The Law of Attraction

My eldest sister, (and bestest friend) Teri, was supposed to fly in from California to visit us, see the new nieces and nephews and introduce her boyfriend, Grant, to everyone, but things went south when she called me in a lot of pain the day before she was supposed to fly in. It ended up that she had a bunch of kidney stones. They put in a stent leading from the bladder to the kidney and all sorts of pus, blood and fragments of stones gushed out. She became septic on top of that.  I was worried because the infectious disease doc only had her on one antibiotic, gentamicin, and in my experience, that’s never used alone. It’s almost always a tag-along with a big gun antibiotic. Her temperature was 104 and I was worried since she’s a diabetic, so I called the doc and convinced him to put her on a broad spectrum cephalosporin as well. After all, this is core guidelines protocol for sepsis management. He agreed, added that second antibiotic and Teri’s fever went down. She was able to be discharged that evening! Sadly, she has no power in her house because of the Wolsey forest fire and her urologist’s office has evacuated!! I’m registered for alerts for LA County in case I need to warn her via her fax line. She’s in Topanga, so if any of you guys hear anything like an announcement to evacuate that town, let me know! 

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I want to publicly express my sincere gratitude to all of the mediums who have been the voice of my little rascal. Send them all love and gratitude, peeps!

Missed the radio show last night? Here it is!

Enjoy the expertise of Allie O’Shea as she talks about the Law of Attraction. The transcript follows. Here’s some information she sent me:

My Name is Allie O’Shea, an International Law of Attraction Practitioner, a Writer, a Coach and a Healer.  I took myself out of severe depression of 25 years and suicidal thoughts using the Law of Attraction.  I created workshops on the Law of Attraction, within these I take you through the basics of the Law of Attraction all the way up to Manifesting in an easy to understand format, with tools that I used and still use to keep me in alignment with Source.  I live in Ireland and am married with 2 children.  There is 20% off my workshops for all of Elisa’s listeners here on You Tube and you can just put this code in the checkout – Elisa20 up until the end of December, it might make a great Christmas present for a loved one that wants to learn more about the Law of Attraction and or Positivity.
Here is what I cover on my workshops –
Module 1
  • Introduction to the Law of Attraction – This Section covers the basic principles of the Law of Attraction
  • Positivity & all the good stuff – This Section covers Positivity & how Negation is not an effective way to utilise the Law of Attraction, Energy, Repetition, Your Emotions and the key they play
  • Abundance & Prosperity – Learn how to create Abundance & Prosperity in your Life
  • Gratitude & Appreciation – Learn the differences between these two very powerful emotions & how to utilise them to help you to manifest more wonderful things in your life
  • Affirmations – This section covers Affirmations, when to use them and why we should along with tips for reprogramming your sub-conscious mind
Module 2
  • Delving into Meditation- This section explains about how Meditation can be one of the most effective ways to release resistance and to re-align with your Soul, how to meditate & recommendations – there is also a meditation for you to enjoy
  • Raising your Vibration – I explain what your Vibration is & how & why you would want to raise it
  • Creative Visualization – Here I explain how to do Creative Visualizing, the techniques that are effective & there is also a bonus recording of a Creative Visualization for you to listen to
  • Vision Boards – Here I take you through my own Vision Boards & explain how to create your own & how to utilize them after they are complete
Module 3
  • Journaling – This section explains about how Journaling can impact your life, from troubled relationships to creating your perfect future
  • Random Acts of Kindness & the People you Connect with – Here we discuss why Random Acts of Kindness are important for the expansion of humanity and how it can help you to manifest more wonderful things into your life. I also explain about Soul Tribes & why you might want one
  • Decluttering and Energy – In this section I take you through what decluttering can mean for your manifesting powers amongst other things
  • Connecting with the Universe – This section covers how to and why you should connect with the Universe
  • Protecting your Energy Field – Here we discuss what your Energy field is & why & how to protect it
Module 4 
  • Law of Faith – How & why you should believe & trust that the Universe has your back
  • Manifesting – Here I take you through what Manifesting is & how to practice it as a deliberate creator
  • Attracting a Soulmate – In this section I give you tips on how to attract a Soul Mate
  • Reading/Listening Material – Recommendations of people I love as my mentors and teachers
I also have a ‘Journey to Self Discovery/Self Love’ workshop and this is really important as without Self Love, we can encounter huge blocks in manifesting so many things we want in our lives – the workshop content is as follows:

Do you feel lack of self-worth?  Do you feel like you are not good enough to accomplish all of the things you really want in your life?  Do you feel that you lack the confidence it takes to succeed?  Have you been giving your power away?  Would you like to have better self-confidence  and more self-worth?  Do you want more money, better relationships with others and possibly a different career that you have been dreaming of?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you

The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the relationship with yourself.  Join me, Allie O’Shea while I take you on a journey of Self-Discovery & Self Love & discover why it is so important to love yourself unconditionally.

On this workshop, you will not only discover why it is important to love yourself, but you will also learn some amazing ways to practice self-love.  It will also help  you to unblock any limiting self-beliefs you have in these areas enabling you to open up to a brand new world of better self-confidence and self-worth which in turn will lead to better relationships with others, a better relationship with money & possibly a better job/career.  It can help you in so many areas in your life.

This is an empowering workshop designed to put the focus back on you.

Website –

Facebook –

You Tube –

Elisa here. I did her self-love and her 4 module workshop, and I notice things in my life have gone my way more! Try it!

Elisa – Hello Miss Allie O’Shea, how are you doing?

Allie – I’m very well thank you Elisa and yourself?

Elisa – Very well, it’s Thursday, closer to the weekend and I’m going to have my family over

Allie – Oh yeah, it’s Friday tomorrow

Elisa – Yeah and I’m going to cook my famous fried chicken and mashed potatoes and green beans and all of that kind of stuff.  So, I haven’t seen all of us together in so long, so it will be nice.

