Instant Comfort and Ramblin’ Roads

Yesterday, I told you I found a few posts where I forgot to click the “Publish” button. I’ll mete them out little by little. 

Yesterday, Rune and I were very busy doing all sorts of errands including one of my least favorite ones, freshening up the flowers on Erik’s grave. For some reason, the last flowers were gone, perhaps courtesy of Hurricane Harvey, but they probably would have looked pretty nasty anyway. I also got down on my hands and knees and wiped his marker clean with rags soaked in hot water in a bucket. Then, I went over it again with Multi-surface 409. When they say, “Multi-surface” they really mean it. Anyway, the entire time, I thought, ‘A mom shouldn’t have to be doing this.’ Ugh. 

On a lighter note, Annika just completed her first semester of medical school. I’m not sure what grades she got on this week’s exams, but all her other grades have been 100 or higher. Damn, girl, I don’t know where you get your smarts. She’s a hard worker. In fact, this week she studied so hard and long that she slept in the medical school instead of her apartment.

Annika Medhus, Beauty and Brains

Don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show tomorrow at 5:00 PM PT/7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET. Pro-wrestler, motivational speaker and spiritual life coach, Jamin Olivencia, will discuss who might need a spiritual coach and why. No more than 15 minutes before the top of the hour, call 619-639-4606 to ask Erik your question. There are three ways to listen: Listen on the phone line, click on the “Listen” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link:

Long time blog member and medium, Patrick De Haan of The Amendment channeled this awesome session:

Q: So, Erik, I thought a rambling session, no topic or subject agreed in advance, would be good. I haven’t visited with you in a while.

EM: No, you haven’t but I visited you.

Q: In the bathroom?

EM: Nah, I don’t care about that. You hardly care about it, but my bladder doesn’t hurt when yours is full, especially because I don’t have one.

Q: You’ve been doing some really good stuff lately, interesting, controversial subjects and answers.

EM: It’s all in the questions.

Q: OK, let me see if I can match the performance of other great question askers, such as your mother.

EM: Fire away, dude.

[I’ve been aboard Earth for more than 21,000 rotations so far and Erik calls me “dude”; that’s great]

EM: (Erik breaks into that sidebar comment) You’re young, you act it and you are it. Calendars make people old only ’cause they like calendars and what other people tell them calendars are supposed to mean. The only thing a calendar does is say which number on a line is the current one.

[I suggested a rambling road and we’re on one.]

Q: Give us some advice; watching TV news is a challenge, some people don’t ever do it, some people hang on every word and some people like me, see it as an un-enjoyable necessary task. Brush teeth, mow the lawn, take out garbage, look at the talking head. What’s better, ignore it, embrace it or keep your guard up?

EM: None of the above. Tune in when the urge hits you, listen to what grabs your attention. This will be your guides prompting you; you’ll get what you need and not what you don’t.

Q: Sounds good. OK, more advice, please; the information about diet is overwhelming.

EM: Over-fucking-whelming; you thought it and didn’t want to say it so I’ll say it for you. Fuckin’ overwhelming.

Q: What do we do? Stop eating? Eat prepacked bland meals carefully formulated to provide all nutritional requirements but with no taste, texture, aroma or enjoyment? Middle ground?

EM: Listen to your gut, which is your metabolism speaking through your mind. If you’re even interested enough to think about a question like this, then reading up a little, if you haven’t already done it, is good. If you already have, that’s a lot of you, then think for ten seconds before you’re gonna eat, what should I have? Most of this should happen when you’re buying food, ’cause you can’t eat what isn’t around.

Q: What about somebody determined to lose weight?

EM: Set the target weight and date, then write down what and how much you’re gonna eat every day. Anybody who eats – and isn’t that like almost everybody who isn’t unconscious in a coma getting fed through tubes – puts in more than double the total effort a list will take. They just do it step by step, every time their stomach sounds the alarm. No need to think, go to the list. Buying food is easy, too ’cause there’s a list. Then, be ready for the target to be reached sooner or later than the target date. You’re not sure how to set a target date? Then don’t. Your metabolism doesn’t run on a calendar.

