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Hey Erik,

So Erik was just hovering over my shoulder as I posted this entry on the question “Are animals Spititual?”  After I posted it, there he was, asking questions.  He busts my chops a bit, I bust his too.

Okay, so right at the end of the entry, I said this:  “I just wish, and hope, that we humans as a species are circling back to a point where we see other species not as inferior or separate from us, but as our own brothers and sisters in different skin.” And Erik, what did you say?

Well, I said that it’s tough *not* to line up humans next to other animals because it’s fucking OBVIOUS what makes us different.  Humans manufacture and drive cars.  Humans mine and refine elements.  Humans recycle.  It’s kind of a disservice to just say we’re the same as animals because it’s fucking obvious that we are NOT.

But I’m not saying we’re better, we just have these exaggerated abilities compared to a lot of other species on this planet.  It’s kind of stupid to some people to say that humans are even anything close to animals, when we’re so fucking different.

Well, yeah – OF COURSE humans are different from other species – our behavior stems from our unique abilities.  But lots of animal species are different from each other – you wouldn’t line up a chimp next to a dolphin and say the dolphin is superior because it can swim, right?

(laughs) COME ON Kate!  Dolphins and chimps and elephants don’t have FACTORIES!

What about a bee-hive?  That’s a factory.  It’s also a total communist dictatorship.  A lot of insect  colonies are!

(He thinks for a minute, takes a drag off a cigarette for some reason, draws a comparison to the collection of honey to the collection of monetary wealth.  Sugar and money is really energy that’s been stored up – and both honey and big corporate cashes of money are gained at the expense of individuals who will not benefit from it.  Worker bees and drones sacrifice their whole life cycle so that the queen may propagate, and so the cycle continues.)

Basically, Erik, are you saying that only Humans do bad shit to the planet?  (call him on that if that’s the case, show him invasive species like locusts)  Or is there an intellectual intelligence factor that humans have, that you think puts humans into a different category?

Huh.  Well yeah, I don’t exactly want to say that humans are smarter than animals, because I know that’s not true – what it actually depends on is how you define intelligence.  Because you take most people and drop them into the woods and they’d die within a week, whereas a lot of abandoned house pets do manage to survive until they can get rescued, or whatever.  Sometimes they die too – but it’s just that they’re closer to their instincts, and they have a better shot at survival in a natural environment that *has* the resources they need to survive.  I didn’t really give animals a lot of credit for “instinct”, but when I look at it now, I can see that instinct is a kind of intelligence.  So no, I’m not going to say humans are smarter than animals, actually if you look at humans destroying their own habitat, you could argue that humans are pretty fucking dumb – as a species.  At least the bees serve a useful purpose and benefit to the plants.

Do the locusts know they are destroying the environment?

Yeah, locusts are a natural phenomena like a wildfire.  Sometimes Nature just needs to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.  It is part of a natural cycle (shows me a volcanic eruption wiping entire continents clean, and a giant cloud of ash covering most of the world for two years, devastating crops and causing drought, rapidly changing the earth’s climate) it’s all a natural thing. 

Erik, I came to a bit of a personal conclusion a while ago that I can’t stress out about what my species is doing to the planet, and even all the depressing stuff that happens on a large scale.  I came to this conclusion that humanity is doing its thing for a reason, and since we are *all* children of nature, that what we are doing – including all the shit that’s changing our planet – must be “natural”.  I’ve been wondering if humans are kind of like a global wildfire, if we’re a natural phenomena on our own.  OH YEAH!  Funny, I just remember Plink Plunk saying that – that’s where I got that from.  Gosh it’s a good thing I write these entries or I would never remember anything.  I guess I just think about what *I* can actually do, and I focus on that.

Anyway – what do you think about that?  Do you think humans are a wildfire?  Do you think we’re here to learn what not to do?  Why do you think it seems to be our species’ mission to alter the earth in a way that will extinguish our own species’ existence upon it?  And do you think we’ll continue to incarnate in different ways / densities on this planet, if we get to a point where Earth can’t tolerate our current dense / heavy incarnation?

Okay, I’m gonna break it down, as I see it.  I still go to school – kind of like college –

(His classmates include Nathan and Ryan – they to learn about space ships and the physics of energy construction.  It’s like a physical manifestation class.  I know who Nathan is, because it’s the name of a client’s son, but I don’t know who Ryan is.  Maybe it’s Bryan.  Names are tricky, but I usually get a “sounds like” approximation.)

So – first question:  Do I think humans are like wildfire – naturally destructive?  YES!  *ding*

Do I think we (species of humans) are here to learn what not to do…  Well, that’s the sharp end of the shit stick (WTF, gross Erik!) ‘cause we’re only really classifying things as negative when we’re alive.  (I show him some nasty scenarios, including a captive POW who is begging for death, with the query, “Don’t you see this as BAD?”)

Well, YEAH, of course I do.  I’m dead, I haven’t figured all this shit out yet either – but all I can tell you is that when you go into life, when you make that decision, you can CLEARLY see the negative implications and possibilities in your lifetime.  A lot of people make these decisions and actually manifest horrific shit in their own lives out of their expectations and really their need to go through it.  Again, I know.  If I could go down to the Congo and pull a rapist soldier off a woman, I would – but I can’t interfere with what is (contract?)