Elisa – Now, let’s start out with

Allie – Oh that sounds lovely

Elisa – Let’s introduce you to all my You Tube Subscribers, tell us something about yourself

Allie – Alright, so my name is Allie O’Shea and I’m an International Law of Attraction Practitioner. I’m also a Writer and a Healer and an Inspirational Speaker, I teach people about the Law of Attraction.

Elisa – That’s a tough one!

Allie – Yes, well it can be, but I love my job and I love inspiring other people and I’ve helped so many thousands of people, like you have obviously, around the world and you know it’s such a nice thing to know that you can help other people, isn’t it?

Elisa – Oh gosh, yes, absolutely.  I don’t get paid for what I do, not with money but I get paid just in the sense of fulfilment, that I’m giving Eric, you know that’s what a mother is supposed to do have their children grow up to be productive and happy and fulfilled and I feel like that’s what I’m doing as his mother, even if he isn’t in the physical.

So, the Law of Attraction, Eric’s got it easy, those guys over there, it’s like – I want an ice-cream cone, Done!  But for us, it’s like I am rich, I am rich, I am rich, I am just rolling in dough.  But before we get into how, I mean about that difference and how we can do that, what got you into this?

Allie – I’ve always been pretty Spiritual, I suppose probably about maybe 20 years ago, my husband’s mother took me to a Mind, Body, Spirit show here in Ireland and I kind of became fascinated with crystals and mediums and anything to do with Spirituality and I had depression for 25 years and I kind of took myself out of that using the Law of Attraction.  And I had a Crystal shop and an Angel shop with my husband, which we just closed this year because we want to focus more on what I’m doing here, but you know, I’ve always been interested in it and I’ve used the Law of Attraction to help in our businesses and seen it working in my life and other people’s lives, all of that kind of thing.

Elisa – That’s awesome.  Well I think that would be just a wonderful thing for the corporate sector, businesses, hey you know, Apple can use you and say we want to manifest this or that.  So, do you work with Corporate?

Allie – I don’t actually, no, but I could do yes!  It’s a lot like mindfulness, I’ve done a lot of bootcamps on You Tube, I’ve got my own You Tube channel as well, where, well I actually did them on Facebook and then they’ve been transferred to my You Tube channel.

I do a lot of Facebook Lives.

I did 31 days back to back in January, a Positivity Project and then another Positivity Bootcamp and then a Spiritual Bootcamp and stuff like that, so I kind of do a lot of stuff for Free, putting it out there and just helping people to raise their vibration, because my goal is to raise the vibration of the planet one soul at a time, to help people to understand that we’re here to live a happy and a joyus life.





Elisa – Right and when you give then that’s a circular flow and as long as you’re ok with receiving.

I’ve found that I love just giving love to people, but sometimes it gets blocked because of the way I was raised by my horrible parents, it’s like, oh, do I really deserve this love?

So, it’s really important when you give, that if you want to manifest with Law of Attraction, that you’re okay with receiving, don’t feel guilty about having abundance or material possessions or what not.

Allie – Exactly and what you are just talking about there, I’ve just created a workshop on that.

It’s called ‘A Journey to Self-Discovery & Self-Love.’

And Self Love is one of the really important factors in using the Law of Attraction.

You are worthy, everybody is worthy of love and happiness and receiving.

Elisa – Yeah!  I’ve got this idea that I’m patenting, but part of me is like *sigh!*

Every little thing I dream of is just this little pipe dream and it never comes to pass

So, that’s a real obstacle that I need to get over, otherwise you know, these little things are not going to happen. So, maybe I need to look into that.

Usually I put people’s information at the end, in a little title page on the You Tube, but I want to do it now because what if somebody is like okay I get the message – click – right before the end so why don’t you give us your contact information, website, you tube channel, whatever you need to give

Allie – Sure, okay thank you!  So, obviously I’m massive on Facebook and I would spend a lot of my time there and I’m just under Allie O’Shea and my page is public, so people can either friend me or follow me.

The same with my You Tube channel, I’m just under Allie O’Shea

Elisa – Okay, that’s easy!

Allie – Yeah, it’s easy!

And my website is

Elisa – That’s right, now I remember, that’s good

Those dogs are barking!  And one of them is a real barker

Allie – I have dogs too, so I know what it’s like!

Elisa – I have this thing, it’s not a shocker, you can use it for shocking but it just makes a little ‘beep’ sound, it doesn’t hurt, she’s a puppy, one of my son’s dogs!

Okay, so let’s get into it!

You’re a Law of Attraction Practitioner.

Let’s talk about what exactly is the Law of Attraction?

Allie – Sure, well the Law of Attraction basically states that which is like unto itself is drawn.

Your thoughts all have a vibration and everything in the Universe is Energy, so every thought that you think and the energy of emotion that you put behind it, it will manifest into your reality.

The more that you focus upon something with greater emotion, the quicker it will manifest into your reality

A lot of people don’t understand

Elisa – I know but you have to really add emotion to it, right? Like, Oh, I’m SO EXCITED about……that sort of thing

Allie – Exactly, so you were talking about something that you are really hoping and dreaming and wishing that you want to get going, so if you write it down, it’s really powerful

Elisa – Oh!!!

Allie – Yes, because the Universe does not understand the difference between what is real and what is imagined and the subconscious the same, so when you write it down, then you’re putting all of that manifesting power into it as well and writing is much more powerful than just talking about it.

So, if this thing hasn’t yet come to fruition yet for example, you could write about it in the present tense, positively about the way that you want it to be but in the present tense.  So, as if it has already happened and experienced and feel those feelings as if it has already manifested for you now.  Feel your heart beating, all of that kind of thing.

Elisa – So in my case, this little patented very simple thing, what would I write down?

Allie – Just write down something along the lines of ‘Dear Universe, I’m so happy and grateful right now that my product has come to fruition and that I have so many clients that are absolutely ecstatic about it and I’m receiving messages every day about how wonderful my product is!’

