Is Magic Real?

My sister and her house have been spared by the Woolsey fire so far. Please keep her in your prayers. She still has those pesky kidney stones, so I’d be very appreciative if you guys would send her healing energy to break them up so that they pass on their own. 

Meanwhile, Kristina’s puppy, Lee-Loo has taken a turn for the worse. She spent most of the day in the animal emergency department and I’m going to take her for a follow-up abdominal x-ray to look at a suspected foreign body in the stomach. Poor little girl. Send her healing energy, too! What next, a swarm of locusts? Sigh.

The weekend was not a complete loss, though. Harper’s first birthday party was a big hit. There was even a pony for the kids to ride. Everyone loved Arleen and Easton, saying they both had special energy. Two of them said they had never seen a 2 year-old so full of love before. Mr. Bucket of Love. He hugged just about everyone!

Now, time to enjoy today’s session on magic. I’ve seen magic acts that defy logic and elicit the response, “There’s no way that can happen,” especially from David Blaine and Criss Angel. See what you think. Thanks, Michelle Gray, for the expert channeling. Check her out by clicking HERE. The transcript and a David Blaine YouTube follows. 

Elisa: Hello Michelle Gray, how are you doing? And hello my beloved, Erik.
Michelle: Hello Elisa.
Erik: Hi Mumma.
Michelle: Right before we started, what he was talking about was you and about the family and he kept saying that you did something, or he was saying thank you for something that had been done. He kept saying thank you to them, thank you, and I said in general or was it something specific? But he said yes that you did something specific for him.
Elisa: Yeah, probably, I was looking for my guitar that he and I loved and he tried to teach me how to play guitar and didn’t. My gorgeous Shechter and Lucasta Brown from college station from A and M, Texas A and M, and since then it’s disappeared, we don’t know if somebody stole it or apparently gone forever, but apparently, it’s been sold so.
Michelle: Well.
Elisa: He was thanking me for the attempt, maybe.
Michelle: Yes, yes and it felt like something that was being done, so that makes perfect sense. He’s giving you an out pouring of amazing love and just says that he loves you so, so much.
Elisa: I know, why, because it’s always so hard this time of year, 12:41, that’s the worst time October 6, but we won’t dwell, now.
Michelle: No, no.
Erik: To lighten the mood, I am in an outfit today.
Michelle: He’s in a top hat, and he’s got a suit on and he’s very formal and he’s being a little bit silly about it but since out topic coming up is about magic, he’s quite appropriately dressed. (laughing)
Elisa: Oh yeah, it’s so weird because last night I kept dreaming that Kristina was trying to get me to buy a top hat and wear it and I had a real nice dress on and we were with Betty White, who I never want to have died, but it’s like, I said No, no, so I put on another hat, and awful, and you know the decision is and it’s true, I am not a hat person, I look awful in every hat but let’s talk about magic. Yay!
Michelle: Yes.
Erik: Magic!
Michelle: He’s got his flowers that is coming of out of the can going, woo do do.
Elisa: Alright so, is it all smoke and mirrors? Or are there any magicians that they are truly magic, and if so how?
Erik: So, Mom, the truth is there’s a lot of really, really fantastic illusionists. This can be taken in many different ways because we’ve got magicians that do your basic tricks but there are illusionists that are, it’s an art, that is incredible, but when it comes right down to it, they’re called illusionists for a reason, that’s what they do. Now, there is a different type of magic though, and this has to do with.
Michelle: He’s showing me a little girl, like bending a wire using telepathy and using that type of power.
Elisa: You mean without touching it?
Michelle: Yeah.
Elisa: Oh, okay, telekinesis or something.
Michelle: Yes.
Erik: That is, and there are people in the world that are able to do that in front of other people, it is something that they’re doing, but as far as who we see on stages, who we see in the mass general public, that comes down to illusion.
Elisa: Like Penn and Teller, David Copperfield but take David Blaine, his street magic, ok, there’s something you can not, I mean, there’s just no freaking way. He’ll say pick a card, and he’ll, this is your card and they’ll say yes, and he’ll throw it against a window and it will be on the other side of the window, or he’ll levitate in the middle of the street and there’s nothing there, or he will write some sort of, a girl will write a message to a loved one or whatever and then he’ll look at it and he’ll point to the street and there’s a taxi cab with that message written on the side of the taxi. I mean there’s just, I just feel like he must be like an E.T or he can manipulate time and space like freeze everything, put the card on the other side of the window and go to another dimension, what is going on with him.
