Hopefully an Erik Encounter

Hello Elisa and Erik! Bless you Elisa for doing the videos and the blogging/writing, you are an angel! So is Erik, I love his sense of humor and his soulful, to-the-point answers! Jamie is a gift too in conveying Eric’s messages and the outpouring of love she has for both of you. It can clearly be seen on the YouTube videos.

Nothing has happened yet but I wanted to write a quick blip! I started watching your U-Tube videos and I now have both of your books and can’t put them down. I am so inspired by Erik as I have also felt that I needed to get out of my skin and have had depression since a teen. I still try to quiet the incessant natter in my head and long for quiet. I am older now but have actually hoped for an NDE so I can reboot my life and start to help people. Maybe Erik can visit me and share some information sometime, without giving me a heart attack (LOL..). What a guy he is… He is definitely the “Bees-Knees”!

I don’t know if this will make it to you, it seems I am late in the game here. Bless you all, and hugs all around! Thank you again for doing the videos and helping others become aware and even educated!

If I can ever help with something on this side of the US, you just let me know. (Portland, Oregon)
Love and Light, Christine :o)

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