Make Shi(f)t Happen: How to Single-Handedly Change the World

Enjoy this guest post, courtesy of Ashley Riley!

Make Shi(f)t Happen: How to Single-Handedly Change the World

There’s been quite a frenzy on the interwebz of late about some huge cosmic event that is supposed to be happening in September of 2015.

I’ve seen everything from Jesus is coming back, to an asteroid is supposed to hit earth, to global financial collapse. Lots and lots of doom, gloom and fear floating around out there.

I’ve also seen some very positive, or at least neutral things forecasted for September of this year, most of which is simply a prediction of a new cosmic wave of energy that is supposed to be hitting earth right around that time and lots of New Age jargon that most people don’t even understand.

Before we make any assumptions about what is to come, we have to first understand where we’ve been. Earth has been in the grips of duality for a very long time, and for a good portion of that time, things have been out of balance. Fear energy has been the dominant energy on our planet.

With the Shift that Erik talks about, several of us here on earth who incarnated at this time are here to help raise earth’s vibration and shift that energetic makeup back toward love. Indeed, many of the people that you might label starseeds and lightworkers and incarnate angels or whatever label you choose to place on them, came here with the sole intention of anchoring higher vibrational energy onto the planet at this time. (If anyone is interested in hearing about this, check out The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth by Delores Cannon)

Years ago, before my personal spiritual awakening, I had a very vivid dream. The kind that you wake up from and it just blows your mind how incredibly amazing it was. I immediately began writing it down so that I wouldn’t lose a single detail. At the end of the dream, just before I woke up, someone that I now identify as a guide handed me a small mechanical looking metal globe about the size of a baseball. It had all kinds of moving parts, it was made of gold, and it’s purpose, as was never actually spoken in the dream, but understood, was that it tracked the population of the earth. It looked very much like a spherical astrolabe.
Later on, I revisited that dream to analyze its meaning. I understood the astrolabe to be a metaphor for critical mass – the tipping point of energy on earth, so to speak, when enough people had awakening and begun to embody that higher consciousness that it shifted Earth into a new energetic state, and perhaps a new dimension.

According to Erik, that process has been going on for several years now, and the most important phases began in 2012.

This new wave of energy that’s coming in this fall isn’t something that’s going to change the world from the outside in. It’s going to change YOU from the inside, out. It’s already begun. This is just another dose.

So if that’s all it is, then why is there such a hubbub? On a personal level, the process of healing is often a painful one. When we’re in the midst of doing emotional healing, we have to bring to the surface all sorts of negative emotions in order to process and release them. They’ve been stuck, hidden away in our subconscious for a very long time, so things can get really messy, really quickly.

Erik showed me a great example of this once when I was addressing a similar question for a blog member in the forum. He showed me a bucket that had been sitting outside for months. It had water in it, and all of this dirt and sludge had settled to the bottom of it. Then he showed me water being poured into the bucket. As that fresh water went in, all of the nastiness that had settled down there at the bottom was suddenly stirred up.

That’s what happens on a global scale when these new waves of energy come in. They bring old, fear-based energies to the surface for release and healing. Global issues like racism and discrimination, poverty, war, hatred – all of the nasty things we’ve been repressing for so long are being brought back to our attention on a large scale so that we can respond with love and release them. We can expand our consciousness by letting go of the beliefs that we collectively hold about those things.

So as the hour approaches, do not spend your time fearing a global catastrophe. Instead, turn your attention inward – what is it within YOU that is being brought to the surface for healing and releasing? Because you WILL feel those effects. Sure, you might also see some rumblings of things in the news. Political unrest. Protests. Unhappy people. But remember – all of the conflict that exists in the world today is a reflection of the conflict that exists within each of us.

In order to do your part and join this movement, you have to do the work from the inside, out, starting with yourself.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.” – Gandhi

That’s the magic, really. You only need to be concerned with you, who you are being, what you are doing. The shift is contagious. When you do the internal work and uncover the unconditional love that resides within you, it spills over into the world around you.

This shift is not one big event that changes the world. It’s the culmination of many small ones.

The little actions that we take in our day-to-day lives toward our fellow human beings. A smile at the stranger on the sidewalk, who unbeknownst to you, was planning on killing himself later that day, but decided to give it another day if for no other reason than your simple act of kindness. The 20 dollars you gave the man who had fallen on hard times on the street that allowed him to take a bus to a job interview, which he got. Taking the opportunity to choose love in every moment which we are given to choose it.

It’s those things, when implemented in the lives of the masses, which will truly create lasting change in the world. It’s the kind of change that is collective and is generated from within.

We’ve each heard the concept “That which you resist, persists.” Resistance begets more resistance – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And that’s what fighting, struggling, punishment, condemnation, revenge, justification, an eye for an eye, etc. all embody – the harder we push in one direction, the harder the other side pushes back, which just generates more conflict and continues perpetuating the cycle. It’s precisely what has gotten our world into the state that it’s in today, and we keep making the same mistake over and over – believing that retaliation is just and necessary. But that isn’t reacting with love. It’s a reaction that is based in fear. If Erik has taught you anything, it’s that you must realize that there are no villains and there are no victims, for we are all one.

Peace is found through acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and upholding your boundaries, but not overstepping them. Reacting from a place of love in every moment.

Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

She understood this principle in action. It’s a classic “Promote the thing you love instead of bashing the thing you hate” scenario. A positive thought/action/reaction versus a negative thought/action/reaction. A true shift in mindset.

When we achieve that mindset as individuals, we generate more love energy on this planet, and the more people who are anchoring that energy here, the more it spreads, until eventually we reach critical mass, and the scales tip. The final “shift” occurs.

For for ideas and direction on how to create lasting change by going within, you can check out the personal development archives on my blog, In My Sacred Space.

Absolutely fascinating! Thanks, Ashley!

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