Gratitude Meditation and More

Enjoy this wonderful gratitude meditation from Kim Voigt of Embody Light!  I’m grateful for all of you!! In the YouTube, she gives an offer you can’t refuse!

And now for some great Erik Encounters. Don’t forget to submit your own!

Story #1

This is my first time posting, although I have been following Erik and this site since 2013.

I have had other pranks from Erik, Like a feather on my window sill and a dime in a wired place like under the kitchen sink.

This is the most recent.

Erik just played an EYE opening prank on me. I made a food delivery to Lee Cleaners today 10/25/2017. Usually I keep the delivery ticket, but this customer likes to keep the ticket. I watched the customer put the ticket in a drawer.
Later when I was back at the shop and it was time to cash out, I take the order money out of my pocket AND guess what? The delivery ticket for that order was in my pocket!! I’m like, huh (to myself) bc I was just about to say to Angelica (PW Server) that this customer likes to keep the ticket and you have to print another one. ????


Story #2

Dear Dr. Medhus,

First I’d like to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. You are so incredibly brave and generous for all that you do for complete strangers around the world. I’m not sure that I’d be able to do the same, so thank you.

Last summer I was told by a friend of mine, who happens to be an amazing Psychic Medium, that I too am a medium. Of course as I was telling her that she was crazy, images started popping up in my head. After that, different senses would open while others would close.

Fast forward a few months. Somehow ? I happened upon Kim Babcock’s Facebook page and started following her. By this time one of my senses that was open and very strong, was the sense of touch. Different Spirits would touch me in different areas so that I would know the difference. Probably a month or so after I had started following Kim, a new Spirit showed up and would touch my left forearm. Since I had no other senses working I had absolutely no idea who this Spirit was.

I had watched a few of Kim’s Facebook LIVE feeds and would often see questions like “what does Erik say about blah blah blah?” And I wondered who Erik was, but I just never asked. Kim did a Facebook LIVE feed probably about two maybe three weeks ago and once again someone asked a question of Erik. I finally typed in “Who’s Erik?” Kim later saw my question and responded with the link to your blog. So I clicked on the link and was immediately drawn in.

I started reading from the beginning and I’m not really sure how far in it was, but one of the pages talked about how Erik would touch your arm. I instantly thought of the Spirit that would come and touch my left forearm. Of course I thought “there’s NO WAY”! And I continued reading and read several blog posts each evening after dinner and probably snuck one or two in during the day as well. It wasn’t until probably the third night when I was sitting on the couch and I had just started reading, when out of nowhere I smelled really smelly stinky socks!! I immediately started thinking I’m going to kill my guys (husband and son)!!! I cannot believe that they’ve stunk up my brand new pillows already. So I started smelling my pillows, but they smelled just fine. As quickly as the smell came, it disappeared. A few minutes later it came back. I didn’t know what to think other than it was gross lol. So I continued reading. I finished the blog page and went to the next one. I don’t remember how far down it was, but sure enough, right there in black and white you were writing about Erik’s stinky socks. I nearly cried. It was Erik letting me know that YES it was he who was touching my forearm.

Erik has not made a physical appearance here YET, although he’s present during a lot of my meditations, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that he will. And when he appears, I’m sure it won’t be ordinary.

I cannot wait until my other senses open back up so that I can channel Erik myself. I feel that he’s with me for a few reasons. One is that my son Frankie, who is almost 15 and is pretty much a loner. He’s never had a best friend and spends most of his days on Xbox. Frankie happens to be an empath and over the years he has seen many Spirits in our home.

The second is my nephew (not by blood but definitely part of my soul group) Robert who passed away in August of 2008, before Erik. Robert had gotten mixed up with drugs and became very depressed. He died of an overdose, but has made sure to tell every medium that he can get to listen, that it was an accident. That although he was suicidal, this was an absolute accident. And in reading your blog about Erik’s life, I’ve noticed many similarities between he and my nephew.

The third reason is that he’s here to help me with my abilities. Spirit is teaching me about energy. And yes I just got a confirmation that’s exactly it, as Erik just touched my forearm. Gosh I love your boy!!!! For as long as I can remember, I’ve always seen these little tiny balls in the air. They’re probably the size of a pencil eraser, they’re clear and some have a silvery spark to them. There are millions of them. Well growing up I always believed that they were atoms and that something must be wrong with my vision. Believe it or not, I just recently found out that not only is it energy, but that I’m not the only one that can see it. What a very special gift. Anyway, I can now see them collectively as well. And beyond that is what I describe as a blizzard. Which is basically the snowy screen you see on TV when it’s not tuned onto a channel. I’ve read that some people say that’s “The Veil”! Once you train your eye, some can see right thru the veil into the next dimension. How cool will that be!! I have great confidence that Erik is going to teach me many great things.

I just had to tell you how awesome your son is and to thank you for sharing him with all of us. I didn’t feel his presence at all yesterday and pictured him right by your side for Mothers Day. I hope that you felt his presence and that you had a wonderful day.


Debra Stoeckert Rapisardi


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