Things like that!

Really put your emotion behind it.

Elisa – Okay!!  Now what do you do after you have written it?

Do you burn it and let the ashes go in the Universe or do you put it in your pocket or you just put it?

Allie – Have a little notebook, you can journal so many different things like this, so you can re-read it if you want but obviously when you are manifesting something, the whole thing behind manifesting is that you ask the Universe, so you’ve got to imagine that you’re in a restaurant and that the waiter is asking you for your order.

You’re not just going to just tell him that you wanted your steak and some chips and not say whether you wanted skinny chips or fat chips or you’d say that you wanted your steak well-done or you wanted it rare or medium rare.

Once you have given your order to the waiter, you expect that that waiter is going to take your order to the chef and you don’t question it.

You don’t question it.

You don’t question that the chef isn’t going to fill your order right, you just expect it to come!

And it’s like that with the Universe

Elisa – Okay, so you just expect it?  You don’t question!

Allie – You just ask

Elisa – Yes, ask and you shall receive!

So, you don’t say, “well I wrote that down, I hope somebody is working on it – oh my god!

Well what if they’re not, what if the Universe was like on vacation or something or I had a brain fart and it’s not working on my thing!”

Elisa & Allie – Giggles!

Allie – It’s all about believing, it’s about practicing Active Faith and actually this is (grabs book Ask & it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks ) one of THE best books

Elisa – Oh, Esther and Jerry Hicks – WOW!

Oh I better write that down!

Allie – Yes!  So, I went to see them last year

I manifested a trip to L.A. and to Vegas & I went to see Abraham

If you ever get a chance, you should go because they’re AMAZING!

Elisa – I should really, oh my gosh, in my spare time

So, Eric, when he talked about The Law of Attraction, he described it as akin to dust bunnies under the bed, dust attracts to dust and dust and dust and I just got done cleaning a bunch of dust bunnies in this room right here behind me and all these little pieces of furniture!!

Allie – Well I have something to tell you about Eric by the way

I was told by a medium that on my 31-day January Project, there was actually somebody sitting on my couch and he came to this lady and told her it was him, that he had been watching my live videos!

Elisa – Oh!!  Cool!!!  Eric, you STALKER!!!!

Elisa & Allie – Giggles!

Elisa – Well I’m sure he nudged you this way and I’m glad he did

Allie – I don’t know, it’s bizarre, you know?!!!







Elisa – It is!  It is!

Now, lets talk about the power of thought, I mean, I don’t know if you guys out there have heard of the ‘Biology of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton, how your beliefs, your thought can actually change your DNA and make you well, make you sick, it can work on a cellular level and it’s incredible and look at remote Reiki, how these healers in this one experiment were able to shrink down this person’s bladder tumour and you could see it on ultra-sound, shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, just from their thoughts, but what that really is, is the Power of Observation, of Consciousness and the uncertainty principle, I don’t want to get into that, but you know, thought creates reality because it will collapse the wave equation and collapse a wave into a particle, as in light, wave goes to particle and particles of course are the building blocks of reality.

Allie – Sure, yes, subatomic particles

Elisa –  Right and if you don’t put your consciousness out there, you know, if we close our eyes, probably none of this exists, I don’t know, maybe?!

Allie – Yeah!  Everything was created twice, so it first has to be created in the mind and then it’s created in reality.

If you look around your home, everything in your home was first created in someone else’s mind first before it manifested into your reality!

Elisa- Yes, it’s true!  I’ve never had a designer and we should have because the design here, ah I don’t want to say!!!  It’s ok, it’s very eclectic!  I don’t have 2 coffee mugs that are alike for example!!

So anyway, talk more about how it works in any way you can

Allie – Sure, so what you were saying there about thought is totally correct and another really good book, I mean you mentioned Bruce Lipton, which is amazing as well but also John Kehoe, I’m not sure how he pronounces it

Elisa – Yeah!

Allie – He has written fantastic books, one of them is called Mind Power, but he has also got a Mind Power for Children as well I believe.

He talks about all of that, he’s absolutely amazing and how Visualization is really important and he talks about that in his book as well but obviously I would Visualization as well.

Visualization, Vision boards and Visualization in your own mind are amazing.

They’re one of the most powerful tools that we have because if you can visualize again with your emotion behind it, the quicker it can come into your reality.

Elisa – So, visualizing, thinking, feeling, the whole smear, well

Allie –  Yes! Everything

Elisa – Everything possible, what else is there besides that, maybe you can hear, maybe you can hear clapping when they open the package of whatever you have created

Allie – Exactly, so it’s your sight, your touch, your smell, your hearing, all of those things, bringing all of the emotions into play when you are doing your visualizations is really important.

What can you smell?

You’re at a fancy restaurant, can you smell the chicken cooking or if there is a barbeque or you have a drink in front of you, what does it taste like?

Is it a coffee, is it a coke, is it a wine?

All of those kinds of things and the feelings of elation that you might have if you’re around your friends having a good time, all of those kinds of things.

Elisa –  Yes and if you want to manifest love, a loving relationship, imagine yourself with the love of your life, the feelings, the thoughts, the sight, smells, etc.

Now with kids, it seems like it would be some of them may not be able to write very well, so maybe drawing pictures, colouring pictures of what they want to manifest in their life?

Allie – Sure, Absolutely, yes

People have used pictures before, I remember hearing a story about a guy who used to paint pictures and he really wanted a lover in his life and he would paint pictures but he would put himself and his partner in the pictures with their backs to the person looking at the picture

Elsa – Oh!

Allie – But somebody came in and observed the pictures and they said “if you are looking for love, you need to have your faces facing outwards together and not with your backs to us!”

Elisa – Yeah, why? Why would it be important for them to face towards us?

Allie – Because if they have their back to us, it’s almost as if you’re hiding away from the love, the other way

Elisa – Ok, okay!

