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I’m still here in Cali taking care of my big sister who, thankfully, is doing much better. Her pain has subsided and her spirits are up a bit. I’ve been driving her everywhere, but not without a lump of fear welling up in my chest. I’m from Houston where there are no hills and curvy curves next to canyon cliffs. I’m noted for my very bad driving skills so I tell Teri that I hope we don’t plunge down a cliff and burst into flames, suffering a fiery death while ironically going to her doctor appointment. But then I smile and tell her, ‘Oh, well. What’s the worst that can happen. After all, we’re eternal beings.’ She wasn’t amused. But she is still alive, so…

Topanga Canyon

Enjoy this past Thursday’s radio show and the Erik stories that follow. 

Story #1

I have been having golf balls sink in the hole on a putting strip i have in my apt. after i hit them near the hole and the ball stops., this happens when i play audio clips with you and kim, who lives just north of me here in Ohio.

Story #2

I wake up really early in the morning and I was doing my usual morning routine when my dog, Neeka, started acting out of sorts. She usually sleeps while I primp but she stood and looked at the tub and started whining. She was constantly sniffing the air and watching like there was someone standing in the tub. The unseen presence was making her nervous. Then, there was this awful stink and it was no dog fart. I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve smelled dog fart. This was worse. Neeka, my pup, circled my legs then went to the tub and looked up. She was definitely connecting with someone; moving back and forth from me to the tub. Finally I bent and gave her a pat and told her it was okay. It was only Erik. As soon as I said it I just started laughing realizing I had just been stink bombed and the one to have more of a reaction was the dog. Needless to say I was honored. Thanks for the wake up Erik. Worked better than a coffee. I think I still smell it.

Story #3

Last night, May 25, 2016, I was at my psychic development class. We each (about 20 of us) took a piece of paper, wrote a word on it, folded it and gave it to the instructor. We were then given, by our instructor, a different folded piece of paper. We were to feel, tune in, listen to find out what word was written on the paper. When my instructor handed me the paper, I immediately felt my own energy on the paper and my first impression was that I had gotten my own paper with my own word. Of course, left brain kicks in and starts; trying to talk me out of it, telling me I don’t know what I’m doing, etc. Then, out of nowhere, left brain starts repeating the word “bra” over and over again in a very monotone way. I didn’t hear it with my ears, it was “heard” on the left side of my head. Bra, bra, bra, bra…..I knew that there was no way, in a male/female mixed group, would someone write that word down. So when it was my turn, I said that my first impression was that I got my own word, and I did. It wasn’t until I was driving home after class that it dawned on me that it was Erik pranking me. But it doesn’t end there. When I got home and was relating Erik’s prank, in my right ear I hear, and feel, a snicker/giggle. I actually felt breath on my ear along with the sound. Immediately, my right side erupted in goose bumps and I got the shivers. So that was a validation that it was, in fact, Mr. Erik who was pranking me. Thanks, Dude! I enjoyed it! Looking forward to more! Love, Julie

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