The most important part of the process: every day take ten seconds to think about the goal and look at yourself in your mind at the shape you want. Don’t worry about numbers, they keep track of the pace. So what? Visualize what you look like every day. Follow your list of what to eat and how much every day. Change the list if you want but stick to it.

Q: OK, what about all the talk about extreme weather? We had fifty inches of rain and biblical floods in Houston with Hurricane Harvey, then snow last week. That’s just one place and strange things happen everywhere now it seems. How should we react?

EM: Enjoy it, which is tough if it hits you and your house but the experience is exciting. You don’t like certain kinds of excitement because it’s only supposed to be happy excitement you prefer? That’s great, write down an experience calendar and for every day, include a happy, exciting thing for yourself. Some these items will happen and others will surprise and disappoint you, I guarantee. Your human mind will say to yourself, see it doesn’t work! But your higher self will change things to make sure the unexpected, challenging excitement is included. That way you have the choice to react, and what you choose? That’s the real deal, that’s what it’s all about.

Q: Tell us a joke, Erik.

EM: Knock, knock.

Q: Who’s there?

EM: Nobody, go back to the questions.

[This must be Erik’s way of telling me to stay on track.] [EM: YES!]

Q: We’re wandering along a rambling road, what track?

EM: Roads are tracks; they just usually don’t have iron rails.

Q: Did you think the snow in Houston was cool?

EM: Hell yeah but it didn’t snow enough, for my taste.

Q: You liked snow?

EM: Hell yeah, it’s part of what makes visiting Norway in the winter worth it.

Q: You pick a subject to talk about.

EM: Cars. They’re turning into iPads and tablet gadgets. The same time all these laws are being passed about distracted drivers, the car companies are putting even fancier distractions into them.

Q: In the USA anyway, traffic death and injury rates are rising for the first time in decades. Is the distracted driving caused by all the handheld and portable gadgets causing it?

EM: The rise? Totally. There’s a base that’ll always be there. Somebody’s always going to get behind the wheel blasted and cause a wreck, and somebody else will always get behind the wheel and fall asleep. Then somebody else will play race car, somebody else will just yank the wheel to turn without looking or signaling…that’s never going away.

Q: How successful would a campaign be, to make people aware of distracted driving?

EM: Not very. If the gadget is in the car, somebody’s gonna use it. Part of the problem is the addiction to instant communication and shit like Facebook.

Q: We constantly hear about political division; that the country is divided more than ever.

EM: Bullshit, that’s the loud mouthed press’ way of complaining that too many voters don’t see it their way. The country is not more or less divided than it ever was. Differences of opinion are good. You should see what goes on up here in Heaven. Makes Earth politics look like a meditation session.

Q: We get this image of total harmony, singing angels, beautiful clouds, sun shining and a stupid happy look pasted across the face of every being.

EM: Yeah, that’s human projection. It’s not accurate. The difference is humans train each other to agree; in Heaven we naturally disagree and that requires no training, indoctrination or practice. It’s the natural, default setting. You expect disagreement and you are not afraid to offer it. If disagreement is not coming along at some point, something’s wrong.

Q: I will say what turns me off about a lot of TV when current events are discussed, is the constant agreement. For example, how often will one of the big hosts on MSNBC or Fox invite a raving partisan who disagrees with everything the host seems to believe, onto their show for a one hour jam session? Never happens. If it does, I miss it because I hardly watch anymore.

EM: Yeah, hearing about what’s wrong with Donald Obama and his flaws gets old.

Q: Barack J. H. Trump must be equally bad or good.

EM: If the viewers, enough of ’em, say they want shootouts and disagreement all the time, it’ll be on the air.

Q: So the issue is the people?

EM: Too many people are too busy and distracted and don’t want to invest the time. That’s part of it. The other side of it is training; this model of social harmony gets plastered all over everything all the goddamned time. It’s fake. Some people get angry, some people get erections and some people bleed once a month and it’s all supposed to be kept quiet all the time. Bullcrap, some people get upset and let it hang out but everybody watches and judges a human being for being…a human being.

Q: What about cyber bullying?

