How to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Many of us are pretty disgusted with the state of humanity, and I truly believe that, in some cases, it has caused people to feel depressed, even despair. So I asked Erik how we can restore our love of the collective, and he had a lot to share. 

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Elisa:  Hello, Jennifer and Erik.

Jennifer: Hello, how are you?

Elisa: I’ll call you JenErik.

Jennifer: (laughing) Yeah.

Elisa:  Or Erikfer. Anyway. Anyway, you’re both awesome team, so. Somebody wrote in to me saying that he really lost faith in humanity and he wants to know how those of us who have lost faith in humanity can do it. I mean Luther showed me this horrible video, and I wished I had never seen it, of this big dog festival in some country and they had a blow torch and they were blow torching this living dog, it made me cry, I just wept, I didn’t know what to do.

Jennifer: Yeah, well unfortunately.

Erik: Seeing things like that, there is so much of that out there to see, there’s so much of this negative to look at, there’s so much horror and fear to look at and that get more traction than the good stuff does. There is the good stuff out there to watch and to see but for whatever reason it’s like harder to find that stuff and see that stuff, although, it’s gotten better of the last five to ten years. People are putting more of that out there, but that’s a big part of the problem, people focus and they show that stuff because it’s got such shock value.

Elisa: Well, there’s a lot of awesome shock value in humans that save animals or animals that save humans, those YouTube’s they’re just awesome, I mean, it’s like, I guess it’s not the negative shock though, so why?

Jennifer: It’s different, it’s a different, it’s not even, so what he’s saying is like, there’s that instinct, when, for people when they seen something horrible like that or they horrible something horrible to tell somebody else because sometimes that helps to lessen their burden.

Elisa:  mmm hmm

Erik: That’s not what it’s all about, but for some people it’s like I’ve just heard this horrible thing I have to tell somebody else, because then it will cut it in half for me. So it spreads like that, when somebody has a bad experience in general, they’ll tell anybody who will listen but if they have a wonderful experience they might not tell as many people.

Elisa: Why?

Erik:  Well because really, sharing that negativity, it helps us to heal. We then forget that we’re spreading it, we’re spreading it to others and we don’t think to balance it out by spreading so much positive stuff.

Elisa: Yeah, Oh gosh! I’d rather share the good stuff, I tend to only the good stuff.

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa: But.

Erik:  You know, it’s people like you who really spend their lives doing that, that help the others that don’t quite know what to do and how to do, so you set a good example and you share the good stuff and then it makes other people want to pay it forward, so to speak.

Elisa: What’s the difference in a person that feels compelled to share the negative versus those that feel compelled to share the positive.

Erik:  It’s funny, it’s like, it’s almost like people are sometimes embarrassed to share the positive.

Elisa: Ah.

Erik: It’s like, if you’ve discovered religion and you’re very excited about it, you might be nervous to tell others because you don’t know where their thoughts are, it’s like with the spirituality, like if you had a wonderful experience you might not feel comfortable with telling everybody and sharing the experience because it’s like “well what are they going to think of me?” Where as when you share something that’s negative it’s like, you don’t worry about being judged, you don’t worry about being judged, so it really is about feeling judged if you share something really positive.

Elisa:  Yeah, and sharing something that is heart warming might make people feel like a wuss or sappy and things like that, and for some reason vulnerability is considered a weakness to humans where it’s totally opposite.

Erik: That’s absolutely right, if you see a story that warms your heart so much, it might may you feel like crying or it might actually make you cry and then to retell that or to share that with somebody else it might also make you cry and that’s to vulnerable for people where as the other side of it, the more negative side of it doesn’t typically give you that, I’m going to cry, it’s just so shocking.

Elisa: It’s kind of like gossip, people gossip about other people because it makes them feel empowered, they got the power to shock the other person, is that was it is partly also? I’m going to shock you! By showing you this dog being blow torched.

Jennifer:  Yes, for some people it is about that, it’s you know twisted, a bit of twisted mentality so yeah for some people it is just about I’m going to shock you, horrify you because I get something out of that.

