The Afterlife Interview with Jeffrey Epstein

At last, the interview everyone has been clamoring for! There is a lot that we can learn from “villains” like Jeffrey Epstein, but we just got the tip of the iceberg in this one. He has not completed his Life Review, probably because it’s a bitch, so we’ll certainly have to have a part two. Erik will let us know when he’s ready. 

Veronica did a great job channeling Mr. Epstein, in spite of the fact that it was difficult to deal with the icky feelings his energy gave her. By the way, Ms. Vee’s birthday is this week and she has the following awesome offer!

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Here’s the transcript:

Elisa:          Hello, Miss Vee. Veronica Drake at How are you doing?

Veronica:    Hey, I’m awesome, thank you. How are you?

Elisa:          Yes, you are awesome. I’m exhausted from taking care of two little hooligans. Actually, they’re great kids, really happy, but they’ve got energy, you know, it’s like wow, they’re so…it’s so much fun, um, and I miss them because I’ve been traveling so much. Anyway, hello, Erik. I love you, baby.

Erik:            Hello, Mama.

Elisa:            And happy belated birthday to you.

Veronica:    He enjoyed the cake.

Elisa:          Good. Oh, yeah, it was so good. And I went back to Christina’s to…or somebody…who did I give it to? To reclaim it because I was hungry, and they threw it away! My next-door neighbor. That’s who it was. Anyway, because we brought the remainder to their little get-together. All right, so can you go get Jeffrey Epstein if he is not already there?

Veronica:   So, I want to start by telling you this because Erik says I need to tell you this first. Erik has been working with me, coaching me…

Elisa:          Wow.

Veronica:   …with all of this because…and he says to tell you…his words to me were this: You need to be careful because working with this man is going to be like stepping in a backyard full of dog shit.

Elisa:          Oh no. Well, that makes it interesting. I got enough dog shit in my backyard. But yeah.

Erik:           You’re gonna have to watch where you step.

Elisa:          Ok.

Veronica:    So, with that said, Erik do your thing.

Elisa:           You can guide us around the dog turds.

Veronica:    He will. He will.

Elisa:          I remember as a little kid I used to love hunting for Easter eggs and, um, I picked up a white one…thought was a white egg. It wasn’t. It was a white dog turd. Ugh.

Veronica:    Fossilized. Ok.

Elisa:          Yeah.

Veronica:    All right. So, Erik’s…we have him.

Elisa:          Okay good. So, ugh, Veronica, could you…first of all, thank you Jeffrey Epstein. We will…or Epstein, Epstein. We will try to do our best to make this not voyeuristic and disrespectful. Okay? Because that’s just how we roll. But, um, Vee…Miss Vee, what do you see? What does he look like?

Veronica:   Um, I want to say, and I say this with all due respect, he feels very, um, hot and intense. It’s like I can feel his hot breath on me.

Elisa:           Wow.

Veronica:    Close. He is, um, chomping at the bit, he says, to be heard.

Elisa:           I figured.

Veronica:    But do not make the mistake, he says, and think that you’re going to break the vault open.

Elisa:          Okay, that’s fine. I mean, I can only get you to share what you want to share. But also, hopefully what will help others understand you and your life better. So, you want to just go ahead and start off with what you’re chomping at the bit to say?

Veronica:   Mm hmm. So, he says, first of all, I’m still working through this myself.

Elisa:           I know.

Veronica:   Okay. Um, he says that he understands the importance of what needs to go down here so that it can be safe or safer, he says. The other thing that I hear him, and he’s said this repeatedly since he’s come in the room, he was known, he says, for creating underground playgrounds for adults.

Elisa:           Oh wow, really?

Veronica:    Mm hmm. He said that’s what I became known for is playgrounds.

Elisa:          Like playgrounds, like sexual playgrounds, like S&M and that kind of thing?

Veronica     Yes.

Elisa:            Like instead of…instead of a bomb shelter, you build playgrounds.