Allie – Do you know what I mean?

Elisa – Yeah, I bet you he did that because he wasn’t sure what the love of his life is going to look like, you know?

Allie – Maybe!

Elisa – What if he paints the picture of somebody who looks completely different?

Allie – I don’t know if that really matters too much, but just in the concept of what you are saying with kids, it’s definitely something that they could do

Elisa – Oh yeah

Allie – They could use the Law of Attraction, in fact Mindfulness is so important for children

Elisa – Oh gosh, I think it should be taught in class, along with meditation, energy healing themselves etc, in fact my dream is to have a school, a spiritual arts school

Allie – There’s one here!  There’s one here in Ireland

Elisa – Oh my God, that’s so great, I love Ireland!

Allie – Yes!!  But I didn’t know it, when I was doing my January Project, I kept on saying I want it to be taught in schools.  Even though they kind of overlap with things like meditation and mindfulness and breathing techniques, people who have mindfulness in schools and things, they’re not really liking to say ‘The Law of Attraction’ because it can sort of be a little bit of a ‘taboo’word for them, they don’t really like to use that term!

Even Tony Robbins would call himself a motivator, but yet he would use the Law of Attraction, you know?

Elisa – Yeah, well what would you use instead?

Allie – Motivational and Inspirational, I don’t see the problem with it, but I just know that sometimes..

Elisa – Maybe the word ‘Law!’  It’s like oh my god, the Law of Attraction Police!!  I broke the Law!!

Aright so, do you work with children?

Allie – No!  I have 2 of my own children, who don’t believe very much *giggles*

Elisa – Oh, how old are they?

Allie – They’re 14 & 16

Elisa – Oh well, you know, that’s that age!  I will send Eric to haunt them, he’ll give them a little nudge!  Eric, do it man, do it!!

You were very sick for over 25 years with severe depression.

The first thing that came to my mind when you mentioned that, is that you were not on your spiritual path quite and that can cause a spiritual depression because I think you were maybe meant to do that and you wrote to me and said, you were in and out of the hospital, that you spent a month on suicide watch (girl I’ve been there).

You say that the Law of Attraction is what helped you to climb out of depression, to get out of that hole and you changed your life completely.  Tell us how that worked and what made you decide, I’m going to try this technique?

Allie – Well, it wasn’t even like that I even said I was going to try this technique.

I’d always known about the Law of Attraction.

We’d all seen the Secret 10 years ago, but I kind of knew about it before then.

Yes, I was very sick, I was 25 years on medication and in and out of psychiatric hospitals, tried to kill myself 3 times, spent a month on suicide watch, all of that.

I think when we are in that situation, we very much get into a routine of playing the victim, as horrible as it sounds, we kind of just go around and around in circles

Elisa – Well, it’s a trance sometimes, it’s like a trance being suicidal, you just can’t see any other way out sometimes.

Allie – Yeah, it’s very difficult.

So, I used The Law of Attraction.  What I did was I started reading books, like Abraham Hicks and listening to them on You Tube daily, using affirmations, visualizations and meditations.

And slowly but surely, I came off my medication under the care of my doctor.

That was last January, January 2017 I came off my medication.

I was already on my Spiritual path at that stage, but I was just like, I really want to come off this, I feel so amazing in comparison.

You know, it’s finding the clarity through the contrast, which is what people try to avoid like the plague, but we have to go through the contrast to experience the other side, which is the good side

Elisa – Yes!  I would love to get off my medication.

I’ve been on my medication since Eric died and I just HATE it, but I’m scared and guys, never cold turkey stop, any of these medications

Allie – No, no, no, no, no, I mean I did it under the care of my general practitioner.

Elisa – Yes, I’m glad you brought that up

Allie – It’s one those things, we do have to experience, you know can’t experience light without first having experienced the darkness

Elisa – Yes

Allie – And, it is possible for people to use the Law of Attraction, to use all of those things, like Meditation is SO amazing for everything, it even lowers blood pressure, it’s so good for your health

Elisa – Yes

Allie – Also, using obviously Positivity and Gratitude and Appreciation, you know and just sort of unconditionally loving people and not judging them as well

Elisa – I know, it’s so freeing

Allie – Learning about all of those things, you know, is what helped me to sort of see that there was a bigger picture outside of my little miserable section of being stuck in this depression

Elisa – Yes and the times that I’ve been a little dysphoric, I would just, ok, go out, I’d go grocery shopping and I would just start looking at people in the eye, you know how you kind of look at people, but really looking at them and saying “Good morning” or the guy in McDonalds, “Good morning, how are you today?” And when you really look at them, into their soul and not just saying “Hey, no receipts please!”  You can see their consciousness just shift.

So being kind to people, doing a random act of kindness, like paying for the guy behind in the drive through or whatever.

Allie – I’m a big advocate of that

Elisa – These can really make you feel so much better

Allie – Absolutely, I have a page actually on Facebook set up, it’s called Global Random Acts of Kindness, so that talks about exactly what you just described and it’s actually also part of my workshops.  It’s really important that we all practice random acts of kindness, paying it forward, looking at the next person because you never know when you’ll be in a situation, even just smiling, like you said at somebody, looking them in the eye and letting them know they’ve been seen today because it might be the only smile that they get that day.

Elisa – Yes, I remember this one story where this high-schooler/freshman/soft more was taking a whole bunch of books home and he dropped them all and everybody just walked past him except this one guy and he said “here let me help you” and he helped him, took him home, actually he took him to his house and had his mom feed him dinner and all that stuff.  The guy later confessed is what he had done was just removed all the books from his locker because he was planning to go home and kill himself, because he felt like nobody cared.

