Love, Part Two

I’m so excited because preparations for the Channeling Erik event at my home is in full swing. That means I’ll be busy trying to clean up this mess of a house including taking my Hoovermate Spin and Scrubmto all the floors in the house. I love that machine because it sprays cleaning fluid, scrubs with a bunch of twirling brushes, then sucks up all the dirty (in our case, filthy) water. No more spreading dirt around and pretending the floors are clean. After using a regular mop on my floors, I used the Hoovermate and the return water was pure sludge. Disgusting. And no, I promise I’m not being sponsored by Hoover. 

I’m trying to figure out what to do with Bella. Thirty plus people might be a bit overwhelming for her little tiny self, but she doesn’t like being locked in a room. I might just have to carry her around for a while. 

By the way, some of you have noticed that all of a sudden clicking on the blog posts on the mobile app brings up an error message. We’re getting the hosting company and Apple to look into it. I’m not sure if this is happening only on the iOS version or if it’s also occurring on the Android version, too. If you have the Android version, can you let me know if you’re experiencing the same problem or not? Thanks!

One important announcement: I’m calling out for Ask Erik questions, so if you’d like to submit one, please email it to me at Remember to keep it brief and coherent and limit it to one question. The longer it is, the more likely it will be that the magazine culls it from the list. It’s all about real estate, people. 

Enjoy Part Two of our series on love.

Robert: Jillian is chiming in. Erik’s girlfriend.

Jillian: The female DNA is also integrated in the mom’s. Humans just don’t have the technology yet to tease out the differences.

Me: I see.

Jillian: It’s too subtle for human technology now, but there’s always a connection. Every human being you encounter changes who you are. A piece of them becomes a part of you. Every interaction you have with one and every creature changes who you are. By having encountered it, you’ve created a connection to it.

Me: Okay. You know, they say that love is All There Is and that there is nothing else. Is that true?

Erik: Yeah, that’s right, Mom.

Me: They say God is All There Is. God Source. Does that mean God Source is the same energy as Love energy?

Erik (thumbs up): That’s right.

Me: Okay, do I get a couple of points for that?

Erik: You get a gold star.

Robert chuckles.

Me: Yay!

Robert: There’s something else he wants to talk about that’s in line with love.

Erik: Why do people call their soul a light? Why do they, “See the light?” Why do they associate things with light? When they die, why do they see a white light?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It’s really very closely connected to how human beings are. Human beings are drawn to light.

Me: We’re like moths with arms and legs. Well, I guess they have arms and legs, too!

Jesus, Elisa.

Erik: It’s like that with all life. They’re drawn to light. Think about it. From an evolutionary or anthropological perspective, you have to have light because if you’re out there in a big open space and you don’t have a lot of light and can’t see well at night, something could get you. We see safety in light. As it relates to a soul on an energetic level, a nonphysical level, light is a visual representation of all the energy patterns merged as one. So visually, that looks white, like a bright white color.

Me: Oh, I see.

Erik: That’s the reason. Isn’t that pretty fucking cool?

Me: That’s cool! So is love also light?

Erik: For human beings, light and love are synonymous. All these words I’m using are unique to what humans have created. It’s what we know those things to be. Other species aren’t going to call them those things.

Me: So when people email me, “Love and light,” that’s redundant like saying, “Shrimp Scampi.” That’s like saying, “Shrimp shrimp.” Love and love. Light and light.

Erik: That’s right, Mom. Think of it this way. There really is a subtle difference actually. Love is the thing that created the light. Think of love as the abstract and light as the closest thing to physical form. You can see light, but you can’t see love.

Robert: I like that. That’s pretty cool!

Me: Yeah, that’s really cool because light is a waveform, and when you create reality, the wave collapses the Schrodinger equation to create particles, and particles are the building blocks for reality. We can get all technical if we want.

Robert: Get all science fiction-like!

Me: Maybe another couple of sips of coffee will do it.

Robert: By the way, I started to grow a beard.

Me: I know! Didn’t I say at the beginning that I liked it?

Robert: Oh, you did?

Me: Or maybe I was just thinking about it.

Yep, that’s what happened.

Me: It looks really good! Everybody who thinks Robert is hot, give this video a like!

Robert laughs and blushes.

Me: Uh oh. He’s blushing!

Robert (still laughing): I lost my train of thought!

Me: I bet you did!

Robert: Well, do it for Erik and his mom, too!

Me: Nah, don’t worry about it. You deserve just as much love. One more question on the topic of love.

Erik: Sometimes people have a hard time accepting love.

Robert: He’s using me as an example!

Me: I do, too!

Robert: I hate it when he does this!

Me: That’s a good question. What can people do who don’t have love in their lives, and what can people do who have trouble accepting love?

Erik: Here’s the thing about not having love in your life. Sometimes it has to do with their not being able to see it. They’re looking for it from a source that can’t provide it.

Me: For example?