Veronica:   Mm hmm. And he said, I use the term underground in the sense that it wasn’t common knowledge, but he snickers and says, but it was common knowledge.

Elisa:          Ah, so it was basically like a safe room, you know, but I mean hidden away. The neighbors wouldn’t know. It could be in a basement. It could be above ground, whatever, but that’s what you created.

Veronica:    He says, my dear, you’re thinking too literally.

Elisa:           Oh, okay, so not under the turf.

Veronica:    My underground playground was a community.

Elisa:          Oh, okay. Wait a minute. Okay, so not a physical place that you built but a…okay, I understand. For example, the island, right?

Veronica:    Mm hmm.

Elisa:            Right?

Veronica:    Yes.

Elisa:           That was one of the playgrounds. Was it the only playground?

Veronica:   No, he says go wider, my friend. And he’s like, he’s going like back and forth like this, and that’s why I’m taking on…go wider, my friend.  The community was far and wide. It was a playground where the elite and the privileged could get away with everything.

Elisa:           Oh, but don’t they anyway, right?

Veronica:    He says, sexually.

Elisa:          Yes. Mm, so anything else you want to get off your chest at all before I start asking questions?

Veronica:   So, I want to say as the medium, he doesn’t intimidate me at all. I was a little bit anxious that he would be intimidating.

Elisa:            Yeah.

Veronica:   And quite honestly, other than his hot breath coming on me, which is because he’s…I feel his presence so close, he actually, with all due respect, he actually appears to be a very frail, cowardly man.

Elisa:           Oh, is that true? Mr. Epstein?

Veronica:    Um, he says think of me what you will.

Elisa:           Okay.

Veronica:    I never cared and I’m not going to start now.

Elisa:          Oh, wow, um, so you are dead, right? And if so, because there’s a question about that…I don’t know why…

Veronica:   He’s got a Cheshire grin. It’s like the cat that ate the canary. He said, yeah of course I’m dead. Wouldn’t you want to be dead if you were me?

Elisa:          Well, did somebody kill you or did you kill yourself?

Veronica:    I take all the credit.

Elisa:           Okay, so you killed yourself. Did you get somebody to kill you?

Veronica:    No, but it’s not far-fetched to think they left me alone so I could do it.

Elisa:          Oh, yeah. Oh, I see. All right. Do you think you are…are you guilty of all the charges that were levied on you?

Veronica:    Who would benefit by me lying at this point?

Elisa:           Yeah.

Veronica:    No one.

Elisa:           No. So yes.

Veronica:   Yeah, he says so, I don’t deny it. He goes, I only denied what I denied because I was afraid of the Earthly torture. There’s no need to deny it.

Elisa:          Not now. Exactly. So, why did you kill yourself exactly? Were you afraid to be imprisoned, uh, to perhaps be abused in…I mean, what were your concerns?

Veronica:   He says that, um, number one, she had it right when she observed me to be a coward. That’s number one.

Elisa:            Oh, okay.

Veronica:   The other part of this is, why wouldn’t I kill myself? What would happen to me? Do you think I could be the keeper of all of this knowledge, and somebody wouldn’t do what I did? He’s very animated when he talks, which is contrary to the way he looks, but it’s almost like he’s cocky.

Elisa:          Yeah. Yeah, I got that impression about him when he was alive. Although I didn’t really know you very much. All right, so, um, so how did you justify your sexual abuse and allowing the sexual abuse from others of children?

Veronica:   I only saw the pleasure side of it. I didn’t call it abuse. It was pleasure. I was helping these people.

Elisa:          Helping the…the one…the perpetrators or helping the children?

Veronica:   I was helping the children, and I was providing a service. It’s called commerce.

Elisa:          Oh my God, so in what way were you helping children? Sorry, I should not be disrespectful, but I just…that got away from me. But yeah, what did…what did you think was the positive thing for these children?

Veronica:   These children were shown what love was. They were shown what it meant to be taken under a wing. They were shown what it was to have the grander scale of life at their fingertips.