Allie – I’ve heard that story before, yes

Elisa – So that’s that act of kindness, I mean you know we’re all part of the collective right? So if you help someone, you help yourself, you help the collective and the same for the opposite, if you hurt someone, you hurt yourself, so people need love and yesterday I was thinking about my horrible father, sorry Jose, and I thought you know, that guy was sick, he was mentally ill, I should not be feeling resentful, I should feel compassion.  So, I’ve been working on that and it’s made me feel a lot better.

Allie – Yes, forgiving other people is really important and it’s another part of it as well, it’s a huge part.  I actually spoke to somebody about this the other day and they told me that they had a problem with somebody and how for weeks and weeks and weeks, she sent them pink light and healing love and every time she saw them she really couldn’t stand them, but then she said that one day after about three or four weeks of practicing this, really sending pink healing light and unconditional love, she said one day she just woke up and it was gone, she felt indifferent towards them. There was no hate there anymore.

Elisa – Wow, are there any mantras we can say that help?

Allie – For forgiveness?  I suppose if you are going to forgive somebody, you know what?  Vishen Lakhiani who owns Mindvalley, he has a beautiful meditation and it’s called the six-phase meditation and he does a little section within that six phases that’s about forgiveness, about you forgiving somebody

Elisa – Ooh I think I’ve had that one, yeah, I might have to revisit it again, that’s so cool.

So, do you help people who were in a situation like you?  What would you do, if they got on to your website?  How can you help them, possibly get off of medication but mainly just get out of the Myer of depression?

Allie – First of all what I would say is I am not a general practitioner, I’m not a doctor, that I would never give medical advice

Elisa – Medical advice, no

Allie – So I would say that first of all.  Yes, I think if somebody is coming to me, I would teach them all the things that I know, I would help to raise their vibration.

Raising your vibration is really important and you can do so many things to raise your vibration, for example, listening to happy music, getting out into nature, meditating, lighting some incense, burning some sage, being with your friends, doing some mindful colouring in, so many things!

Elisa – Some what? Some mindful what now?

Allie – Colouring in!

Elisa – Oh you know what Adults should do more of is colouring books.  I tried that a while ago, it was fun, feels kind of silly, but, what colour are Mickey Mouse’s ears again?!

But it was really relaxing, it was kind of like to me it was an act of meditation

Allie – It actually is!  And you know Mike Dooley from, his catchphrase is “Thoughts become things!” but he has a colouring book, which is ‘notes from the universe’ because he sends out notes from the universe every day into people’s inboxes and the colouring in book that’s what we are talking about is a mindful colouring in book for adults.

Elisa – Oh, I must write that down.

Also, I forgot to say when I was home schooling my kids, one thing we did is I had them take turns reading random acts of kindness, that guy that had that little book, he died, poor thing, but also I had them write gratitude letters anonymously to different people that they respected, like the fire department, a teacher, a friend.

Allie – Oh, that’s lovely

Elisa – They had to make sure that they would not give away who they were, so it would have much more power to it.  So, the recipient and the giver would realise there’s no ulterior motive.

Now, the way I got myself out of my last really deep depression where I was suicidal where I was like oh my god.  I was camping and for some reason, I forgot my underwear, I never forget my underwear, never, ok?!

So, the day we got to the campsite and we had to go to Walmart and get some Walmart underwear.

Then I said, “I have got to get myself out of this, I have got to get myself out of this now, I love my family” and I thought of something funny!  I said “God dang I’m not going to be caught dead in Walmart underwear, Hell no!!!” And I got up, went about my day and I was fine!

But I would also recommend stand- up comedy, that’s a good one too.  Joe Rogan is somebody who’s so good, he’s got a new Netflix special, Joe Rogan, he’s like an MMA guy or something.

Allie – I agree, yeah, comedy, anything that makes you laugh is really up there with raising your vibration.

Elisa – That’s exactly right.

Now, you’ve done all this free stuff and you’ve given back to the Universe all the time, so tell us more about that, you mentioned a little but tell us the things you offer but also what you get out of it in return, since it’s not money?

Allie – Yes, so as I said to you I did a 31-day Positivity Project in January so that was 31 days back to back of lives in January. Every day I brought them something to do with the Law of Attraction and Positivity and so what that project was supposed to do was to help to raise everybody’s vibration and help them to have a great ‘kickstart’ to 2018, you know just to help everybody and it was a fantastic time to do it, January, because people are feeling so low after having celebrations or a lot of people don’t like Christmas and they’re coming out of that time.

So, I did that and that helped SO many people, so many people.

Elisa – Nice, yes, because a lot of us who have lost loved ones, you know the holidays are kind of tough.

Allie – Absolutely, it’s a really hard time for a lot of people.  People who’ve lost loved ones as you said, like yourself, people who are on their own and are old or lonely, you know?

What I have got out of it as I say is, messages from people thanking me for helping them with their lives, that I’ve changed their lives. I’ve had So many messages from people that just have completely changed their lives through listening to my videos.  So, I did that in January, I did another one in May and then I did another one in June, I did a seven day one and a three day one.  I couldn’t do another 31 day one, it was so long.

Elisa – No!  Too much!!

Allie – And I do a lot of stuff on You Tube and Facebook for free, obviously I just go live and I teach people about the Law of Attraction and Positivity and all of those kinds of things.

It’s just really trying to help people live a better life, knowing that it’s not all what I thought it was, you know, it’s not this dark, depressive, horrible, evil, hate filled planet!  It’s actually a planet filled with love and positivity and if you choose to look at that, then that’s what you’re going to see.

Elisa – That’s right!  It’s like when you’re pregnant, all of a sudden all you see is pregnant people everywhere!  Or if you get a new car and it’s blue, you see blue cars everywhere.  So, yeah, if you look for positivity, you will find it, especially if you put yourself in a positive mood.  You know everything is light and love, even the darker side of the spectrum is love, light and love, so just remember that!

Allie – Can I just say one thing as well?

Elisa – No!  You can’t!!!  You’ve had your quota full *giggles* – of course you can!

Allie – I just want to touch on, I think it’s really important that people don’t watch the news!