Elisa: Okay, so humanity overall has it become more horrific over time? Or less?

Jennifer: So, it’s really because there are more people, there’s more horrific things because there are more people.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Jennifer: Horrific things.

Erik: Humans have always done horrific things, and now of course we hear about everything, you can pretty much hear about everything with technology and there are just so many more people so, in one sense yes and the other no because there has always been horrific things done by humans always from the very very beginning but there is more related to there being more people but in general people are good, it’s just they lose their way there, we tend to lose our way here and we get caught up in our lives and what’s going on with us. In general people are good, for the most part.

Elisa: And of course, back in the olden days, not all history was recorded and there might have been really bad things that we don’t even know about, there wasn’t social media, or the internet and all that stuff. Well, I’m sure some of the horrific things that people do, like sell kids on the sex trade deal or you know harvest organs from kidnapped victims etc., there’s got to be some of that, that’s spiritual contract, right?

Erik: Yes, yes absolutely, some of that is in spiritual contracts, absolutely, not all of it, and sometimes, stuff like that can be written into your spiritual contract and then sometimes people, once the contract is up continue with the behaviour even though they don’t need to, to fulfill a contract anymore, but by then they’re just used to doing these bad things or these awful things and so they just keep doing it.

Elisa:  They obviously get something out of it right?

Erik: Yes, yes or the fear of trying to stop, especially if you’re involved in a network of people, the fear it getting out, the fear of what would happen to you so you just (inaudible)

Elisa:  Yeah, like being in the mob, you can’t get out of that stuff or a gang, MS13 or whatever, okay.

Jennifer: Yes, exactly.

Elisa: All right so what can we do to regain, I’m sure that one is to realize that these are relationship feelings that they have sacrificed their reputation in order to teach the collective something valuable so sometimes we need to look at those people with compassion like “eh man, when I was in my planning between lives I said I was going to do this so that the populous could get this valuable lesson, don’t be beating up on me” but.

Jennifer:  Yeah, so yeah that’s one way is to recognize, that you know we do come here to experience the good and the bad it has to be that way, there has to be bad here, it’s why we’re here so but for people who truly take stuff in when they see things. Number one stop looking don’t watch the news.

Elisa:  Don’t watch the, do go to or things like that.

Jennifer: Yeah, just don’t do those things but really.

Erik: One of the big things is when you’ve lost your faith in humanity is to start doing thing, volunteering, start giving back, start doing it yourself, even if you don’t want to because that builds back your faith in humanity, is to actually start doing things for others.

Elisa:  That’s a good idea because then you’re shoulder to shoulder with people who care and you know, one person at a time that cares about humanity will help to restore your faith, so I think it’s a great idea, be of service.

Jennifer: Be of service.

Elisa:  God knows humanity needs it!

Erik: Yes, understand when you do stuff like that, volunteer work, there’s always going to be that hypocrite in the crowd but don’t let that get you down, you just keep being of service to others that’s how you do it because it’s, there is a lot of good that happens here, there is a lot of good that happens here.

Elisa:  And if you look on YouTube, you know humans save animals and things like that. I love those, there’s a lot of YouTube channels that are all positive stuff, I can’t remember some of the names of some of them but if you ask your friends or look on the YouTube channel under positive, I don’t know.

Jennifer:  Yeah.

Elisa: Then that can certainly have, I think this one person that gave me the idea to do this session are probably also empaths.

Jennifer:  Oh absolutely!

Elisa: And everything affects them.

Jennifer:   Yes, Absolutely!

Elisa:  Yeah, so how can they shield themselves other than not watching the news, not looking online at some of this stuff?

Erik: It is, you can’t shield yourself 100% if you’re an empath, you just really can’t, there’s almost no shutting it off, you can protect yourself but it’s going to seep through. It is going to seep through because you just can’t shut that off, it’s hardwired in, it’s like part of your personality. Really overdoing it with the positive, really looking into that, avoiding the negative and really asking for help because when you are an empath you take in stuff like it is your own, and sometimes you forget that you have to ask, “like hey I recognize that I’m feeling depressed, and I’m feeling like I’ve lost faith in humanity, if some of this stress and anxiety is not mine please help clear it out, so I can see how to better serve humanity”

Elisa: So, asking your spirit guide, guardian angels’ things like that.

