Grief and Healing

A huge part of my own enthusiasm with telepathic communication is teaching others how to do what I do.  Erik, would you like to help me with this?

(I skimmed the last few CE entries and read this one: and he brings me to this paragraph:

“I wanna remind people when you’re happy, when you’re in a good emotional place, it’s easier for the deceased to communicate with the living. When you’re under a wall of grief or under a wall of confusion, it’s very hard for us to communicate to you.”

And links it back to this entry I posted June 3rd, just the day before

It’s really cool how our blogs continue to synch up.

Erik says:  The thing about grief is (shows me an energetic attachment, like a string, connecting a living person and their deceased loved one).  When that hotline is filled with grief and sadness and missing someone, (shows it travelling to the loved one too who shares in the misery.)

It’s like you say for people who are missing their pets (dogs and cats) – the animal knows that their (person) is sad, but doesn’t really understand why, like a little kid, it’s just confusing. 

And yeah, when you need to be sad, BE FUCKING SAD.  Cry your heart out because you’re meant to do that when you experience your grief. 

Just remember that you gotta heal at some point, right?  Whether you heal in this life, or after you die, you gotta heal that eventually.  And being alive (incarnated) is so special, why wait until you’re dead, and you’ve missed all the cool shit you could’ve been doing all those years you were locked in your grief?

Grief is MEANT to pass.  These emotions, (shows me a sin wave) are meant to pass, we go up and down, we get pissed off and horny and heartbroken and happy again – we’re SUPPOSED to experience all that shit, not always be in (shows me a Zen monk meditating) because he never goes outside his fucking temple!

WHY BE ALIVE if you’re going to spend your life wishing or acting like you are dead???

Don’t be a ghost!  Especially not while you’re still in a body. 

See, cause your friends over here, your parents and kids and brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and little babies that never got born – they’re all over here and they want you to heal.  YOU HAVE THEIR PERMISSION TO HEAL.  You just gotta give it to yourself.

See, I’m dead and everybody loves me.  (handsome grin! – and he’s doing this glowy thing around his head like a halo, and his hair is a bit longer than usual, like floppy ringlet curls around his head – reminds me of a Greek statue, but a 17 year old, not a grown man)

The resonance of my death (shows me ripples from a pond) is something that helps me to make sense of my life, and why I spent so many years (feeling locked up in his chest – restricted)  I had to heal from my own death, and I’m still working on it.  But I’m happy, and part of my happiness (shows me the glowy Erik again) is that I GET to talk through you and through others to everyone here (and shows me the book) (and shows me the ripples going outwards again.)

That’s part of my thing, and it’s sort of fucked up that I’ve found so much happiness out of (the tragedy/pain/awful fucking horror of his death) but I have to say that I HAVE found this happiness, and how could I possibly deny it now?  After everything we’ve been through?  How could I sit here (in heaven) and (dwell upon) (stew over?) this thing that is already done, this thing that is in the past.  It’s part of (shows me the fractal flower of life) and I could just sit forever and stare at that one fucking part of it until I’m convinced that’s all in the universe that exists.

I choose not to, though.  (zooms out, so far out that that spot on the flower where his death event exists is so small and obliterated by the beauty of the overall blooming pattern)

Isn’t that better?  That’s where I want to be.  (holds out his hand, a gesture, like come with me.)

Thank you Erik.  That was beautiful.

Kate Sitka is an animal communicator and psychic medium located in Tofino BC.  To learn more about her and her work, check out her website, her personal blog and the joyful telepathy facebook group!


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