Erik: He could be in a class of his own because he is not a typical illusionist, but what he does is, fine science, what he does has science to it. Timing, he also has something, he understands that, there’s another on too that’s like this.
Elisa: Criss Angel?
Michelle: That’s it, that’s it. He kept showing me a black angel wings (inaudible).
Erik: Yes, Criss Angel, there is a law of attraction that works with them as well. Something with the vibration or universal.
Michelle: What he’s showing me is.
Erik: It’s not the way we see it but it’s not all illusion so it’s not all a trick but there’s a lot of facts, like intuitive, there’s a lot of practice, what they both do, they have something, they plan, it’s mathematics, there’s a lot of mathematics to it, are they time travelling? No. They are not time travelling.
Elisa: Or are they manipulating time?
Erik: In a way with mathematics and with light, there’s a lot of illusion with light that’s being used, there are things to it that we are not thinking of, part of the skill too is the sense of surprise.
Michelle: I just said to him, would you tell us on how they levitate? He’s talking about it being light and I said well, like are you going to tell us exactly how they did it?
Erik: A good magician never tells.
Elisa: Look at the guy who that built the coral house, he apparently has the same, some weird alien machinery or device that can make heavy stuff defy gravity, so maybe it’s something to do with, I mean, he’s definitely levitating and Criss Angel, we see him go from one roof top and just float and go to another, it’s just like what, there’s no wires and nothing.
Erik: The two of them share something.
Michelle: He’s not really calling it mind control, what would that be Erik, like mind, another word for mind strength.
Elisa: I don’t know because I don’t have any mind strength right now, so I can’t help you.
Michelle: Focus, focus, thank you, like focus, that they have extremely intent focus,
Erik: It’s not, exactly as it seems. It’s not that they’re not doing something that is supernatural to a degree but it’s not quite the way you see it.
Michelle: He is showing me a mirror and light bouncing off of it.
Elisa: Okay.
Michelle: So, I don’t know if it has something to do with an illusion.
Elisa: Tell us, Erik is he reflecting light, is that light with scientific properties do anything to their magic or?
Erik: The one only levitates so high.
Elisa: Yeah that’s David Blaine.
Erik: The other one is doing it from a distance, when he does it. So, there’s something that they both have in common with a mirror and with light and with a mathematical equation that some of it is optical illusion. Also says timing and focus is very practiced with them.
Elisa: OK.
Erik: It’s something that is very seamless to the naked eye.
Michelle: But he’s adamant about the fact that they’re not actually levitating right off the ground that it’s not the way that you see it.
Erik: Not to say that people cannot do that. There are people in this world that are able to levitate and I’m not saying that either of them do not have the ability to do so but that to the degree of some of these stunts. Read some of the stunts are that it’s not quite the way that we are seeing it.
Elisa: Yeah but Erik, when you see for example David Blaine go up just a little bit right, He gets real kind of sick afterwards right. Then he goes down. But you see on the street there is nothing in front of him behind him but no mirrors nothing. So, how do you explain that Dude?
Michelle: (laughing) Is there something below him?
Elisa: No, just street, pavement and they show it, it’s plain old pavement.
Michelle: He’s kind of laughing a little bit.
Erik: I’m not saying that some of it’s not real, but it’s not all real.
Elisa: It’s not all real, of course not. I just want to believe in magic, give me something, man, throw me a bone.
Erik: Now, Mom, don’t get me wrong, magic does have a lot of mathematical equations to it, and we all know that our belief systems and right down to if you look at magic as in a magic spell or something somebody would apply to have a certain outcome, that all goes with belief as well.
Michelle: Oh, okay. So, this is what he’s tying back to the Law of Attraction.
Erik: We’ve got mass amounts of people that are believing in what these folks are doing as well, so when we look into it on that factor, there’s many different facets that make it to the results that we see, but with Law of Attraction, can you imagine the type of Universal energy supports what they’re doing, and they’re not doing anything to deceive, they’re entertainers, they’re not out there, people go with to see their shows or to pay money with the idea of being entertained, they want to have an illusion, and like you just said Mom, they want to believe in magic.
Elisa: Yeah.
Erik: They want to believe in something like that, so is there magic to all of this, yes there is but it’s part in parcel, would an average person be able to go out and practice like that and have it happened? No.
Elisa: Okay.
Erik: Both these men have had a lifetime of practice and they’ve got a very substantial amount of people that watch them.
Elisa: Yeah.
Michelle: So, he goes back to the one that levitates only so far off the ground.
Elisa: David Blaine.
Michelle: David Blaine, and saying that he has a lot of natural ability.
