Jamie Trance Channeling Grace

Before we begin today's exciting topic, I want to share a couple of stories. The other day I was sitting outside with my sister, Laura, reminiscing about our mother who died this past summer. A few months ago, blog member and medium, Robert, told us that she would come to visit us as a butterfly. … Continue reading

The Scole Experiments

I want to share this YouTube video on the Scole experiments. I posted this before but the video was deleted from YouTube so I hope everyone has a chance to watch it soon. You must see it all, because the evidence they present for the afterlife gets stronger and stronger toward the end. I can't … Continue reading

Erik Travels to Germany

Hello Channeling Erik family members. I miss you all as well as the healing effect posting on the blog has for me. My father is still very ill and my sister, Laura, and I are keeping vigil.Along with our husbands, we've moved into my parent's house to tend to him as he is bedridden. To make … Continue reading