Elisa – Oh, I know.  I don’t, anymore.  I’ve been watching Long Island Medium and all of that kind of stuff

Allie – Good, he follows me on Twitter!!!

Elisa – Ooh, that’s cool!  The media is part of this global elite, this new rolled order thing that’s a very negative influence in our world, I think, I think!!  What do I know?

Allie – Absolutely, well the thing with the news is that if they were to cover everything that was going on in the world and all the positive things that happen every single day, the negative stuff would just be like a blip across the screen, you wouldn’t even see it, it would just be like a blip and instead, they sort of play of people’s fears and the bad stuff. I know that that’s their job, but it’s really not a good thing because it’s so negative.

Elisa – Well yes, especially some of it is sensationalised and not as bad as people think.

I wonder if there’s a news outlet that only does positive stuff?  There probably is.

Allie – Yeah! That would be a good thing to do!

Elisa – If you guys know, put it in the comments, that I never read, because there are so many trolls, but you know, what can I say?!

So, what do you get out of this free stuff?  What do you get personally?

Allie – Every time I get a message of somebody thanking me and saying thank you so much, I just feel like my heart has been lifted and I have helped somebody and it’s an incredible feeling, so the feeling that I have helped somebody is what I get out of it.

Elisa – Exactly, yes.

You have written and recorded your own meditations.  Oh, I didn’t know that!  Talk to us a little bit about those.  How did you make those?  Are they like guided meditations?

Allie – Guided meditations, yes absolutely.  So, I have done, obviously, “I AM” are two of the most important words in the English language, the human language shall we say because God said to Moses “I AM THAT I AM” and whatever you put after those two words becomes your reality.  Every word that comes out of your mouth is an affirmation, so one of my most ‘liked’ meditations would be I AM.  So, I have an I AM.  It’s literally affirmations about I AM.  I AM wonderful, I AM amazing, I AM exuberant, I AM successful, I AM creative, etc, and it’s got wonderful music to it.  Then I have

Ho’oponopono, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it

Elisa – Oh yes!  That’s just fun to say right there.

Allie – Yeah, I know!  *giggles*

Elisa – It’s right there with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

You said I AM but what other ones?

Allie – The Ho’oponopono one is “I love you, thank you, I’m sorry, please forgive me”

Dr. Hew Len, the story behind that, so I’ve written and recorded a version of that and within that meditation you go back to your inner child and you connect with your inner child and you forgive yourself for any wrong doing that you’ve done to your inner child, for example, being too critical of yourself growing up,  things like – you’re a bad child, it’s all that self-love and unworthiness that we give to ourselves that you’re going back in and correcting.

Ho’oponopono has a very beautiful story behind it with Dr. Hew Len who was a psychiatrist in a prison in Hawaii and actually cured a bunch of criminally insane patients without ever seeing them in his office, using Ho’oponopono.

Elisa – What???

Allie – He used the clearing technique on himself, yeah, it’s insane but everything is a reflection of us, so everything that we are putting out, we’re getting back.  So no matter what happens to you, if somebody is rude to you, it’s because you’ve got rudeness going on in your own vibration, if somebody is angry with you the same, I know it can be really hard to grasp for a lot of people but there are certain things that are going on.

It’s like if you go out in the car and you get caught up in bad traffic and you’re going “oh my god, I wish they’d move, I need to get to wherever and you’ve therefore really brought it into your awareness and then you have put all this emotion behind it, negative as it is, you are manifesting more of that along your journey, so wherever you go, you’re going to be behind slow drivers or people who can’t drive properly or whatever.  This is what it’s like, you’re holding it in your vibration.

Elisa – Yes, instead say “oh that person’s going slow!”  Maybe it’s a little old lady who’s a little unsure of where she’s going and just have compassion.

And I love, Eric said this, I think, when you want to say, “oh no!” just say “oh well!” instead!

How do you spell that Ho’oponopono?  It reminds me of that fish in Hawaii that starts with H, but anyway how do you spell that

Allie – Ho’oponopono, it’ amazing, so I’ve done that, I’ve actually just released a meditation, a new one for anxiety, to help people with anxiety, so that’s my new one, but it’s only available to download on my website.  Most of my other ones are all freely available on my You Tube Chanel.

I’ve written an abundance one, I originally called it the magic box, but it’s a Money Tree meditation, to help to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life.

Elisa – That’s great!

Allie – Yes what else have I done?  I’ve done more of a visualization, a sky scraper visualization that was based off the book that Jack Canfield wrote.  I’m not sure of the name of the book.

Elisa – Canfield, yeah, he’s the one who did Soup for the Soul

Allie –  That guy, yeah, but it was a different book, but basically it’s a visualization letting you see how your mind can create so many different scenarios, such as the boogie man under the bed or whatever, so I’ve done a visualization from that as well.  Then obviously I’ve got all my affirmations and things like that, so I’ve got Self-Love affirmations and Health-Healing transformation meditation affirmations.

There’s tons up there, I can’t even remember half of them!

Elisa – I can’t wait to go check it out.

Now, back to the Self-Love thing, when you were saying things like “I AM wonderful,” I imagined myself saying that and oh it made me feel like I don’t know man!  I don’t know!  But I’m thinking how critical I’ve been of my inner child, but I and others have to realise that that’s probably not your thought!  That is probably your parents or your peers or your siblings and you got to decide is it really what I think?  Is that really my belief?

Allie – Exactly, yes!

Elisa – You know, did that come from me or someone else? Society or the media?

Allie – That’s the thing with it and you’re totally 100% correct because your sub-conscious mind actually runs 95% of your life

Elisa – Yeah

Allie – Therefore, when you are a child, up to about the age of six, I think it is, you’re in theta mode so your brain is in theta mode and so you’re absorbing like a sponge everything that everyone else is telling you and you’re taking these as your beliefs

Elisa – It’s in what mode?  I’m sorry what did you say?