Elisa:          Meaning…the grander style…just riches and all that?

Veronica:    Material.

Elisa:          Material stuff. All right. So how did you get these children? Did you capture…were they kidnapped? I mean, yeah, how did you get them?

Veronica:   He has like a skeeviness about him. He says it’s…it literally is like…you give them candy and you lure them away. He said, and when they won’t come, you make the candy more appealing.

Elisa:          So how would…what was…what’s a typical thing you would do or one of your people do?

Veronica:   I would prey on the weak. I would look at where there was vulnerability in the family, in the child. I would also have my people observe. It wouldn’t just be random, and there was a very specific kind of person I was looking for.

Elisa:          Okay, can you give me the details? And how would you find these families with this child? I mean.

Veronica:    Um, my, my eyes were far. My reach was wide.

Elisa:           Yeah.

Veronica:    Everybody was looking. Everybody has a dream, Miss Elisa.

Elisa:            I guess so.

Veronica:   Everybody has a weakness. Everybody has a vulnerability. I was good at knowing that.

Elisa:          Oof. Well, okay, so tell me…give me one specific example, not the name of the child, but how, how you lured them and got them in your clutches?

Veronica:    Fame.

Elisa:          Okay. So, there was one child. Her name is, let’s say, Jane Doe, right? And you would…?

Veronica:   She wanted recognition. And so, what a better way to get recognition than to tell her she could be a model.

Elisa:           Oh, yeah, I see.

Veronica:    The world could see her.

Elisa:            I see.

Veronica:   Or somebody that thinks they’re a healer and they want to save the world. But guess what? They don’t have anybody behind them to advance them, to help them, to believe in them. I would offer them my body.

Elisa:          Oh, wow. To heal. Mm, okay. So, um, once you had them, did you entrap them? I mean, or were they…did they willingly stay, or did you have to put them in cages or what?

Veronica:   He says, did Hugh Hefner have to entrap the bunny?

Elisa:          No. So, they would…what if they did resist and said, you know, they didn’t want to be a part of it. Would you keep them anyway?

Veronica:    You make it so appealing…

Elisa:           that they don’t…

Veronica:   If there’s intimidation, you make it so appealing that there’s no other option. Why do you think the bunnies stayed on the ranch?

Elisa:          Because they were getting fed, clothed, and had everything at their fingertips that they wanted.

Veronica:   He says, I was just the underground Playboy Mansion.

Elisa:          Oh, wow, I see. All right, um, so were there any other…the people who were on the list that went to the island with you and participated…are they all guilty? Prince Andrew? Clinton?

Veronica:    I feel such a nauseated sick in the pit of my stomach at this moment.

Elisa:           Yeah.

Veronica:   He’s saying yes, there’s truth to it all. And it just makes me want to vomit.

Elisa:          Oh, so Bill Clinton participated in the sexual activity?

Veronica:    He says you don’t kiss and tell.

Elisa:           Okay, just why not? How about Prince Andrew? Is he guilty?

Veronica:   I took it to the vault. But he says the fact, and he goes that there’s nausea in the human…

Elisa:           Mm.

Veronica:    Read between the lines.

Elisa:          Okay, I gotcha. All right. What…is there anybody on that list of, you know, the accused that is innocent that you’d like to share?

Veronica:   How would they get on the list if they were innocent? If anybody was involved with me in any way, shape or form, you can believe they were guilty of something.

Elisa:          But guilty of…is there anybody that went to your island but did not engage in the sexual abuse of children?

Veronica:   Oh, yes, of course.

Elisa:           Okay.

Veronica:    That’s not to say they were clean.

Elisa:          No. No. They could be still be associated with you. I mean, they must have known for one thing. So…

Veronica:   And he’s very quick to point out, I didn’t just…and this is nauseating…he says I didn’t just dabble in children.

Elisa:          Okay.

Veronica:    You wanted a 40-year-old redhead?

Elisa:          Okay. What about homosexual type? Like guy-on-guy, girl and girl, that sort of thing. Did you provide that service?

