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I know it’s not usual for me to post on a Saturday, but I really need your help. I have shared this petition for several days and only have 160 signatures! I truly believe that screening children in school once in elementary school, once in middle school and once in high school will prevent children with mental disorders from falling through the cracks and allow them to get the early intervention they so justly deserve. Think of how many children it could save from misery or even suicide! Think of the school shootings it could prevent! Please, please, please CARE and SHARE! 

Click HERE to sign!

Since I’m posting, I might as well share a couple of Erik stories:

Story #1

Today, August 2, 2017 is my birthday. I am 64 years old. I feel very fortunate to have lived this long. Most all of my family is now in Spirit, except for one brother who is one year younger than I and who is also a Leo. I am semi-retired, but still play piano for Byars Baptist Church and organ on Saturdays for Little Flower Catholic Church in Oklahoma City. I grew up in Midwest City, moved to Oklahoma City to work after years of college, and then to Ada to finish my degree in Sacred Music. While I lived in Oklahoma City I attended Central Spiritualist Church which no longer exists. I played piano for them for years and even tried my hand at giving messages which people seemed to appreciate. I never thought of myself as skilled in that area, but always had a definite interest in the subject. I read a great number of books related to Spiritualism and continuation of Spirit life. I was never so fascinated! I just finished the book of The Afterlife of Billy Fingers and am finishing My Life After Death by Erik. I have never read such a detailed account before. I have read other books with some detail, but moment by moment on Erik’s part has been awesome to read. I want to continue in my quest for personal experience and
expression in mediumship. At one point I thought I had automatic handwriting happening for me, but then it seems to have subsided. I encourage all those who have interest to look into these areas with confidence and zest for life here and the hereafter! If I have an encounter with Erik, indeed, I will look
forward to it!

Let us know how you’re progressing with your mediumship!

Story #2

Hi. I’ve been following the Channeling Erik videos on YouTube for quite some time now, and I’ve bought copies of “My Son and the Afterlife” for friends and family. A few months ago I was feeling pretty down. I was remembering stupid things I did as a teenager and feeling a lot of regret. Just for the hell of it, I said something to the effect of “Erik, if you’re really there man, give me a sign that everything will be okay, that I dont need to feel so bad about myself. Just a little something I’ll recognize…”

I have to give you a little back-story real quick: A family member of mine had this horrible electric toothbrush with this disgusting black mildewy stuff growing on the handle. I couldn’t stand the sight of it, much less bring myself to touch it, but they wouldn’t throw it away for the longest time!

So, late one night I go to the bathroom. I’m checking my look in the mirror for a minute or so (a little private vanity is okay, right? lol). The next thing that happened is really, really weird. I turned my head and looked at the horrible toothbrush. The exact moment my eyes made contact with the electric toothbrush, it somehow switched itself on!!!!!!! It scared the living **** out of me!!! I’d never seen or heard of such a thing happening before! Here’s the funny part: I had to force myself to touch the disgusting thing in order to turn it off! LOL

Straight away, I though “Erik? Is that you??”. I have a feeling he was laughing his a** off at me at that moment. I can appreciate a good prank, and I quickly saw the humour in it. Nice work, Erik! You got me dude! LOL

I hope you threw it away!

Featured image courtesy of Hudson Medical Center

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