Erik:  Yeah and when you’re empathic, you need to ask a lot, it’s like a daily part of your life when you’re empathic and you’re out, it’s like ok if this anxiety is not mine, if this knee pain is not mine, if back pain is not mine, you know please help me release it and it’s really something that for empaths they need to have a daily practice of doing because you forget and then stuff sneaks in.

Elisa: What a burden! Is there a positive side to being an empath?

Erik:  Yeah, absolutely, love, light.

Jennifer: It feels like a weakness for those of us who are empathic, it feels like it can be a weakness and it’s not, it’s to truly help us understand. I mean, how much better would the world be if everybody could understand what everybody else is feeling?

Elisa: Oh! Yeah.

Erik: Empaths are, it’s scary to be an empath but you are here to help others.

Elisa:  They’re light workers, I guess right?

Erik:  Yeah, yeah.

Elisa: So, you combine that understanding how people feel with the fact that the knowledge that we are all one, so that what affects one person affects everybody else, other living creatures, well that’s pretty powerful. Maybe that would help, just to realize that humanity needs help, we’re part of the collective so we can help the collective by making little changes. What is it, Be the Change that you want to see in the world?

Erik: Yes, exactly.

Elisa:  That gives this guy and everybody who has lost their faith in humanity control over the situation, at least they, they’re not the pawn being shuffled around the different squares on the chess board, they are the chess player making shit happen.

Jennifer: Exactly!

Elisa: Saving the world! And so that, I think I’m channelling this from Erik but that can restore your faith in humanity probably.

Erik:  Absolutely, and you know the other thing when you’re an empath and you feel like you’ve lost your faith in humanity, it’s just that you’ve taken on so much that the instinct is to just withdraw and just forget it I’m going to move to an island by myself, because you go into survival mode, and that is part of the human nature but you can’t stay there long because you’re supposed to be helping, you’re supposed to be of service.

Elisa:  You would be off of your life purpose.

Erik: Exactly!

Elisa: Any other advice?

Erik:  Well just surrounding yourself with positive people and so if you find that you’ve lost faith in humanity and if you look around and you have some real negative people in your life maybe take a break from them, withdraw from them a little bit until you rebalance your energy and your strength because that’s what happens, you just lose your strength and you don’t have any emotional strength left so you just think forget it, it’s all shit here, and it’s not, you have to regain your strength and then go back out there.

Elisa: Okay. Maybe the people who feel like this, every once in awhile need to have their chakras cleansed and balanced, maybe?

Elisa:  Clear the energy, in the various methods we’ve discussed in the past.

Erik:   Yes, absolutely balancing your energies, taking a little bit of time out, a little bit of time out is okay, you do need that but you can’t check out, you can’t stay out.

Elisa:  No, no that’s, your soul contract is not to do that.

Erik: Yes, and also pay attention to your thoughts, because if you think, whatever, humanity there’s no good and it all bad then that’s what your going to see.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Erik: So if you are having this thought process or going into situation with a negative thought you are going to create that and you are going to see that, so pay attention to what your thought process is if you’re in this state because you’re probably missing a lot of the stuff that is good because you’re so hyper focus and so tuned in, you’ve set your vibration to the negative so that’s what you’re seeing, if you set your vibration to the more positive then you’ll see the positive too, so it’s not that that positive’s not happening, it’s happening you’re just missing it.

Elisa:  Yeah, like the Universe is this Xerox machine that is very literal and it will give you the reality that your thoughts create, Law of Attraction and all that.

Jennifer: Absolutely.

Elisa: I think one thing is that this is so important to most people but is to really look at each person that is a bad person and try to find compassion, maybe there’s an MS13 kid, 17 kills or rapes or whatever, but you until you are in that person’s shoes you don’t know what kind of childhood they had, maybe they were beaten, most of them neglected, you never know so try to find the little kernel of compassion and that will probably help a little bit.

