Erik on Time Travel

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And now for the session on time travel courtesy of medium, Michelle Gray. Check her site out, too. As per usual, the transcript follows!

Elisa: Hello Michelle, again.

Michelle: Hello.

Elisa: And longtime no see, and hello Erik, I still love you, since like 30 minutes ago.

Erik: I still love you too Mama.

Elisa: We just did a session on magic and magicians but now we’re going to talk about something else that might be magical and that’s time travel. A lot of people ask about time travel, can you, well if there’s no time, if there’s a linear time and that the human construct then that makes a little more complicated, but Eric I’ll give you the floor.

Erik: That’s right, so time is not linear past the third-dimension earth, of where we are right now. Time travel however is something that happens. Everyday. Has always happened or what we consider time travel and that’s done within our consciousness. And that is the most prominent everyday always happens when we consider time travel, now the time travel that most people want to hear about is the type, that do we, are we able to step into black holes? Are we able to disappear in a mirror and be in another place? Is that something. Are people coming from other times and travelling into our universe right now. That’s a lot of what controversy and what people are talking about right now. There’s kind of a yes and no to both those theories, which one did you want to talk about first?

Elisa: Well, are there humans that have come in from the future into our time now? Has that happened?

Erik: No, not physical, not physical humans. So let’s remember that also within what we consider time, is again this is human language that we are putting on this but that we have dimensions and there are beings that exist on other dimensions and those beings can come back and forth and they can come from other times but it doesn’t happen as in another being that’s alive in another time cannot physically come through it from from any dimension.

Elisa: Are there any beings from each division or universe there can. Yes, they can. Yes, they can go back and forth through time.

Erik: There are, yes there are beings but the human being. The human being cannot ` physically, physically you, say open a closet and walk through in the way that we would think. Yeah but interdimensional travel is very real.

Elisa: By humans.

Erik: Not in the ways other beings can, in spirit. The energy body.

Elisa: Well we could astral travel, I guess we can guess we could connect our consciousness to different places but also to different times?

Erik: Yes. Yes.

Elisa: Okay, just focus our consciousness on another time like 1884, he I come.

Erik: There are people that are very very practiced with their astral travelling and they’re consciously going to places and seeing things in their astral travel but that does take focus and practice to get to that point.

Elisa: I would never do that at all.

Erik: You could mom you could.

Elisa: So. So, these other beings that can cross the time barrier and dimensions. They can do it with a physical body or like us only with consciousness or in spirit.

Michelle: Okay so he’s saying that like he’s showing me E. T’s. There are some beings that do physically come right into the earth that they are coming from, that they’re able to, oh okay so.

Erik: Their technology is much further advanced than ours. A lot of them. And so, they are able to move from one area of the Cosmo’s or one dimension into another physically, that

they can do that. That the human race does not have the capability to do that in this same way. That being said he said that.

Michelle: Okay, this is going to get a little complicated. An E.T could take a human body and could take it to another dimension with the way that they travel.

Elisa: Come here to the Mother ship little dearie.

Erik: So that is possible.

Elisa: Yeah. Well tell me about the technology they have. How does it work.

Michelle: He was just showing me like a film and he said it’s almost like a spray and it’s a film that they have they can go around them. And he said that you would think of it as their minds program where they’re going and this film can teleport them can teleport like an entire ship say, where were you know whatever their carrier you actually shows me. There’s a lot of smaller little they look like upside down bonnets, they’re kind of higher around here little capsules and said that they in travel with those. And he also said to that there are a lot of sightings of this type of activity happening right now and that will continue. A lot of that will continue. But he said that is Oh okay. There’s other beings he said from other dimensions that can also travel. And he says that they do it with their consciousness but the physical body can travel. Okay

Erik This is like an E.T. as well.

Michelle: Okay. So that would fall under the E.T. and anything else is like a with an energy body.

Elisa: Okay. All right, but how does it feel and do it, maybe they have to to go from point A B, but Maybe they do something with space or time. So that they can cross it faster.

Michelle: So now I don’t have the scientific language to point to this but Erik shows me little particles and he says that they shrink and they flip. The particles. So, this spray he’s showing me how it shrinks right down to like these little pieces and they flip them away from this side you can’t see it from this side it goes in to where it goes. So, he says it’s. It’s not like an invisible film.

Elisa: OK.

Erik: It changes the form it, so they have gotten to the point where they’re able to transmute their energy as it is and transform it into something else that is how they are able to travel, however that makes it easier for it to travel.

Elisa: Travel in the in the literal sense, like let’s get in the car and go on a Sunday drive, or is it travel in a way that they can just transmute their energy and pop up in another place.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: Beam me up Scotty. Okay, Okay.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: So, they don’t do anything with the time space fabric per se.

Erik: No. It is literally, like there is no actual physical movement to go somewhere and just as all the dimensions and what we consider the universe and everything, universes are all on top of each other.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: What you would consider heaven is considered to be the Seventh Dimension and it’s about four inches up off the ground.

