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Hi Elisa,

I’m writing you to share my story about 2 encounters I had with Erik 5 years ago and, he was human.  But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Louise. I’m engaged to a very kind hearted, loving man who loves me and our 3 boys. I’m so blessed with 3 happy, healthy, good boys. Before I met my fiancé and had our babies I went through hard times, and struggled. I look at all the darkest times of my life as lessons learned. And I know it gave me wisdom which I needed be a healer & medium. I believe it’s my life mission to help heal people. That’s why I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you & Erik do. You’re helping so many people, it’s beautiful. I’ve been watching CE for a year now and never once thought to invite Erik in. I always thought Erik was only for expert mediums. Well… he has proven me wrong lol. Erik showed up 2 weeks ago and refreshed my memory about a car accident I had about 5 and half years ago. Now here I am, emailing you.

First I have to say, this was real life. Definitely not a dream. It’s so unbelievable but it really happened. Elisa, I can promise you (and Erik will hopefully tell you) I’m an extremely honest person. One of my worst fears is someone thinking I’m not being truthful. I live my life by honesty, kindness and love. So I promise what you’re about to read is 100% the truth. Now let me begin…..

Both encounters were in Upstate NY West of Albany.

The first encounter was January 2014. I was driving on thick icy roads and it was below zero. It was dusk. A van driving in oncoming traffic hit a large deer and it landed in my lane. I had no time to avoid hitting it. The deer sent my car spinning out of control. My car landed (almost on it’s side) in a ditch with very deep snow. I had no money for a tow truck and I had nobody to call who could pull me out.

A young man pulled up in an old Honda. He was having a blast driving that little car on the ice. He purposely slammed on his brakes to slide & fishtail to a stop. He intentionally stopped way before my location only to hit the gas, spinning the tires until he made it the next 10 to 20 feet to where I was. He was having fun lol. This is something that is difficult to describe in writing and so are many other things he did. When he pulled up and stepped out of the car a sense of safety washed over me which says a lot because I was a mess and very shaken up. He used my cars tire trail through the snow to walk down to me and that’s when I noticed his beautiful curly hair and what he was wearing. He was wearing a t-shirt, baggie pants (I think, Nike skater shoes) and a pocket chain. For some reason I can’t remember if he was wearing a hat or not? I do remember what clothes he was wearing so clearly because it was below zero and he had a freakin t-shirt on. I asked him at least 3 times if he had something warmer to put on and offered to take off my coat or find a hoodie in my car but he insisted he was fine. And after a while of my nagging he told me “I’m fine, I just don’t get cold”. He said cold weather doesn’t bother him (now I know he wasn’t cold because he was an angel). When he stepped out of the car and walked down to me that’s when he asked me if I was okay. From an Angels perspective he knew I was fine besides being distressed and shaken up but still showed me compassion and concern. The way he talked to me made me feel safe. Looking back, he was so full of kindness and pure love. As we stood in the snow waiting for help, not knowing who was gonna stop to help, we talked for a while. I asked him what his name was. He Said “my family calls me Erik but every one else calls me Cody”.

[Later I learned why he told me every one else calls him Cody but I’ll explain at the end.] I don’t usually remember names but I wouldn’t forget his name and I quickly told him why I wouldn’t forget….I told him “That’s so weird because my cousin married a man named Eric and they had one son, they named him Cody”. Then he asked “does he spell Eric with a C or K? Because my name is Erik with a K”. I said “Awe his name with a C”. Side Note: After this night I always thought of him as Cody and, over time, I had forgotten this conversation about his name being Erik with a “K”. I looked right at him and said “Cody, I’ll never forget what you did for me tonight and now I’ll never forget your name”. He replied with a huge smile and a slight chuckle. I told him I didn’t have money but later I’d like to repay him for his kindness. He was both stern and kind with his response by saying “no way, there is nothing to repay, I’m here because I want to help you”. And he told me he wasn’t going to leave me until I made it out of that snow bank. Finally a man driving a Jeep stopped. Erik ran up to his window and told him I had a tow rope with me. Earlier I told Erik I always kept safety kits in my car for the NY winters. So I always had a kit with a tow rope, thank God. Erik walked to my car with this guy. They both insisted his Jeep could pull my car out. I was so worried that my car was too stuck and his jeep would sustain damage. Erik did that thing where he looked at me with reassurance and that safe feeling came over me again and so I stepped back as Erik did the rest. I asked him if I could sit in his car while they pulled my car out of the ditch. When I was in his car I looked for a coat… No coat. There was a bunch of old car parts. To my surprise, my car came out of the ditch no problem which was a miracle because it was really in there almost on it’s side and in deep, deep snow. I had asked him to sit in my car and steer it while it was being pulled out. After they unhooked the tow rope I thanked them both. The guy in the Jeep quickly drove off. Erik walked me to my car door and I asked him one last time if I could pay him at a later date for his kindness. He once again insisted that he didn’t want money, he said he just wanted to help me. I don’t remember if I asked for a hug or not but I remember I gave him a warm hug and said “Thank You” one last time. I’ve been re-living that night over & over for about 2 weeks now. Looking back at the moment we parted ways… I’m left with a little bit of sadness because I thought I’d never see him again. There was something about him that made me feel like we would’ve been very good friends if we had exchanged info. But back then my intuition told me that wasn’t possible.