Allie – Theta mode

Elisa – Oh yeah, theta mode, okay

Allie – Lol, Tomato/Tomatoe!

Elisa – Exactly right, you know when you said 95% of your subconscious, it came to me like the Titanic Iceberg, right?  There’s a little tip of ice and there’s your subconscious underneath which is about 90% of the mind.

Allie – The thing with affirmations and the way affirmations work, so those self-love affirmations would be wonderful for you because they’re not your thoughts, they’re stuff that you’ve picked up along you’re your trail,  or that people have said to you and then you have re-enforced them with your own thoughts, so with affirmations what you are essentially doing is reprogramming your brain, but it takes between 21 & 30 days to reprogramme your subconscious brain or your subconscious mind.

That is why you would do them for at least 30 days and for some people, it will take longer, it depends on how engrained those beliefs are in their subconscious.

You know a belief is just a thought you keep thinking and thoughts can be changed.

Elisa – Yeah, wow!  That’s interesting, a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, that sends chills, that’s amazing.  That’s very powerful, wow!

Allie – Yes that’s one of Abraham Hick’s favourite sayings

Elisa – Yes, we have power over our thoughts and therefore our beliefs.

It’s so crazy that we just don’t realise that.

You have also collaborated with some pretty amazingly well-known people called, Jason Stephenson, is he related to Ian Stephenson, the one who started to try to disprove past lives but in his studies, he became a believer

Allie – No, I don’t think so, no.

Elisa – Oh it’s spelled the same way!  Jason is pretty famous for his sleep channel and also for the amazing meditations he has done.  Be quiet dog!  You have also collaborated with Tony Doyle who has worked with the late, great Wayne Dyer, who we channelled on our panel and so fourth and he has worked with Trent Shelton and Justin Perry.  Do you want to talk about any of those?  Any or all?

Allie – Jason Stephenson is actually somebody that I recommended, he was someone that I would have listened to for years, meditation wise and he has 1 million subscribers on You Tube, he has about 3 sleep channels.  I used to recommend him in my ‘live workshops’ and then when I brought them online, I would always recommend him.

Funnily enough, a guy who put me in one of his songs ‘Loot Byron Smith’ said that he was friends with Jason on Facebook and that I should send him a friend request and so I did and nearly 9 months later, we’re like best friends, he’s like the long lost brother I never had, he rings me about 3 times a week, he lives in Australia so the time zones a bit of a pain, but he’s amazing at what he does, that’s what my main point here is, he’s absolutely brilliant, he writes the most beautiful meditations.

He now has his own channel as well, it’s called, eh it’s very like my website name which is expansivesouls, but it’s Life Expansion, is his channel.

Elisa – What’s it called?

Allie – It’s called Life Expansion

Elisa – Life?  It broke up again! God!

Allie – Life Expansion

Elisa – Life Expunsion

Allie – Expansion!!!

Elisa – Expansion, what are you expunging from your life?!

Allie –  So he goes live like I do now, funnily enough I inspired him to go live again because he had stopped doing lives and then he watched me, so that’s fantastic!

Elisa – Oh good!

Allie – So he does brilliant Spiritual lives as well on You Tube and on Facebook as well

Elisa – Tell people his name again because it broke up a little bit

Allie – Sure, his name is Jason Stephenson and he’s in Australia and I call him ‘The Meditation Guru of the World!’

Elisa – Awesome

Allie – He has 100’s of guided meditations and they are sensational

Tony Doyle is somebody who asked to work with me and I was very privileged, and we are now creating workshops together.  He lives in America, he’s a Mind Valley Coach so he you know works with Vishen Lakhiani

Elisa – Oh yes, yeah!

Allie – He’s got loads of different companies and he works for non-profit organisations.  He has also worked with Trent Shelton who is a relationship kind of guy on You Tube, I haven’t watched that much of Trent, but he’s worked with him and he’s worked with Justin Perry from ‘You are Creators’ which is a MASSIVE Law of Attraction You Tube channel as well.

So I’m very privileged to have worked on a different level with these guys, I’ve interviewed both of them, the interviews are up on my You Tube channel, myself and Jason and myself and Tony

Elisa – Well hook them up with me, if they want to, I’ve already interviewed Wayne

Allie – Lovely, I will do, thanks

Elisa – If either of them want to be interviewed or on the radio show, that’d be cool

We’d get you on the radio show, if you could bear with the time difference, if you can’t, that’s fine.

Allie – Yes, well they will watch this because once you send me the link, I’ll post it all over my Facebook

Elisa – Okay!  Now, you’ve also been honoured to be put in a song by Loot Bryon Smith, who is apparently huge on You Tube.  I’ve heard of him and his music in which he interprets the Law of Attraction, tell me about that.  That’d be Awesome!  That’s on your You Tube channel too?  Or only on his?

Allie – I’m not sure, I think it is on mine but it’s on his 3E, Empowered, Enlightened, Evolved is his You Tube channel and his name is Loot Byron Smith.

He’s just a beautiful soul

Elisa – Aw

Allie – Yes, so he put me in a song called ‘Vibration’

Elisa – Oh, okay!

Allie – It’s really cool and so I’m mentioned in the same sentence as Abraham Hicks and Allie O’Shea and then I talk at the end of the song as well.

Elisa – I’m trying to figure out where to note this so I can find it and put it in the, but it doesn’t say how many minutes in we are, aw! Ah, ok.

Allie – About 50

Elisa – Okay, 50, yeah.  Is his first name really Loot?  I like that!!

Allie – No, his real name is Bryon

Elisa – Wow, what an honour, man!

Allie – Yeah, I mean it’s amazing and it’s a beautiful song, I love it.  His music isn’t for everybody, it’s kind of rappy!

Elisa – Oh, I love rap

Allie – Yes but not for everybody but it’s the essence of what he puts in his songs and what his songs are about that make it so magical and just, you’ll fall in love with him!

