So Proud of my Son

Y’all, I’m just so exhausted taking care of my lovely sis (mostly because driving in the canyons is trying for me) that I don’t have much of an intro to share. Just check out these great stories.

Story #1

I just want to say that I’m in the middle of the book My Life after Death and I find it fascinating. I can’t put it down and love watching your blogs with Jamie. I think she’s the most amazing medium and I wish I could connect to spirit the way she does. I feel like I know Erik personally and feel like he’s talking directly to me as I read. I feel this book and all that you do is a spiritual breakthrough and gives people such an amazing insight into the afterlife. I want to thank you for writing this book and thank you to Erik for sharing his amazing stories. Bless you all xx

Story #2

Contemplating suicide and desperately searching for answers that matched the spiritual awareness my life has lead me to on what I would be facing next if I chose to do so, I found Erik’s story. After reading his (fabulous) book, I immediately checked out channelingerik and found an article where Erik spoke about the 70%/30%. That article gave me the idea to go to a medium here in Kansas City and speak with Erik so that I could know for sure which percentage I would fall under. Now knowing that I would be in the 30% gives me the drive to push through my life circumstances. Erik, and Elisa I thank you and am so grateful. Together, you spared me from making a decision I would regret.

I’m flying home Tuesday, and I doubt that I’ll have time for a post. I’ll try though.

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