The craziest part about the whole thing for me *at the time* was the fact that my car had something wrong with it before I got into that accident, but when I drove home that night it was suddenly better, it drove like a new car and my check engine light went off and never came on again until that spring when I ran into Erik again….. But I clearly remember telling my Mom that the car was running like it was brand new.  As a side note, after this incident every time I thought of this kind young man I thought of him as Cody and after 5 years, *almost completely*, forgot he told me his name was Erik.

The second encounter was short compared to the first. This happened on the first warm day of spring. The snow had just melted and it was nice out. I was driving that same car to a doctors appointment when ironically my check engine light came on for the first time since that night I hit the deer. I broke down at one of the biggest intersections in that city. I was the first car at the stop light. So all the cars behind me started beeping when I couldn’t drive away at the green light. Right away I called a friend who owned a mechanic shop near by. He told me he didn’t have a tow truck. Before I ended my call (it was only about 3 minutes since I initially broke down) someone startled me with a knock on my window…. and guess who it was. YUP ERIK…. believe it or not I didn’t recognize him as the young man from my deer accident just months before. I was so panicked I couldn’t think straight. I was way more stressed out this time because I was causing a traffic jam. I rolled down my window, then with a sincere look of concern, he asked me if I was okay. I go “yeah I’m okay… you scared the crap out of me, where did you come from”. He said he was turning the corner when he seen I was broke down. I quickly asked him how he got to me so fast, because there was no place he could pull over or park if he was coming from that direction. This is something that is a mystery to me and I’d have to explain in person. I’m just saying, it was not possible for him to get to me that fast from the direction he was driving. He was annoyed at me for noticing that so quickly lol. But he finally looked at me and said “don’t worry about where I came from just put your car in neutral and I’ll push your car out of here”. I said ” okay but the closest parking lot is across the intersection and it’s up hill. We’re gonna need at least one more person to help push this car up that hill.” He looked right at me and said I’m stronger than I look, I can definitely push you, just please put the car in neutral”. I was worried that he was gonna hurt himself but he insisted so I put my car in gear and it started rolling up hill as if we were rolling down hill. He was pushing my big old Buick up hill with no problem. When we got to the parking lot I put it in park and jumped out to check on him. He was fine and I noticed he was not out of breath. I think I even mentioned that to him . I offered him money and he very kindly declined. I thanked him over and over then I said, “I don’t even know your name.” He smiled and said “Cody”. I said Cody, “Thank you so much. Can I give you a hug?”. When I asked him for a hug it was as if he glowed. I’ll never forget that face and I’ll never forget that beautiful curly hair. Most of all I’ll never forget that feeling he gave me, like I was in the presence of someone pure, loving and very kind.

So moving on to last summer of 2018. My fiancé and I were driving home and talking about car broke ccidents and a deer he hit the previous winter. That made me think of the night Erik showed up. Then of course I started talking about the day my car broke down. I was telling him how much they looked alike and then it suddenly occurred to me that they not only looked like identical young men but they both had the same name. I started freaking out. How could it be?  Without hesitation, I looked up the meaning of the name Cody. It means “a person who helps others in need” , “helpful” or “helpful person”…. I mean, what are the chances that  2 different men who looked exactly the same, had the same name, and they both showed up when I needed help the most. And now the Name Cody means “helpful person”….Now I know for sure it was the same young man and he was one of my guardian angels. I was completely losing my shit. I called my mother and started yelling in the phone… “Mom, the 2 identical kids who showed up to help me…. they both have the same name, I think they are the same person. I just realized they both told me their names. They both said Cody was their name and Cody means helpful person”.   For weeks I was trying to comprehend this. I kept asking myself “was it 2 separate men who had the same name” or “was it the same man who coincidently crossed my path twice within a 3 or 4 month time frame” or ” was this a guardian angel”. I was in the beginning stages of a spiritual awakening and I came to the conclusion that he was one of my guardian angels. My spirit guide told me there is more to it that I will understand later.