Did I hear you right, Erik?  This is a pretty heavy topic, and it’s debated highly in the spiritual world, and among practicing psychics.  Christopher Reburn has stated emphatically that no one incarnates to experience terrible things.  He said that no one incarnated to die in 9-11.

Kate, do you really think that with all of us angels and spirits and all the LOVE up here, that we couldn’t stop all that suffering in an (snaps his fingers) instant?  If we had consent, we could.  All of us would go in and yank all of those rapists off victims, and push aside rifles as they fire and create great empathy in the hearts of POW camp wardens so that they could not continue to imprison and torture innocent people.  BUT we do what we can.  It makes our hearts bleed at times, and that’s why we ALWAYS do what we can, when we have consent.

That’s actually part of the power of prayer – when you ASK for help (remember the HELP entries I did with Kate when we were first writing together?) when you ASK you’re giving us the go-ahead, and you’re shifting your whole energy grid to consent to our assistance.  We can’t go in, otherwise. 

(I pose him with the image of the POW prisoner begging for death.)

I know.  (hands fall to his side in gesture that is like “I can’t do anything”)  All I can tell you is that when it’s possible for us to help and change things, we do.  What makes it possible is when someone is *really* asking, and that’s only something you can see and understand when you’re in a position (like a spirit helper / angel / friend / guide) to help.  It’s like there’s an energy – a force field.  If that force field is there, you can’t go near.  I can’t always understand WHY that force field is there.  I don’t know.    (sad little ding of the bell)

Why do I think it’s humanity’s mission to alter the earth in a way that will extinguish our own species’ existence upon it.  Well, I didn’t say that, did I?  Oh yeah, this is coming from me talking about how humans are different from other species.  Fuck, I don’t know!  All I can see is that from up here, locusts aren’t making any open pit mines or eliminating the rainforest.  I can tell you there’s a reason humans are doing it – it’s because if another species, like locusts or aliens (!) were changing the earth into something the human species could no longer tolerate, we humans would be feeling victimized AND we’d totally unite against this outside, external thing.  Like in that (aliens movie with Will Smith.)

So I know it’s Humanity’s mission / contract / whatever you want to call it to DO THIS TO OURSELVES, because it’s the only way it could happen.  Experiencing this division between countries and races – that’s all just shit we make up, right?  And it really doesn’t happen on other planets.  There can be some (contention / condescension?) between two humanoid species who live on planets near each other but it’s a completely different experience than this divide and destroy thing we’ve got going on earth.  And yeah, there’s really not another place you can go to experience that. 

And having that experience gives you (the individual soul/spirit) the option, the choice of what to DO with that experience once it happened.  Like Dewy,  He is taking his experience with war in one direction.  He choose how to live with that experience.  So really, incarnation on earth is a lot about giving yourself the experience so that you HAVE a choice in how to deal with it. 

 I mean, if you wanna call bullshit go ahead.  Alls I’m doing is giving you a way to think about it. 

(He references the entry on Truth.)

*ding*  next question.  You asked:

Do you think we’ll continue to incarnate in different ways / densities on this planet, if we get to a point where Earth can’t tolerate our current dense / heavy incarnation?

Well it’s not set in stone anywhere that we will make a dessert of the planet, and if that happens it’d be something the Earth as her own conscious entity would create for herself.  I love you and your Pollyanna point of view, that we’re entering this time of global healing – and I can see that at work, for sure.  But that’s not the whole perspective, and you know it.

I guess, Erik, I just get burned out when I turn my attention to big world issues.  Kind of like animal abuse, I got to a point where I just had to focus on the positive, because that is really the only way I can continue to exist on this planet.

I fuckin’ get you there.  *fist bump*  and honestly that’s a big part of why I wanted to hook you up with my mom and (this blog) because you’re so fucking optimistic sometimes – you give ME hope for humanity!  (laughs!)

(Erik isn’t really in despair for humanity, he was making a joke – SORRY!  He hates it when I explain his jokes – it takes the oomph out of his statements…  but I know how some people read text differently than the voice and intonations in my head.  You don’t really think we’re fucked as a species, right?)

(looks at me deadpan)  Define “fucked”?

LOL!  Yeah right Erik I’m not walking into that one!

Look, I know you’re trying to drill me (grin) down – nail me?  I’ll use whatever phrase you want here! (BIG GRIN!) to some sort of statement on this, and not to be a (wish-wash, flip-flop?) on it, but you’re not gonna make this guy give you a straight answer. 

And that’s because “fucked” for our species and the planet Earth is a matter of degrees and definitions.  We are not SUPPOSED to exist as the current form of humanity on planet earth into infinity.  Our beautiful planet has her OWN life cycle, but the SUN has a life cycle too.  If “fucked” means is this species ever going to die out on earth, then yeah, humanity IS fucked!  Humanity is like every other species on this planet in that we are ALL destined for extinction.

But you all know that death is just the beginning.

I love you Erik.  I fucking love you too (big grin!)

Kate is an animal communicator and a spirit medium based in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please visit her professional website her personal blog and the Joyful Telepathy facebook group.


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