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Here’s yet another stellar post from Kate Sitka. If you haven’t scheduled a reading with her, do so. She’s amazing.


(Erik picked this pic!)

Last night I did a lot of organizing and catching up, and Erik popped in with the topic of today’s entry.  He made me laugh because he popped in with a glee-style “mash up” of two songs:  “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue, which is a song he’s used before and layered over it he put “Feed my Frankenstein” by Alice Cooper.  It actually makes a really cool-sounding mash up.

Heeeeeeere’s Erik!

(For the whole entry, Erik gives me a slightly scratchy, pubescent voice.)

So you get the obvious point of it all, right?  We’re talking about freeing your mind of the useless clutter that can take over all your brain power and turn you into a zombie.  If you’re feelin’ like all you’re doing is running around in a stressed-out state – AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! – you gotta realize that it’s YOU who controls your brain clutter, not your boss, not your family.  It’s such an easy thing to fix (from the outside looking in) once you realize that it’s up to you to weed out all the unnecessary though processes.

So the first thing you gotta do is look at shit differently.  The reason your mind’s all cluttered up with a to do list is because you’ve made some assumptions / decisions about how to deal with things.  There is ALWAYS a way.

(Indicates energetic debt.)

Okay, I’ll explain my understanding of this in my own words.  (Erik waves his hand, like “go ahead.”)  Recently I wrote about changing how I manage my session requests and bookings:  I did this because I was feeling drained because I was feeling an sense of energetic debt created by my old work process:  1.  Receive reading request (feel obligated to reply ASAP with an appointment date.)  2.  Book the appointment (which might be weeks or months in advance.)

Right there I’ve created / experienced TWO feelings of debt / obligation.

Now when I receive a reading request, I immediately add the person to a “Reading List” rather than book an appointment far in the future.  Each week I work off the list to book appointments as time and energy allows.  I’m less likely to over-extend myself and if I need some time off of readings I can take it without having to cancel and rebook.

But it’s completely different from every other professional psychic I know.  I initially set up my system based on what other professionals in my field were doing, based on assumptions like, “This is the way it’s done,” or “This is how to be professional.”

(Erik jumps in-) Yeah ‘cause it’s all about the assumptions you’re making about other people’s expectations.  90% of the stressed out brain clutter we have is based on other people’s expectations that we’re trying to meet. 

When you’re (not incarnated) it’s impossible to be negatively affected by other people’s expectations because it’s like, “I am made of love and it’s impossible for me to injure myself because I love myself.”

Ooooo, that’s dark man.  He says, It’s impossible to kill yourself twice.  DAMN DUDE.  I’m sorry that feels like poor taste.  He said it, not me  – and he just blinked the light by my desk as I’m writing this, so it’s staying in.  Sorry.

And actually, Erik I’ve had other spirit folk tell me differently on that last point.  Not to argue, I’m just showing you my experience in past conversations.  Here’s the link to the conversation with the being I call “Sacred Grandmother” when she discussed the painful experiences some of her children experienced in life caused their consciousness to dissipate after death.

And recently I was talking with a First Nations friend who was telling me about a man he knew and loved who ended his own life.  He told me that in his culture, they believe that when a person ends their own life that their soul disappears.  He worked with his own spirit and other sacred beings (I omit this info out of respect) to send a prayer and love to the soul of this man.

(Quick Edit:  Just to clarify, my friend is speaking to his own culture.  There are over 50 different FN tribes in BC alone, and they don’t necessarily believe the same things.  Just to clarify so this doesn’t become a sweeping statement about “Native Americans believe…”  There’s a lot of cultural appropriation, let’s not contribute to it.)

So Erik when you say, “you can’t kill yourself twice,” what about this?

Erik gives me this exasperated look, You are so damn literal sometimes.  (Erik was being flippant / dark-humour) But I was also speaking the truth.  (He shows me my grade 9 science teacher saying “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it changes form.”)  Returning to the “god source” is not being destroyed.  That consciousness is like a hologram that’s still visible / accessible if it wants to continue to identify separately.  Individual consciousness is (like a soul bubble – here’s the concept he’s referencing:

Just because the membrane that creates and defines this separation of the contents of the bubble from the whole is removed, the “contents”, the experiences are all still there. 

Erik, I’m concerned that a surviving loved one of someone who ended their own life will read this and worry or mourn their loved one’s soul for “disappearing”.

It doesn’t happen that often.  (Hangs his head, curses.)  It’s like you (the royal “you”) is trying to take a linear point of view on something that’s four or five dimensions.  It’s all about shifting around, it’s not about existing and then disappearing.  No one goes to hell and no one destroys their own soul.  Occasionally, rarely, an individual consciousness may prefer to stop expressing itself individually and returns to the (shows me a bee hive, like the collective hive mind / source energy / “god” consciousness.)

