Gay Marriage and the Bible

All I can say is…I apologize in advance.

Me: Okay, here’s a question from a blog member. “With Obama’s recent acceptance of gay marriage, many faith-based people are having conversations about the Bible’s take on homosexuality being an abomination. What’s Erik’s feeling on the absolute truth of the Bible? Was it written by God or man and why do so many of the spiritual leaders around the world all take that line of the Bible about homosexuality literally?”

Erik: It’s with any story. You only take from it what you need. The Bible was not written by God’s hand Himself. It was channeled through a human, and if it’s channeled through a human, it goes through a filter.

Me: So, I guess God doesn’t have an opposable thumb, huh? Can’t hold that pencil by Himself.

Jamie laughs hard.

Jamie: My god, that made him laugh. He’s teasing about God not being a primate.

Erik: Getting back to the idea that you take from the story what you need. So, if you’re twelve, you’re taking a different moral, you’re taking a different perspective, and it feeds your soul for what it can understand at that moment in time. And as you get older it changes and morphs into different meanings, but that’s the beautiful thing about a story. Also, when the story is written, it’s written to the market that was alive at the time. We have a completely new market, but yet this Bible has never changed! We’ve evolved; we’ve changed as a society, culture, human, collection of beliefs and understandings, but yet we have this Bible that was filtered through people who were living in a time that doesn’t relate to us at all—except human relationships. Well, even our human relationships have evolved.

Me: Yeah, true.

Erik: It’s a good story, and I think people should invest the time in all religions like the Tibetan Book of the Dead—read all of these scripts and take from it what you want, what you need.

Me: Your personal truth.

Erik: Yeah. But I wouldn’t go and push it onto people by knocking on their doors and telling them these are facts. Excuse me, but—

Jamie (to Erik, laughing): That made no sense!


Jamie (clearing throat): Alright.

Erik: We don’t even know if God is male or female. God is combined energy of masculine/feminine. Angels that have not reincarnated to Earth hold both the masculine and feminine energy just like God. Why on earth do we fight so hard to have men and women separate? It makes no sense! The lesson on Earth is to love.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Great, so the lesson on Earth is really to love so on Earth people need struggle and feel pain to learn how to define what love is. That’s the beauty of Earth—that you have to have the extremes to understand the concepts. But we don’t need the extremes to use as a measuring stick. So, we have the struggles: men who love men, women who love women, men who want to be women and vice versa—just all of it. But the truth of the matter is we’re not allowing an environment to support these people in learning how to love. And shame on us for doing that. 

Me: God, yes. Shame on us. So, are you both feminine and masculine, Erik? Have you gotten in touch with your feminine side?

Erik: Yes, I have.

Jamie: But he quickly grabbed his crotch and said a few words I won’t repeat.

Me: Oh, Erik. What am I going to do with you?

Jamie: I’ll just say he still has his parts.

We both sigh.

Jamie (firmly to Erik): No, don’t. I don’t want to see anything, Erik.

Me (laughing): He sure does like to tease you, Jamie!

Jamie: Don’t Erik! I’m leaving the room!

Erik (laughing mischievously): You can’t leave me! I can show up anywhere!

Jamie: I know! That’s the terrible thing!!

Me: Ah!!! The curse of Erik!

We all laugh.

Me: Maybe we should move along.

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