Erik:  Absolutely! Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do here, it connects to humanity, forgiveness because we are human, we are not perfect here and again it’s like there needs to be the bad to out weigh the good and it’s like a balance that’s why we come here. Forgiveness, when you feel that humanity is just gone crazy, just forgive.

Elisa:  Yeah. Well, why is it so hard to forgive?

Erik:  Ok, so, that really is part of the human nature, forgiveness really is part of the human nature and it’s like, when you are having a hard time forgiving somebody, it has to do with anger that you still aren’t ready to let go of, you don’t want to let go of the anger because you’re still hurt about what happened and so you feel justified in being angry and not forgiving the person, and there’s this unrealistic expectation that the only way to forgive sometimes is if it absolutely never happened, it’s like you can’t do that, it did happen, it’s like patience, it’s one of the big struggles that humans have here, and it really is patience and forgiveness.

Elisa: Is it like we want to punch those people with our anger? Sometimes?

Erik: Yeah, and sometimes it’s like.

Elisa:  they don’t deserve my forgiveness.

Erik:  Yeah, they don’t deserve it and I’m not ready to let it go, it’s like if I forgive this person that’s like saying it’s okay what they did.

Elisa:  Oh.

Erik:  And so that gets mixed up, it’s not okay what somebody did to you but you can still forgive them and it not be okay what happened.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik:  For humans, they think forgiveness a lot of times means it’s okay what you did. That’s where you get stuck.

Elisa: Well, how do you forgive, you can say okay, I forgive them but, in your heart, you still have, ah, resentful and all that stuff. So, it’s not that easy.

Erik: No, it is not, it is not, and sometime forgiveness is a life long process and beyond and into after life and for every person it’s different how they forgive.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik: How they find forgiveness, and it really is, forgiveness is really coming to terms with yourself.

Elisa: OH, wow.

Erik:  It’s coming to terms with yourself.

Elisa: Explain that more.

Erik:  It’s like, like you have no control over the other person, you have no control over the situation it’s already happened, so you have to come to terms with the fact that you can come to terms that you can move forward from this without holding on to the anger. Most of the time, or a lot of the times people don’t want to do that, they don’t want to do that, so they think no I have to keep this I have to hold on to this, I’m so angry I need an apology from this person and if you could just quiet the mind and come to terms the fact that what happened to you was not okay but the more you hold on to this anger the more you hurt yourself and that’s so hard to do because people don’t often associate being angry with someone with actually just hurting themselves.

Elisa: Yeah. It’s really hard on people to not forgive, to hold a grudge and stuff and also you have to look at the intentions of the perpetrator were good or bad, sometimes people just mess up and their intentions are good but they just hurt another person and.

Erik:  Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to let them back into your life, it doesn’t mean that, that doesn’t mean that unless you let them back into your life you haven’t forgiven them, no you can forgive somebody without them ever even knowing that you’ve forgiven them.

Elisa:  You don’t ever have to tell them.

Erik:  Yeah. You don’t ever have to do that, it’s like for most people, true forgiveness is an individual path.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: It’s an individual path.

Elisa:  That sounds great, anything else before we close, I’m going to do a short session on on Socialism after this but do you have anything to add, or Jennifer do you want to add any questions?

Erik: Really truly it is okay for you to lose your faith in humanity, it is okay to do that, just don’t stay there, do whatever you have to do to get yourself back up out of it. Look at videos of puppies and kittens and you know until you just look at positive images until you find your faith in humanity again because there is a lot of faith to be had in humanity still.

Elisa: Right, and be of service and don’t forget you’re the collective and it’s liek having faith in yourself too. Alright, thank you and you guys get in touch with Jennifer and book a session with her, she has other things going on and she’s going to be the Medium in our October Channelling Erik event at my place, and it’s, I will put it on this YouTube. Bye!

Jennifer:  Bye and Thank You.


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