Elisa – Oh, that’s Awesome!

That’s another thing, music and dancing can really raise your vibration.  Now I wouldn’t dance personally in front of anybody because oh my god, I am so awful, just like my son Eric, but apparently Michael Jackson is teaching him a thing or two, hopefully!  *giggles*

But, yeah, dancing and listening to music that really sings to your heart, that would exclude for me, super heavy metal or the ones where they scream, screaming types or really sing pated jazz

Allie – Yes, do you know the reason and actually heavy metal music isn’t good for you because if you have ever seen Dr. Emoto’s water experiment, where he took water from different places, you know and put it in the freezer and they made crystals according to whatever music was playing, so they made dark crystals for the heavy metal music and they were beautiful snowflakes for the nice music, you know, so words are really important.

Elisa – Oh, I love that, I love that book and the experiment where he had water with rice, I think the rice was cooked.  One he said ‘I love you’ to, the other he ignored and the other he said hateful things to and after a certain time, the one that was said nice things to turned into beautiful sacchi and the others, I can’t remember which was worse, I think it was actually the one that was ignored.

Allie – Yeah, I can’t remember either but that was a fascinating experiment as well

Elisa – So that shows you, thoughts create reality people!

Allie – Yeah, words are really important and actually he said that the words on the packets of cigarettes, like smoking kills are probably more detrimental than the cigarettes themselves!

Elisa – Wow, oh my gosh!

So as we close, is there anything else that you want people to learn about you and how you can help them, what services you can provide and to what types of people?  Corporations and children would be an awesome thing really or the military.  You know the military is kind of into meditation now.

Allie – Yes, so I can help anybody, it doesn’t matter who they are, gender, sex, race, religion, it doesn’t make a difference I can help anybody.  I coach people one on one using the Law of Attraction as well, so I do provide that service.

On my website I have Law of Attraction Modules, so Modules 1-4, explaining basically the tools that I use, so we cover Meditation, raising your vibration, gratitude and appreciation, visualization, positivity, affirmations, emotions, protecting your energy field, manifesting your soul mate, manifesting in general, all of those kinds of wonderful things.  They are available to purchase on my website which again is

Also the new workshop that I have just created ‘A Journey to Self-Discovery & Self Love,’ because again that is all part of the Law of Attraction and using it in your life to better your life, to stop you from having those blocks, to help you to create wonderful, magnificent things that you want to manifest into your life.

Then I also have a Crystal workshop because I used to own an Angel & Crystal shop with my husband, it’s called ‘An Introduction to Crystals.’

It’s learning how to use them, how to energise them, how to cleanse them and certain crystals and their meanings and what they can do for you.

Elisa – That’s so cool!  There’s so much on your website!

You know maybe I should try the module on Self-Love and also at least one of the modules of the Law of Attraction ones, then I can come back when you’re on the radio show and give you a proper support, if that would be helpful to you, maybe?

Allie – Yes, well I will just send them to you.  The only thing is if you use your iPad, just to let you know, people have had issues, not because it’s my website, that’s nothing to do with it, but when you download stuff on your iPad or your iPhone now, it goes off into the cloud and people can’t find it, so you’ve got to create this files folder to download it to.  I don’t know whether you know about that or whether you have an iPhone, but if you do, when I send it to you, if you’re having any problems, just get in touch and we’ll explain how to do it.

Elisa – Oh, I know exactly what you’re talking about, but I would do it on my computer anyway.

Allie – Yes, well for those people who do, it’s nothing to do with my website!!  It’s just Apple!!!!

Elisa – Yeah, you guys don’t blame her!

Allie – So I’ll send you the ‘Journey to Self-Discovery’ workshop

Elisa – Okay and then we’ll try that but also I do want to and I don’t mind paying for it, because of this project I’m working with, try whatever you think is appropriate of the Law of Attraction ones to attract success for this project, for this product that I want to patent?

Allie – I’ll just send you the four modules and you can do them whenever you want, they’ll just be there on your computer for whenever you want to use them

Elisa – Okay, but I’ll try the self-love first and then I’ll have a full report back to you guys and part of self-love is not reading y’all’s troll comments, oh my god, you understand what I mean, right?

You always see a lot of good ones and then all of a sudden, boom, there’s one that sucks you dry and it was so hard for me early on when I just had lost Eric and I was like “Really, really?  You want to be an asshole to a broken woman? Jesus!”

Allie – Yeah, we’ve got to focus only on what you want though, you have got to remember that, so skip by those other ones, delete them, do what you’ve got to do

Elisa – No, I just don’t even look at them

Allie – Send them love, send them love!

Elisa – Send them love!  That’s what I do, when I do stumble on them.

Thank you so much!  I’m so excited about this and I’m so excited for your future and let’s get in touch, how long do you think it will take me?  30 days I guess, right?

Allie – For which, the affirmations?

Elisa – Yeah and the Self-Discovery Module

Allie – Oh, okay, so that is a video file, it’s me going through a power point presentation on video, so it will probably take you about an hour

Elisa – Oh, okay.  Let’s see and maybe I’ll do the affirmations too and maybe in a month you connect with me and we’ll go on the show, if you can, set your alarm for like, I don’t know what time, oh my god

Allie – So you’re six hours behind me

Elisa – Okay

Allie – What time is your show at?

Elisa – It’s 6pm and right now it’s 12 noon, almost

Allie – Ok it’s 6pm here but that would mean I would be doing it at 12pm midnight, it’s do-able for me, I’m up late anyway

Elisa – Ok, well you could take a little nap first!

Alright, thank you Allie and I love your accent.

Allie – Thank you so much, it’s been lovely to meet you and thank you so much for having me on your show, I appreciate it

Elisa – It’s an honour, a real honour

I will send you the file

Allie – Thank you so much Elisa, have a lovely day

Elisa – Thank you darling, you too

Allie – Bye

Elisa – Bye bye

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