these metaphors from)

Magma effect, I say – please elaborate – then I get an image of an erupting volcano in my head…

Yeah, it’s gonna erupt (oh now I get it) into protests in the streets and a refusal of women on mass to comply – they just won’t stand for it and the patriarchal societies will fall. Many men will support it as they’ve had enough too, the balance is all out of whack.

That’s good but in all revolutions there will be many more deaths before it resolves though – I hate that part of change. So what will be the role of the woman in the future then?

So you’re already aware recently the mass awakenings in large groups of people especially women, they’re waking up daily with abilities they didn’t know they had … right?


So, …. You can surmise from that they will exert a different kind of control which will usher in the change for peace.

Ok, and is that intrinsically linked to the shift and such like, the evolution of the human being? I mean is this a part of the ascension process and if so why is it spontaneous for some and not for others?

Depends what your mission was when you signed up for another round, the individual is waking up at the pace they set for themselves.

Your mission should you choose to accept it (cue Hawaii five o music) You’re dancing to the music on the TV advert Erik, I point out as he grooves away

Hey can’t a guy show some funk and style if he feels like it

Of course when you’re you – it goes without saying

I get asked a lot about what it means to ascend and I’m never a 100% sure of the answer – what’s your take on it?

Alignment – get the energetic body down in the physical body and that’s when the magic happens baby

(he’s like yeah baby and still dancing, the music changed but he kept up with the beat)

Ahh ok, you once said that if we did that we could stop bullets it that literal or metaphor?

Its literal – we have magic within ourselves we just don’t know it

Hmm that’s got me wondering then if it’s better to die or to ascend….

If I had a choice, ascension, best of both worlds dude. Solid in 3D, not solid in 4, 5 and 6D, manifest anywhere.

Really!! Transporting, that’s actually true. I’m very excited now at the prospect of ascension because it allows us to bilocate and to transport anywhere – it’s a big game changer for the human race given the abilities it allows us to have.


(he shrugs as if it’s like Meh, everyone knows that)

Oh my god now I’m very excited. So how – how do we ascend then?

You gotta get control of everything and align with your higher self so you gotta let go of judgment, all judgement, it’s no good saying ah I won’t judge that gay guy for being gay over there but I’ll judge that Muslim man over there – love is all you need

(I hear the Beetles playing)

Ascension had never been more plausible than it is today – the energy on this planet is ripe for the picking, the taking, the using – go Jonny go go go

Hahaha very musical today…

Yeah I’m feeling fine and I get happy in my mind

I’m loving his personality – I didn’t know he danced too… Ok So I’m gonna do a recap Erik cause I like to get things straight.

It’s your very own curse, the second-guess game

Haha thanks, cut a girl some slack it’s been a wild wild ride getting to this point (he winks)

So, divine female energy is being ushered in and is going to be used to bring about peace and love, Ascension is all about getting the spirit into the body more fully and aligned and letting go of judgment and probably any other negative effects of living the lives most of us have lived and that is like an integration, so instead of car and driver we are one with ourselves – is that correct?

You betcha

Cool, so any tips for all the waking up folks out there in CE land?

Yeah, don’t eat yellow snow

Haha and yeuckk!!

Thanks Erik. He does an Erik exit, whistles and causally makes his way into the distance until I can’t see him anymore.

Ironically, I opened the internet up to a news story after typing this out and there was some headline about a criminal and my very first thought was – what a looser…… judgement, it’s so ingrained into us that we do it as easy as taking a breath – I know I’ve got some work to do.

My website is http://www.ascendingthepath.com/ and my Facebook Group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/AilfinnChannelingMedium/. I channel Erik Medhus for the CE family, which I love to do and I channel anything from past lives, your spirits guides, your otherworldly relationships and your purpose in this life – I pretty much channel it all and in the coming weeks I will be doing guided meditations – anyone is welcome to join us.

Divine feminine energy during ascension, Channeling Erik

The Divinity of Women


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