So about 2 weeks ago, I had just gotten my newborn to sleep. It was around  As I was dozing off, I was thinking about the night my car went into the ditch…  when suddenly, Erik walked into my bedroom, walked up to the side of my bed. He leaned over top of me, we were face to face and he said “Remember your cousin’s husbands name is Eric with a C and I am Erik with a K, and they have a son named Cody”……. I sat up so fast and my eyes were popping out of my head. Now I was wide awake. I jumped out of bed and took off running for my phone. I got on youtube and went through Channeling Erik videos looking for pictures of Erik and home videos so I could see his face and watch him talk. And there he was, I found him! I found Cody! I found my guardian angel!!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes. That was the face of the nice young man who stayed with me for an hour in the ditch in below zero weather. That explains why he didn’t get cold, and how he had the strength to push my car up hill by himself. And that curly hair, I remember that curly hair. I remember that face, his demeaner, the way he moved, simple glances, and his voice…. it was Erik. I’m sure of it . Then over the next 3 days I was obsessing over this. I kept running it over & over in my head. From the moment he stepped out of that car to the day he knocked on my car window. I had forgotten a lot of stuff but now it was all coming back. I never forgot what he was wearing but I was starting to forget things we talked about. But now I remember some things he told me. About how he lived in Texas, and seeing his Mom on his birthday, his age and why he didn’t care about buying alcohol on his 21st Birthday. We had plenty of time to talk and based on all the things he told me and what he was wearing…. I know for sure it was Erik. It’s so nice to have answers to all those coincidences. It’s nice to know it was Erik who helped me but now I’m left with just one more question… Why Me? Why did Erik show up in his Human form to help me? I can hear spirits but I can’t ask him these things because I can’t tell if it’s him answering me or if it’s my thoughts. I need to ask another medium some day because I really want to know why he chose me to help in his human form. I believe he helped me because he knows how much I want to help people heal from heartache. And I believe we knew each other in a past life. I think we were close in a past life. When we talked that first time I felt so comfortable with him as if we had always known each other. I’m not working right now because my baby is only 3 months old, but when I go back to work and earn enough money I’d like to see a really good medium to find out why Erik chose me.

I just have to say… The guy in the Jeep who pulled my car out of the ditch. I think I remember his first name and where he worked. Some day I may work up the courage to try to find him. I don’t know what I would say but I think if he seen a picture of Erik he could confirm it was him.

Before I send this…. I can’t tell you how lost I would’ve been if I had to go through my awakening without CE on youtube… So Thank You Elisa, Thank You So Much. Also, I want to tell you (especially after seeing your video about the haters who are talking shit) what you are doing is helping so many people. I just don’t get how anyone can try to turn what you’re doing into something negative. And the love you have for your son is so pure & fierce nothing but beauty comes from it. You took the worst thing that could ever happen to a Mother and turned it into a contagious love that is spreading all over the world. I admire the love you have for your son. Thank you for doing all that you do.

Erik is so funny…  just like every youtube video, he’s right here saying “tell my Mom I love her.” He told me  “that  should’ve been what you started with lol”. By the way, He was hounding me to hurry up and email you. He has been here every day helping me write this email. It’s hard for me because I struggled with dyslexia as a child and it still slows me down a little bit but I try my best. I’m sorry it’s such a long email. I wanted to keep it much shorter. If you have any questions or if you want to hear the details I left out please call me anytime.

You’re an awesome Mama Bear, and an awesome person. Please don’t ever change.

It was a pleasure to have your wonderful son come to my rescue. He’s a beautiful person/ soul. I hope to tell you about it in person someday. Thank You Elisa. Erik says he loves you. He’s such a sweet boy lol.

I was listening to Hour of Enlightenment, about the Mandela Effect. I heard you say something about starting a spiritual school. That sounds wonderful. But the reason I’m bringing it up is because I’ve been searching the internet for a Spiritual School/ Metaphysical-Parapsychology School that offers classes such as; Mediumship, Reiki, Chakra, Spiritual Counseling, Tarot, Paranormal Science and More but there is nothing that offers all of those. I’d have to learn from 4 different schools to accomplish all the certificates and degrees I want. There is really nothing out there that offers what people are looking for. I’ll email you some other time to tell you what I’m learning from my searches in Spiritual education.

Thank you, sincerely,



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