Veronica:   My preference was women, but if you came to me and you had the means, and he’s kind of very matter of fact.

Elisa:           Yeah, sounds like it.

Veronica:   I would get you what you wanted, because guess what? It’s what makes the world go around. You know the phrase: you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

Elisa:          Oh, yeah.

Veronica:    That’s the world I lived in.

Elisa:          Yeah, so, what about Trump? Did he engage in pedophilia? Or did he just go on your island and not do that?

Veronica:    I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head. Like there’s so much pressure in my head.

Elisa:          Oh, poor you. Do you want to give it a break or…?

Veronica:   Um, just when you brought up the Trump thing, like you can see my skin’s getting red.

Elisa:          Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Veronica:   I’m just flushed. It’s…he said…and listen, I feel like I’m losing my breath. He said, don’t go there. Look at my skin.

Elisa:          Okay. All right, so we better not go into, yeah. All right. Oh, poor baby. All right. Well, what was your crossing over like? We’ll change the subject really quickly.

Veronica:   Yeah, for real. Um, he said it was like everybody else’s. He said, um, it’s not, and Erik is shaking his head like this.

Erik:           If there’s one thing that we’ve learned is that everybody gets the same greeting. Everybody gets the same welcoming.

Elisa           Yeah.

Veronica:   Now, what happens is different, and I will tell you this from my perspective, what I’m feeling, what Erik and I talked about, the review is not finished with this man.

Elisa:          Oh, yeah, sounds like it. So…

Veronica:   Well, because he’s dangling between narcissistic asshole, okay, I could see maybe this, I’m driven by the money, um, but Jeffrey says now, my crossing was very benign.

Elisa:          Okay, um, but do you regret your choices at this point? I mean, maybe you will after your review if you don’t, but, um…

Veronica:   Listen, listen, I only did what I knew how to do. I was about survival and I was led by greed.

Elisa:          Yeah. Did all that money and success satisfy you though in the end?

Veronica:   No, of course not because why do you think I kept going for more? Why do you think I lived on a razor’s edge? Why do you think it was always one more thing?

Elisa:          Yeah. Well, from your perspective as a spirit, how can we find success in life, maybe not, you know, material possessions and wealth and all that, but what would your advice be looking back?

Veronica:   Be careful what you worship.

Elisa:          Oh, okay.

Veronica:   I worshipped sex. I worshipped control. I worshipped money. I worshipped power.

Elisa:          Yeah.

Veronica:    And I lost myself in all of it.

Elisa:            Yeah. So, in other words, don’t go down that same route if you want success.

Veronica:   Pleasure. Pleasure does not equal success. Pleasure is always, if not properly managed, the root of destruction.

Elisa:          Well, what about pleasure if it’s good for both sides? And it doesn’t have to be sexual. I mean…

Veronica:   He said if not managed properly.

Elisa:          Oh, okay. Got it. I got it. Okay. Um, how can, uh, but will you be able to help people who you harmed from the other side, from where you are, you think?

Veronica:    I don’t know that yet, he says.

Elisa:          Okay. We might have to do a part 2. I mean, we might have to give you a little time for your life review and all that stuff. Um, what do you think you learned in life at this point or do you even know that?

Veronica:   I think I learned that if you have enough money you can have anything.

Elisa:          Okay. All right. Um, how was your life review? Ok. Any advice? Um, oh, what was the significance of the large sundial on Little Saint James? I guess that’s the name of the island.

Veronica:    Mm hmm. He said it was purely decorative.

Elisa:          Oh, okay. Was the island used for rituals that included blood sacrifices?

Veronica:   He says, I wouldn’t say blood sacrifices in the traditional sense that you think. No slaying happened, he says, but there were some rituals that were performed. The virgins.

Elisa:          What do you mean? Deflocking, defrocking them? What do you call it? I mean, what sort of rituals with the virgins?

Veronica:   There were people that gave of their wealth to be with virgins.

