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Before we interview medium, Tammy DeMirza, author of The Inmate and the Medium, I would like to announce that there will be no radio show tomorrow because it’s Thanksgiving. Also, I will not be posting Friday. I hope you all have an amazing holiday! I know I will! We’re having a potluck at my daughter, Kristina’s, house, and the entire gang will be there, kids, grandkids, in-laws, and Robert, of course. 

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Do you ever stop and rather than focus on what’s ahead look back at the pieces of your story that have brought you to this point?

I often reflect on the remarkable experiences I have endured and how it has manifested into my current reality.

There was a time where I was googling “How to end my life”  I became so disconnected from living.

For some of us who experience hardships, if we are lucky, we find support and relief turning to others who hold our hand gently through our struggles. Sometimes we reveal ourselves so deeply and honestly to special people who give us a safe landing space to fall.

Only in my case my go to’s were no longer in physical form. My bestie and soul sister passed away and the man who’s heart was so entwined with mine, who I believed was my forever also passed. Understanding the process of life, we live and we die, only we have this idea that dying comes later in life not in our prime when enjoying our best years.

I remember having conversations with my bestie and partner about how and what we would do as we grew older, only never to be.

We hear of tragic experiences happening to others and then they happen to us!

This was my reality, I was left raw, empty, totally stripped and broken, to the point where I had physical pain in my heart. I cried rivers of tears until the river had run dry and I was left an empty shell. A walking corpse.

Prior to this severing of physical connections in the most final of ways I had fought so hard to stay connected to life through an illness that had the potential of being terminal. I healed and dealt with this using meditation and visualizing divine light pouring into my body and healing my cells and now all I wanted to do was DIE!

Why do I share this?

Why do I reveal to these depths?

Because vulnerability brings us together.

Through vulnerability we show ourselves and are no longer hiding.

Through vulnerability we are at our most honest.

Through vulnerability I began to heal and reconnect to life.

Through vulnerability I’ve created a movement to help others.

Through vulnerability I have shared and helped others understand their power and love.

I understood that all this death around me was my message to really embrace and connect to life and living. I understood the love my body craved and yearned for and how it all needed to come from me.

I have always been intuitive and people would often come to me for hands on healing. In my moment of disconnection from life I also became disconnected from healing.

At my lowest I cried out to that which is bigger than me and asked what do you want from me?

I received a message saying “ Share your wisdom through guided meditation”

This is how and why I created “my sacred sessions”

I began to intuitively write and what started with one meditation class has turned into several meditation and self awareness courses. Each program has a different theme.

The course I currently offer is the last one I developed and I was intuitively guided to offer this one first. I sat and wrote from a trance like state and awoke with a course of self  love, for us to align and remember who we really, are as EVERYTHING STARTS WITH US.

I am so happy to share

Love Nadia

Lots of wisdom in that girl!

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I love you all!

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