Elisa: Yeah.
Erik: Psychic ability, he’s got a lot of psychic ability. So, does Criss Angel, but David Blaine he’s really putting a lot of gold around him, and just showing that he is highly in tune.
Elisa: Okay.
Erik: Highly open, whether he interprets in whatever way, he does have, a spiritual practice, he has a meditation, a way that he does things, so that ‘s why it’s not so much trickery as it is illusion.
Elisa: Oh yeah. Does he or Criss Angel for that matter, get help from guides, guardians like psychic surgeons they get help from deceased doctors and that kind of stuff or source or do they call upon help with these practices, these tricks?
Erik: Absolutely, so David Blaine calls upon a higher power, and so does Criss Angel. They have different ways of doing that but they have invoked their spirit team.
Michelle: That’s what Erik was just getting at too with the Universal energy and the Law of Attraction.
Erik: Thank you for saying that, that also brings me to the fact that they spirit teams too, they have a life purpose as well.
Elisa: Oh yeah.
Erik: Doing what they’re doing, so there so many facets to this. That’s what they’re bringing joy and they’re bringing an experience to many others. So, they’re showing something on life stage, now the interesting part though is no matter how hard you tried to convince the masses that there would still be a large amount of people that wouldn’t believe that that was real.
Elisa: Oh yeah.
Erik: There’s going to be somebody else that comes forward, a little bit younger that’s going to really kind of push this stuff out in another direction.
Michelle: He makes me feel like it’s coming from one these shows that are on TV, like some sort of a contest or something and this boy comes out and has these different abilities.
Elisa: Oh, like America’s Got Talent.
Michelle: Yes, yes and it’s going to be, this is real, that this person can do something like this.
Elisa: Well what about, okay let’s go through some of the tricks. In street magic David Blaine’s first thing is he’s got these huge eyes, watch, watch. He takes a deck of cards and a real fast just, just what do you call it when you ruffle them, and then which one was your card. And then he picks out your card. That you saw even though which one is your card. It. Is like I don’t know I don’t tell anybody because I did try to. Every time. Plus, he reads minds he said what card are you thinking of or things like that.
Erik: He seriously has some psychic ability. I also feel he can feel heat over a card with his hand.
Elisa: Yeah but this is on TV, the audience is not there. They’re in their living rooms or whenever their dens.
Michelle: Oh, I see.
Elisa: And everyone in my family said the same card.
Michelle: But is he still, is he still feeling. He’s not holding his hand over a deck at all.
Elisa: Well but not individually. He just goes like this. You know like whenever.
Michelle: He flies a card out you mean?
Elisa: No, no, he just goes like that. Which one was your card? And then he gives you a moment a he picks it up, and this was your card and everybody in the room, yeah that’s the one, that was my card, that I thought of.
(Michelle laughing)
Michelle: Erik says it’s a mathematical equation but he’s still showing me heat.
So, what does heat have to do with it though?
Elisa: Well, he feels the heat but don’t feel the heat, we’re in our living rooms.
Erik: No, he. He feels he on a card or you get the sense of it in his hand.
Elisa: Right.
Michelle: But he’s really saying that there is mathematics to how that is done and it has to do with like a percentage of he’s showing me a piece of paper and you’re saying percentages of. What comes out of the deck I guess.
Elisa: Yeah but not everybody can guess, like I don’t know the Queen of Hearts, or something like that, not everybody in the room, can do that, it’s just you know maybe maybe it’s slowed by a millisecond in that one card, maybe that’s how, I don’t know. Watch Michelle, watch street magic on YouTube. Oh my God.
Michelle: I will watch it. I will watch it, I’ll write that down.
Erik: There’s the same thing, they have like videos on YouTube that you can do and he says and everybody gets the same number or everybody gets the same card. There’s a formula to that.
Elisa: Okay.
Erik: It’s not to say that it’s not amazing because it is a really amazing trick and it baffles the mind and that’s what it’s meant to do it’s meant to open and spark these new areas of your mind, but that trick and I’m not saying that everything that he does is like this but he says he’s very good at what he does. And there is a mathematical equation to all of these type of tricks and what I’m saying is there’s percentages.
Michelle: So, for example, he’s actually showing me like the cards have a value to how many people, is your subjective audience like you said earlier when you like a graph and he said that this is a trick that is done in that community.
Elisa: Okay.
Michelle: So, if you were to look you’d see.
