Happy Homecoming, Erik

October 6th. Two years ago. Lives ripped apart forever. This day is hard for me. The memories. Even driving down Echo Lane this morning brought back that time when we were speeding home in response to Maria’s phone call, everyone screaming at the tops of their lungs. Even opening the front door to water my plants today reminded me how frantically I tried to open it so I could run upstairs to check on my baby, to hopefully save his life. My legs like rubber, tears streaming down my face, wails of despair echoing in that otherwise still early afternoon.

Today, if you were to look at me, you’d see a woman with a calm face of stone. But in truth, there’s another woman inside screaming for salvation. Screaming for an escape. Today will be a day when I bury myself where I’ve buried my heart.

To Erik: I love you more than life itself. That’s all I have the strength to write. Here’s your favorite song, Sweetie.

As you listen to this song, imagine Erik jamming along with a big grin on his face.

Erik Rune Medhus

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