Elisa:          I see, okay.

Veronica:    And that is what the sacrifice was.

Elisa:            Oh, I see. How young were…was the youngest?

Veronica:    12.

Elisa:            Oh gosh. Um, okay, so how can society help stop this trafficking?

Veronica:   Look in your own backyard because it isn’t always as big as we…as this has appeared. It’s usually starting with the small person on the corner.

Elisa:           Yeah.

Veronica:   It’s usually somebody who is indebted to, addicted to something, that needs to sell something for money. So, there, my friend, you would go to your dealers. I’m not talking drugs because you know, we’re getting this whole crackdown on drugs. We’ve got the DEA. We’re making headway there. The commodity has now become human life.

Elisa:          Oh my gosh. How many people do you think you trafficked to this island?

Veronica:    I wouldn’t know that number. Many.

Elisa:           Okay, all right.

Veronica:    And it started way before it became common knowledge.

Elisa:             Well, did it start outside of the little island, Little Saint James Island?

Veronica:    Oh, yes. Anywhere I went was an island. People flocked to me.

Elisa:           Oh, I see. All right. You were like a madam basically. A guy version.

Veronica:   You have to understand nobody’s going to find my book like they did others. Nobody’s going to find who’s in the vault with me. There will only be speculation.

Elisa:          Yeah.

Veronica:   Yes, I took these names to my grave and really it would serve no purpose right now to open up that because these are not the people you want.

Elisa:          Well, who do we want?

Veronica:   You want the people who I just told you were on the corner, the small person, the person feeding me.

Elisa:          Your people who got the girls basically.

Veronica:   I’m no different than a pimp.

Elisa:          Yeah, you’re a madam pretty much.

Veronica:   I’m no different than a pimp. I…where I was able to differentiate myself was because I had high-powered clientele.

Elisa:          Yeah.

Veronica:   And it wasn’t dirty, and it wasn’t scummy, and it wasn’t in a Chevy pulling up in a back alley.

Elisa:          Oh God. Wow, okay. Did you…did it…did they use sadist…sadistic sexual techniques on these women? Or was it just…?

Veronica:   Whatever they wanted. Once money changed hands, I was out of it.

Elisa:          Oh, okay.

Veronica:   I was out of it. You tell me why would somebody so high-powered and so in control want a 13-year-old?

Elisa:          Yeah why?

Veronica:   He says you tell me. When we figure that out, we’ll know.

Elisa:          Yeah.

Veronica:    I didn’t know. He says I can tell you for me.

Elisa:          Yeah. Tell me.

Veronica:   I liked the control and I liked the tightness.

Elisa:          Oh, okay, all right. Well, that’s pretty vivid. Uh, how did your emotional condition affect your crossing over and is that a condition you will still need to work through? I mean, basically scared shitless so that you killed yourself because you did not want to suffer Earthly torture? So how did that affect your crossing over?

Veronica:   Well, let me back up, he says. Let me clarify something. I wasn’t scared shitless necessarily.

Elisa:          Okay.

Veronica:    I was not willing to go the extra mile to pretend anymore.

Elisa:          Oh, I see. That would be exhausting.

Veronica:   I was done. I was tired. Yes, exactly. You got it.

Elisa:          So, is this book…is it hidden somewhere? Buried somewhere?

Veronica:   Who says it’s a book?

Elisa:          Oh, I don’t know. What is it? What’s the vault? Is it an actual…is it just memorizing everything in your head or…?

Veronica:   Everything is coded.

Elisa:          Oh.

Veronica:   So, even if they found – and he’s doing this – “the book” – they wouldn’t know what they’re looking at.

Elisa:          Well, what…what is it? Is it a physical thing? I mean, where is it?

Veronica:   Think about your technology that you use.

Elisa:          Okay.

Veronica:   It is…it is…somewhere, he’s saying, there is probably the person that can crack the code. First you gotta find it. And they thoroughly searched my island. It’s not there, I can tell you that, and I’m certainly not going to sit here and tell you where it’s at. And it isn’t even one thing that you’re looking for.