Elisa: All right, we’ll go on because I want to go through a couple more real quickly. In, I think it was Jamaica, he takes somebody’s white chicken and rips off the head, the head is in one hand and Jamaican women or Bohemian women start screaming or what ever and then he puts it back on and the chicken walks away. How does he do that? And you see the headless body in hand and his head in the other.
Michelle: Was this something that was done on, like in front of like was this like a one-time incident or did he do this over and over?
Elisa: No, I just, All I know is the one time when he was just kind of wandering around doing random checks to random people.
Erik: Black Magic.
Elisa: Okay, what about this, he saw also, there was this dove that was dead in Central Park or something and this homeless guy was known came up and David Blaine said, let me see if I can bring it back to life. He waved his hand to whatever the bird. And the bird flew away.
Erik: There’s more to that.
Michelle: Did you say it was David Blaine in Jamaica?
Elisa: Jamaica or some place I can’t remember, Bahamas, I think it’s Jamaica though.
Michelle: Well I’ll just tell you that one with the chicken makes me feel really sick like, that does not feel right and the one the one in Central Park, that animal didn’t feel like.
Erik: That was manipulated.
Elisa: What do you mean?
Erik: Like something was put there like was that on video?
Elisa: Yeah.
Erik: That was something that was set up, something that was planned that that was not the way it appeared to be.
Elisa: But it was dead and he just did something and it flew off, how could that happen? Erik? You’ve got to try to figure it out Michelle.
Michelle: No, I know because Erik’s showing me, that’s why I’m saying I don’t understand. Erik’s actually showing me that it wasn’t really dead.
Elisa: Oh man, it looked dead. But okay. All right, well let’s go on. The black magic, do some of these, I saw this, this YouTube about magic and it was something from the Catholic Church. They were going through all these like, David Blaine, Criss Angel, and they pretty much said that these guys, these magicians that do these kinds of things made a pact with the devil, they sold their soul so they could have these special powers.
Erik: This is where there’s a bit of a line because there are parts of what they both do that and not to judge what they’re doing but that they have that power infused. But they didn’t make any deal with anybody, they didn’t they didn’t shake hands with the devil as the Church would say it. That’s not how it is, but there is an element of darker magic to what they do, it just is there and that has to do with choices. It has to do with lifestyle.
Elisa: Well where does it come from? Where does black magic come from?
Michelle: He’s actually showing me back in Egypt and he’s saying that, magic with something in Egypt, would you say entertainment? He’s showing me like, Egyptians standing around with somebody doing, showing a wooden stick, and making it disappear, and he says that once it started to become an issue of questioning power and questioning of what somebody was capable of doing, and he says without completely understanding of what the mind is capable of itself or not having the language to put to it, that it became a power thing.
Erik: And as you understand there is, you know both sides, there are beings of light, there are beings of dark.
Elisa: Oh yeah, it’s true.
Erik: You can start when you start to tap into that part of yourself and you are no longer serving what’s best for you and for other people and you’re serving the ego solely because that’s in turn what the church would consider serving the devil.
Elisa: That’s where dark magic comes from, the darker entities infusing them with certain powers. All right, real quickly, here’s another one, he swallowed a thing of string and then he just takes it, sees little, and he picks out of his abdominal, you know his skin and just brings back out, the exact same strength.
Michelle: Did he happen to, like Erik’s showing me there are two pieces of string there, but a little crevice inside of his navel.
Elisa: No, no, it wasn’t it.
Michelle: Didn’t it come from his navel area? Or did he just make it appear?
Elisa: No, he just made it appear, you know, I think. I’m almost positive, but is that magic or an illusion?
Erik: That’s illusion.
Elisa: What about this one? The one where he said you know card a card and he throws the whole deck against the window of a diner. All the cards fall except for hers and it’s on the opposite side of the window. How does he do that?
Michelle: Okay, because he’s showing me a card that’s actually facing the window that you can see through it. Okay, so he shows me this one card.
Elisa: But it wasn’t there before.
Michelle: No, so the card just appeared there afterwards.
Erik: That’s illusion because it’s mathematical win and lose and it goes way back to the same thing.
Michelle: And I said is there is there some way of describing exactly what you mean by that because like how does one how does one go from x y z to know exactly how. That’s how he’s explaining it. Is it all a practice.
Erik: The guy is really good.
Elisa: Well it could be that you know, that solids are not really solid, I mean 99.5% of it is a vacuum and maybe he understands that. Like we should be able to have our hands go through each other, we are so programmed to think this is solid and nothing can pass through, and maybe he’s not and just the knowledge of that helps him manifest it going through to the other side, I don’t know.