Elisa: Yeah, and I understand, Erik a long time ago said heaven is pretty much right on top of this and all these dimensions are swirled like a chocolate vanilla ice cream cone. That makes a different as far as going from one dimension to the next.

Michelle: And so just as you said that he shows me the particles again and just how when you said as it swirls it’s like the particles transform and are able to move into wherever it is that you’re going. And he says it’s very very difficult to quit human language.

Elisa: I can imagine.

Erik: We have concepts. So, Michelle is doing a pretty good job.

Elisa: Yeah, considering who you’re working with.

Michelle: Where he said is that it is that this is something time travel is actually something that is being worked on, that science is working on there’s a lot of focus to this. He also said too that there are a lot of metaphysical focus in the metaphysical community about time travel there’s a real interest in the now.

Elisa: Well, does a government have the extra-terrestrial knowledge of the crystals or what is the diamond, the spray or anything like that. So, they have the technology.

Erik: They don’t have all the technology they do have advanced technology. They do have some, there has been some physical trial, not actually going into another location but they do have some sort of technology that they are playing with they do are aware of, it’s not known to the public. They also do have extra terrestrial information, it’s like there’s some sort of a contract between a community and E. T community, does have a contract and it feels like it’s some.

Michelle: Would you say. So, like they want to observe they want to have more access in the world were more access to certain things. He says metal certain types of metal or something and that the government provides them with this shield basically too hide so they do in return and he says this is just he’s just trying to package it for understanding for us but that they trade these things. And so that they have advance information and that they are scientists that they do specifically have scientists that work with these ET’s and this is all very quiet.

Elisa: That’s coo, well the shield that hides them, is that alien technology or human technology?

Erik: That’s alien technology.

Elisa: I figured. Does it do or does every president know about all this stuff. Privy to it, like does Trump know that this exists.

Erik: Yes, he he’s aware of it. He’s not even, he doesn’t spend a lot of time in that direction.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: He’s aware of it. He knows it exists. He’s poked his nose in. So, to say or so to speak, but he’s not really focused on that he doesn’t have a heavy belief system.

Elisa: Yeah. I’ve got other problems to deal with.

Erik: So, he’s not really, but that there are other presidents. Russian the Russian President.

Elisa: Putin?

Erik: Yes. In the UK.

Elisa: Meighen. (??)

Michelle: Is it Kim Jong or no, who’s that one. Son.

Elisa: Kim Jong un.

Michelle: Yes, yes. he had some knowledge. And I will say that it doesn’t feel like a lot of knowledge because I think the U.S has a little more information than the other ones do.

Elisa: So, I don’t want, you know nefarious people to have that technology. So, when will it be available, when the entire public or most of it know about this technology and time travel?

Erik: The way things are unfolding right now, there is the tipping scale of the balance of the consciousness and awareness of E.T.’s being real and being very much a part of our universe and he is starting to grow. It looks like there is about, there’s a 30 year.

Elisa: 30 came right to my mind, before you said that.

Erik: Yeah, a 30-year growth, it’s like a crescendo. So, it’s how we’re seeing it right now is it coming out in personal, bits and bits here and there. So, we’re starting to see with the help of the Internet, we’re starting to see people connecting and having these experiences sharing these YouTube videos. So, then it becomes the people start to override the media and start to say wait a minute here, like what’s going on. This is actually happening and you’re trying to shut it down. People are slowly going to continue to rise above and you’re really going notice this in the next two years were really going to see a different.

Elisa: Why would the media want to hide this from the public?

Erik: It’s not all media but the government does have some connection to some of the media outlets and there are things in place for damage control. That do see ahead because there’s a fear of the population becoming scared, and you know, There is and they are trying to avoid that. But he says that there’s also unfortunately a greater amount of it being power and control and not wanting people to know really what is going on in them wanting to have control of how it rolls out because the government is well aware. That people are going to find out that they’re not going to be able to keep this secret.

Elisa: Of course not.

Erik: They already know, so they are trying to implement and have put things in place to in their minds, control thing.

Elisa: Well what kind of things? Maybe just name one thing that they’re putting in place.

Michelle: So, Eric just showed me like a press conference with already like a conversation. This is already under control, this is being taken care of. This is not a major concern like already they have all these things in place to comfort society. But he says what’s going to happen is the challenges when to turn more of like he says a lot of whistleblowing.

Elisa: Leakers.

Michelle: Yeah yeah and there will be enough of that, and he said but not only that he goes the real change happens with each individual that accepts and opens this and opens their consciousness to it. He says the energy that is in the universe right now is what supports that.

Elisa: Okay.

Michelle: He says that’s just going to keep going too so he says in 30 years things are going to look very different. But it’s not all going to happen at once.

Elisa: Okay. What wormholes? Can we travel through wormholes either the physical body or just our energetic body and if so what does that do?

Erik: Yes, they are, You can. More of an energy body though.