Elisa:          Oh.

Veronica:   Let me just tell you this. Now I…I’m going to stop him right there because this speaks to the depravity of this man’s mind. He says it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. I hid pieces of the book…

Elisa:          Oh.

Veronica:   …everywhere, he said, so you can go on a scavenger hunt and you can look here and maybe you’ll find a piece, but it doesn’t make sense without the piece that’s over here.

Elisa:          Oh, I see, wow. Is it something technical like a SIM card…different SIM cards, or backup drives, or is it actual paper?

Veronica:   It’s code.

Elisa:          Oh, okay.

Veronica:   It’s technical. He says Mensa wouldn’t be able to…

Elisa:          Oh my gosh. So, it’s like…it could be code all over the dark web, for example.

Veronica:   Precisely.

Elisa:          Probably is.

Veronica:   He says, and here’s the thing. I’ll give you this. If the names were associated with the pedophilia, watch them.

Elisa:          Why? What?

Veronica:   I’m just going to say, watch them. They will squirm. They will make mistakes, and they will get uncovered because a pedophile needs its fix.

Elisa:          Well, you know, I mean why shouldn’t you disclose it so we can bring these people to justice? Because you want them to keep harming…

Veronica:   He just says I’m not…

Elisa:          …little kids?

Veronica:   You have to understand. This man has no moral compass right now.

Elisa:          Yeah. We’ll ask him later. That’s a part 2 question.

Veronica:   There’s nothing here.

Elisa:          Were you the mastermind of your group or was there somebody that was more in control even?

Veronica:   I was the founder. I was the one and eventually I got partners.

Elisa:          Okay. All right. Uh.

Veronica:   And listen…

Elisa:          Were you…oh go ahead.

Veronica:   He says and listen, the faces on your TV that deny it adamantly, and he does this.

Elisa:          They are guilty.

Veronica:   I think this is what he’s saying because he’s not…but he’s doing this into me. He’s doing this. The faces on your TV, this.

Elisa:          Well, what percentage of the other people that just went there to…or associated with you but didn’t have sexual…uh, have sex with children?

Veronica:   He says, it’s probably 60 percent of my clientele were pedophiles.

Elisa:          Okay. All right, so there’s 40 percent that you probably need to uncover that, you know, don’t want…

Veronica    No.

Elisa:          No, you’re not going to do that, are you?

Veronica:   He says but really…what he’s saying to me right now is why uncover them? They paid for a service. The person they got the service from was willing. He goes, go to Vegas, go to…

Elisa:          Oh yeah, okay. So, some of these people might not have had sex with children anyway. They could have had sex with women that are not, um, minors.

Veronica:   He was a broker in every sense of the word.

Elisa:          Okay. All right. Were you collecting dirt, like photographs, etc., to blackmail influential and wealthy people to get financial gain for yourself?

Veronica:   Oh, he has just a shitty, smirky grin. He says I made money any way I could.

Elisa:          Yeah. Okay. So, you did…you collected dirt for possible blackmail?

Veronica:   Especially on the people that I knew could pay.

Elisa:          Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah. Okay. So, you did?

Veronica:   The people that had the most to lose.

Elisa:          Did you actually do blackmail? Or did you just collect stuff in case?

Veronica:   He collected the money. He says the people…wait, he says the people that had the most to lose were the quickest to pay, and they, you know, I do have some integrity. They bought my silence. Lookit, I’m not willing to tell you.

Elisa:          Well, there we go. That’s true. Oh, so big of you.

Veronica:   So, there’s an integrity.

Elisa:          There were go. Were the dark arts involved in what you were doing on the island?

Veronica:   The what?

Elisa:          Dark arts? Seems like I’m getting some EVPs recorded, but I’m not sure.

Veronica:   I can feel it, too. Um, the dark arts. No.

Elisa:          Okay. Now the sacrifices…there were not any animal sacrifices? It was just the virgin sacrifices, right?