Erik: I’ll use you as an example, Mom. You were raised in a family where your parents couldn’t provide it to you. You could have ended up in a situation where you didn’t have your sisters to support you through that, but that made it easier for you to see that there is love. You had it with your sisters; you couldn’t get it from your parents. But there could be an individual who’s an only child that’s raised that way. Most of the time, what a child will instinctively do is seek out people outside of the family to provide it for them. Adults sometimes forget that because sometimes consciously but mostly unconsciously they think, “I have to do this on my own.” Then they hold all this resentment inside because they didn’t have the family that they wanted, and they didn’t get the support from friends and other people. You can’t blame people for that because if you’re an only child, for instance, and you don’t have any role models for loving, then you won’t even know where to go and look for love.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: Those are opportunities for those people to go inside and seek. Some people do that, and they do it in their own unique way. Extroverts will go out and do physical things in the environment.

Me: Sometimes promiscuous behavior is a way they react.

Erik: Yeah, sometimes. And then an introvert might go inside and start doing things like writing poetry or whatever. You mentioned the promiscuity. It’s a way of processing self-destructive behavior. You’re going through the act of being self-destructive and do things that tear your life apart. Then you get to a place where it’s a Come to Jesus Moment for some people. For others, they’ll take it.

Me: To their graves.

Erik: Yeah, to their graves. But on a soul level, you learn something from that.

Me: So, if you’re in a loveless life, I guess it must be very hard for you to love yourself.

Erik: It is. That’s the journey that we go through. We start out with this place of nothingness and we go through this whole journey that feels to us like more nothingness, but when we get to the end of that journey, as a human being, we’ll look back on our life and see that it was showing us that we were something, and we weren’t surrounded by nothingness. We just couldn’t see anything.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: That’s because the patterns that had been instilled in us blinded us.

Me: So, I guess the problem with people being uncomfortable being able to accept love like you and I—like you and me. I’m a grammar Nazi—it must be in part due to the fact that we don’t completely love and accept ourselves.

Erik: Yeah, you don’t feel worthy of it.

Me: Yeah, that’s pretty much not totally loving yourself.

Erik: Right, and when we go through our journey and have a lot of hardships and we look back over our lives, we’ll see that all of those experiences were trying to get us to see that we are worthy of love. When you get beaten down and you get victimized and you feel completely worthless, there’s a part of you unconsciously that knows you’re worth more than that. Those experiences are trying to call your attention to the fact that you don’t deserve that treatment. It’s up to you, as a conscious individual, to become aware of that. Now sometimes other people have to come in and help you become aware of that. Sometimes it’s friends that come into your life; sometimes it’s spirit; sometimes it’s a pet. We all need help. We’re not alone.

Me: Before we close, what’s one piece of advice for people who don’t see the love around them or don’t feel like they have love in their life? What is one thing they can do?


Me: Buy a goldfish!

Robert laughs.

Erik (rubbing his chin, thoughtfully): What can I tell them to do? What can I tell them to do? Hmm.

Me: Looking very professorial! There is probably more than one thing. That’s the reason you’re having trouble.

Erik: That’s it. There’s not just one thing that you can say to a person. I would just ask people when they can’t do that to start asking, “What do I want?” If they’re craving an ice cream that day and then they won’t allow themselves to have that ice cream, they’re saying they don’t deserve it. Everybody deserves a little bit of joy! Do nice things for yourself. A lot of people who don’t feel worthy of love don’t do nice things for themselves.

Me: So we need to start loving ourselves, treating ourselves with respect and love. Then, maybe the friends will come, the lovers will come, love will shine in our lives.

Erik: Yes, that’s a part of it. You have to take these small steps to attract more of the things you mentioned, Mom. And smile even when you don’t feel like it because over time, that starts to build up. A smile is like turning on a switch for happy juice.

Me: Yeah, it helps you release endorphins.

Our natural morphine like substance.

Erik: Right, so when you do that—

Me: It’s like a shot of morphine. Wooo!

Erik: It’s pulling in an energy source that brings more of that energy to you. Just smile. Do nice things for yourself. All of these things tell you that you’re worthy. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you realize how worthy you are, and you won’t put up with these people who come into your life that are not treating you right. You’ll kick them to the curb.

Me: Good!

Erik: You’ll tell them to get the fuck out. That’s because you’ll start to recognize that their actions cause you pain. You’ll no longer be to numb to the pain. You’ll think, “Oh, that pain means I need to take action.”

Me: And you’ll know that you don’t deserve the pain.

Erik: Right.

Me: Anything else you want to say about love? We could do like three or four sessions on this topic.

Robert: For me, personally, love is my favorite subject. I love to talk about it.

Me: I know! I know!

Erik: Mom, I’m good with that. We covered quite a bit with this topic.

Me: Okay. We can always come back and talk about it more if you have any other little pearls for us! Love pearls. The love doctor. The love guru!

Robert (laughing): He’s playing Barry White in my head!

Me: Oh my gosh.

Robert: Get it together, baby! Jillian would be a good one for the love thing, too.

Me: Okay! We can interview her about it one day. That sounds awesome. Well, thank you, Erik. I love you. And thank you so much, Robert. You know I love you, too!

Robert: You know I love you.

Erik blows kisses with both hands.

Me: He does that doesn’t he. I love you!

Erik: I love you, too, Mom.

Me: Bye, everybody!

Lots of love to go around. Know that I love everyone of you, too, and am so lucky to have you in my life.

You ARE loved.

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