But it’s not something that anyone does out of punishment or despair.  (Gives me this feeling of an innate need.)  It’s like being born in reverse.  It’s part of nature and it’s inevitable.  Everyone’s born, everyone dies.  Individual consciousness bubbled / branched off of the source energy,  everyone’s return to that source is inevitable and it’s natural.  And it’s awesome, it’s not a bad thing at all.  It’s all a huge cosmic cycle. 

(Erik makes a circle trace in the air with his finger, signaling that this ties into the beginning of this piece.)  It’s all in how you look at it.  You can look at it from an angle of losing something, or you can look at it like, TRANSFORMATION!  (big smile, fingers outspread, “presto!”)

An’ it’s funny that we went from talking about brain clutter to a whole consciousness / soul disappearing / returning to the big orgy of Love.  (Wow, there’s a new name for god!)  The reason a lot of people cling to their brain crap is they’re worried the world will end if they let this stuff go.

Guess what people, it’s transformation time.  You can do yourselves a HUGE favour by accepting change as it comes along, and a lot of that is *trusting* that you’re going to be okay. 

So E, this became a huge umbrella statement when we just started out talking about brain clutter and stress.  Zombies, Frankenstein!

I fuckin’ love that song!

Me too.  Reminds me of Wayne’s World.  (Erik flashes a view of him with long greasy “Garth” hair with a bandana around his forehead.)

Okay, it all comes back to what your underlying assumptions and beliefs are about your own thoughts and worries – cause those things ultimately drive your actions.  If you’re taking action unthinkingly, what are you?  ZOMMMMBIEEEE!

Yes, cool.  But Dude, (capital D ‘cause I’m being funny, like the sacred Dude is proselytizing) it seems to me that the trick is catching those thoughts and assumptions.  How can we help people to find them?

That’s the beauty part – they’re RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!  They’re the things that make you feel stretched, drained and unhappy.  Yes we incarnate on the big Planet E to learn through experience, but we don’t come specifically to suffer.  No one is like, “I’m too damn happy in heaven.  I’m gonna incarnate on earth to fuck shit up, especially me!”  Naw, there’s no meaningless suffering, even if it looks like there is. 

So here’s another thing to help you suss out brain crap you don’t need – Start with this question:  Do I have time to enjoy myself?

A lot of you are like, “Yeah, I have time.”  That’s cool, that’s a place to start.  If you don’t have any time to enjoy yourself, check yourself.  You’ve got too much on your plate, too much stress.  If you’re surrounded by this sense of survivalism AND you have internet access to read this, there are some different choices you can be making that’ll (shows me a big machine – it’s a thing that crushes cars – the paddles are raising and this is giving the feeling of enormous pressure being lifted.)

A lot of it comes back to asking for help if you’re Under Pressure.  That’s part of transformation, sometimes, just giving up the ghost!  HA- HA!  Me funny.

You seriously just said “me funny”.  (The frickin’ lights just flickered, like, “leave it in there!”)  Okay, I’m leaving it in there but I’m also dropping a book recommendation:  I have it on my shelf at home.  We seem to have this First Nation culture lesson underlying this piece.

And hey, for anyone who’s watching (shows me the stars moving around, movement of the planets, astrology) there’s this slippery-ness in the air.  It’s easier to make tough changes this month than it has been for a few years! 

Erik the astrologist?  This is new.  I take a minute here to search CE to see what he’s said about this in the past.  Woah, there’s actually a lot of content there.  (Erik dressed in a sage’s robes, rope belt, hood up, Stone Henge in the background.  He nods once slowly.)

Wow, here it is:

Holy crap dude, that’s awesome!  I never thought about it like that before.  It makes sense.

So yeah, when I say the furniture in the sky is arranged in such a way that it’s easy for you to move your own clutter around and out, I’m fuckin’ serious.  Do it baby!  Some people have been hanging on, waiting to get a divorce or to sell their house.  There’s been this sense of “hold on!” for a while.  It’s time to start lettin’ things go. 

Okay, how do we wrap this up?

Like a little present!  BOP!  We’re done!

Well now I’m going to have to see what various astrologers are saying about right now.  Personally, I don’t tend to follow astrology on a regular basis – but sometimes when the world seems like it’s upside down I’ll do some googling.

Anyway, it seems like we touched on a variety of topics in today’s piece, so I hope you all found it helpful and enjoyable!

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator located in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please visit her professional website and her personal blog


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