Veronica:   Yes.

Elisa:          Okay, okay. All right.

Veronica:   I do have…I do have lines that I won’t cross, he said.

Elisa:          Okay. Wow. All right. So, you might not know a lot of these…these are general questions I always tend to ask, but do you know what your spiritual mission was this lifetime?

Veronica:   He has like a blank, dark look on his face. Like his eyes are black. There’s just no…

Elisa:            He has no…okay.

Veronica:   No.

Elisa:          Well, so that…do you have another life? Future or past, that most influenced your one…your most recent one?

Veronica:   He says next.

Elisa:          Next, ok. Is there…are there any other messages you want to give? Anything you want to uncover?

Veronica:   Come back and talk to me.

Elisa:          Okay, I will.

Veronica:   There’s a piece of him that…and this is my interpretation. There’s a piece of him…he’s got one foot in one place and one foot in another place. And I feel, he’s not like Stephen Paddock was, the Vegas shooter, where he was…

Elisa:          Yeah.

Veronica:   …totally not there. Like I can…I almost can feel humanity in him a little bit.

Elisa:          Yeah. Well, I mean, maybe Stephen…Stephen Paddock if we interviewed him again, you know, he would have finished evolving on that side through life review, so you never know. I…I will give you some time. Go back to your life review, and, um, and we’ll check in with you maybe in a month or two?

Erik:           It really serves no purpose for us to keep poking and prodding other than just listening to all of these interviews and realizing that the soul will transform. In other words, you know, we can poke, we can prod, we can ask, but until the soul’s ready to transform, until the soul’s ready to tell us from a soul perspective…

Elisa:          Okay.

Erik:           …we’re just going to go in a circle.

Veronica:   Um, the final word from Mr. Epstein is this…and this is the part of me that feels like I can feel the human in him.

Elisa:          Oh, okay.

Veronica:   He says, and I feel like I’m gonna cry.

Elisa:          Oh.

Veronica:    He says love your children.

Elisa:          Yeah. Oh, wow.

Veronica:   Love them so that they feel loved, not the way you think they need to be loved.

Elisa:          Right.

Veronica:   Feel them, love them, so that it’s an ironclad sense of love. Because a lot of these children that were lured away needed love, and I sold love.

Elisa:          Whoa, that’s very powerful. Wow, all right, so Erik and Mr. Epstein, y’all be sure to let us know when he’s ready, when he’s finished with the life review so we can get some more…some more information that will help others and help us figure out how to stop this evil from spreading across the world.

Erik:           This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Elisa:          Yeah.

Erik:           Once we can get in there and really understand the root of sex trafficking…

Elisa:          Yeah.

Erik:           …we can begin to make a change.

Veronica:   Because he did say something pretty profound. Yes, drugs are still a problem. We’ve been fighting a war on drugs forever. Okay. The sex trafficking…it appears to be an easy commodity.

Elisa:          Oh gosh. All right. Well, thank you, Miss Vee. Veronica Drake at She is coming…

Veronica:   And don’t forget…yes.

Elisa:          Yes, you go for it. Take it away, girl.

Veronica:   I cannot wait. I am so freaking excited. Erik has gotten me to get on a plane and get to Houston. I’ll be doing live readings October 24th through the 28th in Houston, right there in Erik’s house. And Denise, Michelle and myself are doing a group event, three of us, on Saturday October 26th. Tickets are available. I’m going to give Elisa the link to the web page, and you can hook up with us.

Elisa:          Yeah, and you know, chill with me in my hot tub. Just have a good old time.

Veronica:   Yes.

Elisa:          So, it’s going to be October the 28th, but Miss Vee is going to be here from the 23rd.

Veronica:   23rd-ish to the 28th-ish.

Elisa:          Ish. All right. Ish, ish. All right. I love you. I love you, Erik. Bye.

Erik:           Love you, Mama.

Veronica:    Bye.

Elisa:          Bye.

Featured image courtesy of Town and Country Magazine.

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