Michelle: But he is showing me a human body. It actually looks like an energy body taking it through like a spiritual body the physical body cannot go through wormholes that it’s a.

Elisa: I bet it don’t look pretty on the other end. Oh my god it’s like going through a garbage disposal probably.

Erik: It’s more of something that one’s astral body or consciousness would experience. But I also just want to say to that this could be a whole topic in itself. But there are blips, they’re like. Shorts or the fabric of the makeup of the universe and the energy all around us can sometimes be affected by whether it’s the solar or solar storms moon cycles there’s all kinds of things can make a blip just like an energy circuit for your hydro would blip out and this is when we get that feeling of lost time or you know there are some things that are personal

but then you’ll have a lot of people start to experience one thing at once, gee this week went by really fast drive, or I can even remember Wednesday those things aren’t really your bodies traveling somewhere. There are these blips in the energy of the universe. This is also something that science understands, not understands but they know that there is more to it.

Elisa: What does that have to do with wormholes, Erik.

Erik: That because science is looking at those types of experiences as the body actually going somewhere it’s not really liked the body goes somewhere, energetically it can, but consciously but the body can lose time but it’s (inaudible).

Elisa: Okay. Would it be bad if you had the technology to go back in time consciousness or whatever? And read, you know what the price of an apple is then you go and make trades would that change the whole, you know space time continuum or what would happen if people did that?

Erik: So, he says if, if it were a physical thing and its kind of can be done right now in the sense that consciously you can travel back and change things. It’s actually a.

Elisa: Of can you see the future and find out what sports next week, will the (inaudible) win or lose or what will the price of such such be and then go ahead make your trade or your bets.

Erik: Wouldn’t that be nice because could there be a lot of people cashing in winning lottery, if that were the case. If that were possible to physically do that, yeah, people could get into it. There’s a reason why it doesn’t happen the way it does. There’s a reason why, traveling in time physically is something that will be available at some point. There’s still going to be things that can and cannot be done.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: Because it’s the same as there’s contracts in life. If you did do that let’s say and let’s say you did go ahead and you wanted to know the winning tickets for the next however many games or whatever you bet on them because you winning that could change somebody else that was supposed to win it or it could change like there’s different without going in too many directions but there’s so many different things that could be affected by this one. So, the way it’s going to be is it’s almost like laws of the universe and it’s not that you aren’t able to do things but if you do.

Elisa: The dominoes tip and.

Erik: Yeah yeah. So, it goes just the same as right now you can cheat.

Elisa: There’s this one dude, I think he’s won the lotto seven times. And I’m wondering if he’s doing something like that or maybe he’s just lucky.

Erik: You can remote, there’s a lot of things that you can do, because where people get caught up with time travel is they keep thinking of their body.

Elisa: Yeah because you can remote with your consciousness.

Erik: All of this stuff is possible you can go into location, there’s a lot of very talented people that are able to you know, use their ability to go into locations remotely and view all kinds of things. But again, that’s something that’s practice and society has this little bit of a habit of jumping on the instant gratification, I want to do right now. But.

Elisa: But if this guy won seven times he must have gone remotely into when the balls dropped and the number was written and then scribbled out his tickets, he’d have to go in the future to get that.

Erik: Yes, and yes but that probability for him that would be what was, think to Mom, this could be a contract for him.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: Understand that this could be something that he’s doing and he’s being allowed to win because that’s the experience he’s here to have too. There is a lot the different probability.

Elisa: I know he got my ticket. Two quick questions I think we answered this one maybe. If you go back in the past remotely and if we change things, let’s say we could by then use our bodies whatever. Will that significantly change the future. And vice versa because the future change something will that change the present and the past.

Erik: That depends on what it was that was being changed.

Elisa: But it’s possible.

Erik: Yeah it could. It could happen. Yes. Yes. It’s possible.

Elisa: Let’s say I was too good to go in the past right now and walk into your room and take the gun to your hands. What would have happened?

Erik: I may not have died at that moment but he says I still would have died.

Elisa: Yeah. Last question. Will we ever have like a time machine that you see on Buck Rogers or whatever.

Michelle: He just showed me the Doctor Who. The Doctor Who booth.

Elisa: Oh yeah right.

Michelle: And he just showed himself walking through it. He said. It’s going to be more of a door. He said this is going wait a bit into the future he said.

Elisa: I bet.

Michelle: And he says it’s. Like a port and he’s actually showing people lining up to go through it. It almost looks like going through TSA.

Elisa: Oh my God.

Michelle: It doesn’t feel quite.

Elisa: (making laser noises), people moving through a scanner. All right.

Michelle: Everyone’s got their little luggage and stepping up.

Elisa: I know right, no more than three ounces of liquids on a carry on. All right, Michelle thank you, thank you Erik, you guys can connect with her at and I will put that right here. Bye.

Michelle: Bye.

Elisa: I love you Erik, I love you Michelle.

Erik: I love you Mama.

Michelle: I love you. Bye.

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