Induced After Death Communication

Many of you have asked about IADC, induced after death communication. Developed by Dr. Al Botkin, it’s based on EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). EMDR uses bilateral stimulation, reproducing REM sleep with horizontal eye movements to treat post traumatic stress disorder. Purely by accident, Botkin discovered that during EMDR sessions, some of his patients communicated physically with their deceased loved ones in the afterlife. Once they were able to see, hug and speak to them, their grief greatly decreased or disappeared altogether.

I plan to undergo IADC soon. In fact, I’ve asked Graham Maxey, Dr. Botkin’s righthand man, to come to Austin during our event in March so we can learn a bit more about IADC and so that some of you can possibly experience this miracle yourself.

Enjoy these two videos.

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