Karen Swain on Deliberate Creation

Before we go to the main event, I want to let you guys know that Erik’s AMAZING book is only $8 and change, so buy a copy for your beach read. Hey, buy copies for all your friends and relatives, too because it WILL change their lives for the better. If you can’t afford it, check out your local library because they might have a copy or two! It comes in all conceivable formats on Amazon and other online bookstores and it’s in some brick and mortar stores, too. 


Also check out my book that journals my arduous journey from skeptic to believer. It would be a great book to give the skeptic in your life and is also very inexpensive and available in all formats. 


Now for a fun story. I’ve heard it’s true: A prim and proper white lady was sitting in the economy class in a plane. Shortly after she sat down and put her seatbelt on, an African gentleman dressed in elegant clothes typical of his origins sat next to her. She clearly looked very perturbed and motioned for the flight attendant. “How can I help you, Miss?” asks the attendant. Motioning to the African man, she whispered, “I am NOT sitting next to THAT!” The poor guy looked flummoxed by her racism. The flight attendant replied, “Well, let me see if I have any openings in first class.” The woman nodded proudly, leering at her seat companion while the attendant left to check. When she returned, she said, “You’re in luck! We do have an opening.” As the racist piece of shit rose proudly out of her seat with an imperious scowl, the flight attendant motioned to the African gentleman and said, “Come with me, sir. Your first class seat awaits.” LOVE stories like this.

So, I’m trying to figure out if I should start the radio show again. Can you help by answering this quick poll?

I know it’s Memorial Day, and I usually don’t post on holidays, but I love what this amazing soul, Karen Swain, has to say. Check it out:

Please be very careful this holiday, and don’t forget to take a moment to honor those who serve in our military and the countless soldiers who have died to keep us free. It’s not all about hotdogs, hamburgers, picnics in the park and waterskiing, you know.

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