Sorry about not posting yesterday. My husband and I are camping in Boerne, Texas with our grand daughter, Arleen! Here’s a wonderful post from Kate. 

I ask Erik to help me find pictures by getting him to give me key words to search, then he chooses the photo when it comes up.  He picked the Jesus Laughing one, which is actually one of my favourites too.  I thought it was an interesting choice – why a religious figure?  Why Jesus?  Erik replied:  Because Jesus loves to laugh!

Erik, I’m going to ask you straight up:  is there more to your pranks that just letting it be known that you’re around?

(smirk – no response)

I love that humour is part of it.  A friend of mine just emailed this story, just a few weeks after the death of her father:

“You will love this – so probably about 4 or 5 months ago I was having a conversation with my Dad and 2 of my sisters.  We were talking about death, and I point blank asked my Dad , “When you get to the other side, if you find out that you can connect with us will you?”  He said yes, of course he would – so we started talking about what he could do that would not scare us but would be an absolute confirmation that it was him.

After much discussion we decided that if he can change the channel when we were together watching TV, we would know without a doubt that it is him.  So guess what?  Yep!!  This weekend, we sat down to watch The Walking Dead – when the TV channel changed to my Dad’s favorite news broadcast – we looked at each other and started laughing, “Thanks Dad!  Glad you’re here with us!!!”

(Erik busts a gut) Yeah, she’s my friend too!  You know, I helped coach him in that, ha ha haa!

Yeah I thought of you – Just the “Walking Dead” part of it is hilarious, and it adds this extra lift to the energy around it.  I love how much laughter your pranks bring into people’s lives.  Is there something more behind that, than simply the funny moment?

At first it was all about making sure they *knew* it was me.  So that’s where I got my “personal style” of haunting. (breaths on his fingernails, rubs them on his dirty looking t-shirt)   And it just (amused the hell) out of me to play with all these new ways of manipulating electrical currents and matter. (gives me a “mad scientist” Erik in a white lab coat laughing maniacally at shorting out a car’s starter, making them late for work.) It was the very first thing I learned how to do, (next to hugging).

But yeah, is there a grander spiritual thing to it?  Sometimes, it’s just to remind people what it’s like to laugh, or crack a smile, remember the feeling of it  (if not the feeling of being happy, the physical feeling of laughter in the body, gives me the feeling of a “heavy heart” and how laughter shakes it up a bit, like jollying an infant.)

Why do we laugh?  Is there something physical about laughing that’s different when you’re incarnated – obviously there’s the body – but does having a body to laugh with change the purpose of laughing, or the energy in some way?

(Laughter is good for the physical body, laughter is good for the energetic body)  Your physical body is going to reflect the (energy, thoughts and emotions) you’ve experienced through your whole life.  (shows me a very old woman whose face has been altered a bit by years of smiling and laughing).  It’s like anything – you do it a lot, your body will (get really good / specialized with that thing)  But yeah, I get what you were saying, so I think there’s more to it than that… 

(Shows me a kaleidoscope) Remember these trippy things?  (Shows me you twist the barrel and the designs / fractal shapes inside shift around beautifully.)

That is what you do with your body.  You can transform the whole universe by shifting the way you move that experience through your body (your energy field).  This power (of perspective, shifting your view around) it’s like if your body were a transformer, or an adaptor for an electrical current.  Your body can be this (tool) to take in energy, transform it, and output something different for other people to (experience/sense/observe).  We’re all just trading energy around (like saliva at an orgy!) 

He gave me a visual for that last one.

(Erik reminds me I was listening to Dan Savage’s podcast about bathhouses this morning)  So, don’t pretend your brain’s a virgin! 

Did you know some people incarnate just to laugh?

(shows me one of those ridiculously happy babies, shows me the developing brain and how rarely there can be a hotwire to being amused about everything.)  (shows me a taking a loooooong inhale on a joint and equates it – it does the same thing.)

Those babies can grow up to be people (that learn to contrast the tragedies in life against the laughter their bodies naturally lean towards).  Laughing doesn’t mean you don’t feel (sadness, worry, grief) you’re experiencing the same thing in a different way.  And SOMETIMES (shows me kids with very sad childhood circumstances) who learned to be funny and get that payoff of bringing (a smile to the face of someone they love, who is suffering).

So yeah, having a body (makes a huge difference in the experience of laughter / humour).

It’s kinda like the difference having sex without a 3-D body – a lot of similarities!  Without a body, you can (float in this energetic sensation of laughter) for as long as you want, and you can feel it whenever you want (you can laugh for ages from the same lame knock-knock joke)

(Shows me the laughing room) 

OH HEY!  It didn’t even occur to me that there’d be a meeting place for laughter (on the other side).  I’ve seen the math geek place, the musician’s jamming place, the artist’s space, all kinds of lecture halls.  It didn’t occur to me there’d be a sort of comedy club – but OF course there would be!

(shows me you can smoke and drink whatever you want and it doesn’t bother anyone around you)  (Shows me a Yuk-Yuk’s type stage, kind of a dive-bar atmosphere, and the guy on stage is telling the dirtiest, raunchiest jokes.)  Guys can go here and (not worry about affecting the softer/gentler personalities) with their (nasty jokes and offensive odours.  Shows the room is full of burping sounds too!)

What is it with that college humour nastiness?  Is it just the tabbo / not supposed to laugh thing?

ah!  It’s just that pigs LOVE shit.  (huge grin!)

It’s about freedom on a (fundamental) level.  You can laugh however you want, no one gets hurt, no one’s going to judge you.  Check this out:

(shows me a ball of light on the dive bar comedy stage – it tells a joke by emitting the sensation of a surprising smell and a full-energetic body tickle  at the same time, and the sound is like tinkling bells.  The whole room erupts in laughter!)

(Shows me this ball of light can inspire memories in the audience of the funniest moments from their individual “past lives” so that they experience those moments again simultaneously, and it causes the energy of these funny memories to bounce around the room – everyone experiences each other’s funny memories)

Earth is fuckin HUGE for these (sorts of jokes).  No one gets stuck in a port-a-potty on Plink Plunk’s planet.  Earth is a fuckin’ GOLD MINE of comedic moments. 

So pay attention!  I’m COMIN FOR YA! 

Jesus Laughing





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