Erik: Thank you Mom saying that because that illusion but is one thing but manipulating energy is another thing to do and that is part of the thing that he is more what he is doing currently or what he is going into doing has more to do with manipulating energy.
Elisa: Okay.
Michelle: Walking through I don’t know if he’s already done this but he’s showing me putting an arm right through the wall.
Elisa: I don’t know it sounds like something he would do. All right last one of his. What about you know they were on this bridge in New York, a group of girls and him and he starts he goes up to them and you know you want to see a magic trick and it was pick a card and you lost him by you didn’t you. I want you to write the name of that person on the card. And don’t show me and she started crying. She did it. And then he went, was all the way down the underside of the bridge and he lights like a neck or something on fire and wraps it against it and go ouch ouch ouch. The fire against his abdomen. And there it spells out the name of the guy.
Michelle: I’m kind of blown away as you’re telling me that. Okay so, as you were talking Erik we’re starting to show me him and starting to show me energy around him and saying how he had ability but then as soon as you said that little bit there. That completely threw me right off.
Erik: That is an illusion, but he does have ability.
Michelle: And I’m saying to him but I don’t understand how that could be an illusion. Can you explain to me how that is an illusion?
Elisa: Yeah, because he was far away from the girl when she was taking a marker and writing on the on the card.
Erik: There’s pre-cognition to who he’s connecting with but he says that there’s also there’s something else to this he has somebody else that a system. This is being shown on video, you said there’s not a big audience watching this.
Elisa: No.
Michelle: There’s just a group of girls where he said there’s more to it, that’s not being completely shown, but he says what he does have pre-cognition.
Elisa: All right, so he kind of knew the guy’s name, and then maybe he went ahead and wrote it in some special chemical that when it’s heated up, would show.
Michelle: Well Erik also said to yes and he said it’s like a bomb like a vasoline. A Vasoline that goes on his stomach.
Erik: They’re not showing all of the other ones that don’t work out so well.
Elisa: Oh, that’s true, that’s true.
Erik: I just wanted to point out he said that there’s a lot of really cool things that this guy can do and he definitely has magical elements to what he does, but there is a real chunk to it that has to do with natural ability.
Elisa: Yeah.
Erik: It’s like a car salesman or like you know somebody there is a skill that he has if we were to take mediumship or a healing or any of these other types of it’s their type jobs or abilities. Magician or illusionist can go into that as well as because a lot of illusionist that do have psychic ability.
Elisa: Yeah, he definitely does. He does a lot of that, what card are you seeing, what three-digit number are you thinking of, I mean crazy stuff like that. All right, one thing I want to ask about Criss Angel, where he put this guy just random guy in a box in the middle of the square and he’s opened in front of the building and then hocus pocus and then he opened the box and the guy wasn’t in there he was way up in the balcony. Kind of like what am I doing here? You know that sort of thing.
Erik: Two men.
Elisa: Oh maybe they’re twins maybe. Oh yeah, but where did the guy go, in the box? It’s a box inside you can see it’s just like.
Michelle: He shows me down a chute, or down something.
Elisa: Criss.
Erik: It was very skilled and very timed.
Elisa: Yeah.
Michelle: The first thing he showed me right away was two guys in a grey suit jacket.
Elisa: Okay, I can’t even remember, but. All right last question, are either of the guys aliens, like E. T’s? I swear to God, he looks like a star seed, David Blaine, his eyes are huge.
Erik: Yes, they do have, they do both have other lives that are existing on other planets and they do have a connection, they’re not walk-ins of one but they do have direct connections to it. This is what makes them the type of people that they are as well, because in the other lives that they have, David Blaine is a medicine man, in another life, he had some sort of a.
Elisa: But in this life he is not and E.T walking on earth?
Erik: No.
Elisa: Okay. What is the spiritual mission for most magicians, just to entertain or?
Erik: It’s to entertain and some of it has to do with a coping mechanism. A lot of them are highly empathic and they have something in common with comedians and they have an entertainment, they find happiness and joy in entertaining and but it’s also an escape as well it’s a certain front that they’re able to…Sometimes they get into it for the reason of being somebody else of being something else, and that would be something that people in the entertainment industry who fall into that as well, but the contract or say that the mission is of accepting and loving themselves for who they are and also to share joy to share happiness with the rest of the world.
Elisa: That sounds great. All right, thank you Erik, thank you Michelle, you guys check her out at, well, I’ll put it, healinghart, no, you do it, I can’t remember now. Oh my God.
Michelle: Okay,
Elisa: I know it, I mean I have it on my thing. We’re going to talk about time travel next. Let me end this recording and we will restart.

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