EM: It’s one reason Facebook is a problem, but you can shut off Facebook. That won’t stop bullies completely, they’ll find new ways. It’s like saying let’s get rid of guns and therefore gun violence. The solution to bullying is the same solution to lots of anti-social and often criminal stuff; people need to feel a sense of belonging. It’s what gangs use to recruit, same thing as missionaries. Families are a very good, time tested method to create a sense of belonging and love, but there are other ways to do it. Less and less of that happens, and one effect is the door is left open for the bullies to come running through. They’re acting out their own sense of detachment. They gotta get back attached to somebody who loves them, maybe a few somebodies.

Q: I’m drinking yerba mate instead of coffee, which I cut back a lot. Good decision?

EM: Yes. It’s good for anybody who can manage a moderate amount of caffeine. Remember, the stuff in chocolate that causes cravings is in the yerba mate, too, so it’ll stop chocolate cravings. Chocolate is fine, it’s the sugar that causes trouble. Not a little but the every day shit.

Q: What about drug overdose deaths? I read in the local paper the USA suffered 40,000 overdose deaths in 2016, Texas about 1,500 which is a little less than 4% versus Texas being about 8½ % of the country’s population. I take that to mean the rate in this state will rise before it falls, but what about causes and solutions?

EM: Solution? First, stop teaching each other how to use the shit. It’s just like murder, humans teach it to each other. After the decision to stop teaching drugs happens, which will happen when no more profit is in it, so nobody will make money by teaching new customers how to get fucked up ….

Q: STOP! Free drugs?

EM: Yes! But not run by the government! Everybody who sees a concern with drug overdoses should contribute to a fund to produce and distribute the stuff free, and no government involvement.

Q: Never gonna happen.

EM: Then the drug use and overdoses will continue.

Q: Electric cars coming to replace gasoline cars?

EM: Totally but slowly. Problems with fuel are gonna be what tips the change over. Having a vehicle that can reliably go hundreds of miles or kilometers without refueling or needing to find a charging station – like you can go 200 miles, park in a desert and drive back 200 miles without worry – is going to keep gasoline cars around for as long as gasoline is available and doesn’t cost too much. That’s coming, too.

Q: Erik, this session is long.

EM: Long is relative, said the anaconda to the rattler. Later, dude….

Enjoy these two Erik Encounters, and be sure to share your own.

Story #1

Yesterday I was driving home on the freeway when the traffic suddenly stopped. As I drove ever so slowly forward, I came upon several cars pulled to the side and people running along the road. I then noticed several people on the overhead bridge looking down to the freeway. And then I came upon the awful sight of a woman on the road, lying motionless. I had just missed seeing her jump, and today I learned that she died at the scene. I couldn’t get the woman out of my mind, and it was a very emotional day. After learning she passed at the scene, I asked Erik to look in on her and reassure me that she was getting the help she needs on the other side. I told Erik that I knew he would find a way to let me know, and the EXACT moment my thought was complete, I got a text message on my phone. When I looked at it, I saw it was from “ERIC”, a friend of mine that I rarely hear from. But really, I knew it was from Erik – letting me know this woman was being cared for. Thank you Erik.

Story #2

Dear Elisa,

I want to deeply thank you, Erik, and your small and delightful cadre of super talented mediums for the wonderful service you are providing. I have been quietly watching from the sidelines all these years, and i must say it has been a delight to see you grow over this time.

I listened to January’s Q&A last night. Again I heard Erik’s generous offer of personally guiding us. I started taking a hard look at myself about why I am not taking him up on his offer. One reason is that i have spent a lifetime feeling like I don’t belong, hence, why would I belong here. Another reason is that I am unsure if I could synchronize or synergize with Erik’s hyped up energy. So i talked with him about it, or imagined myself to. I realized that I am identified with my slower grounded energy even though I am often just as bad as Erik. It is amazing I don’t identify with the amped up playful side of me. I think Erik wanted me to take an honest look at that. So i asked him why I am overly identified with the slower part of me. The slower part of me is where I travel to other places, so to speak, connect with my guides, higher self, creativity, and good judgment. So i guess I am wary of my wired aspect. In conclusion, Erik told me that in one’s quest to be grounded, it’s best not to confuse sludge with soil, … or I think he told me that.

No Erik antics around here, or so i think, though I suppose he is having the last laugh today as I am super amped in my energy, and maybe that is an Erik antic.

My love to you, Erik, and your team, and many thanks.

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