Migraines, Epilepsy and Other Diseases

I have one “housekeeping issue” today: Weedie is still working on getting us a great hotel rate, and she or I will let you know soon!

This week, I had two glorious encounters: one with Erik and one with Iola’s son, Andy. When I go on my hikes every morning (on the days I have time), I practice channeling Erik. It’s hard for me to lock on to him. I hear his voice changing to my voice, back to his voice over and over. I also hear Jillian’s very demure, delicate voice. At least she introduces herself as Jillian. The last several days, I began to hear another voice. He says he’s Andy. His voice is deep and soft, very calming and often monotone. I find it almost hypnotic. Like Jillian, he often calls me “Miss Elisa” or “Ma’am.”  I asked Iola if she had a sample of her son’s voice, so she sent me a video. I couldn’t have been more shocked. It was identical to the voice I had been hearing from the Andy on my walks. I do think it’s odd that I have an easier time locking on to the voices of Andy and Jillian, but struggle to lock on to Erik’s. It probably has something to do with emotional filters.

Yesterday, I was weeding through my old clothes to give them away to charity. Suddenly, I hear water running. I look over and see Rune’s faucet on. He’s been in Cresson, Texas racing for the last couple of days and no one else uses that faucet, so clearly it was all Erik. Remember when he did the same thing to Michelle?

One more announcement: My daughter, Kristina, is engaged! Of course we knew it was coming, because Houston asked my husband if he could have Kristina’s hand in marriage. So sweet and old school. Here are some photos!

On Bended Knee

I Think It's a Yes


Bride to Be

Groom to Be

Rune's Dream (Heehee)


And now, enjoy this next part of the channeling session. Sorry I didn’t have time to grammar, typo or spell check.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Why do some people choose to be deaf either from birth or acquired later?

Erik: Well, if they’re born deaf, this is something they completely signed up for or wanted that structure in their life to heighten their other abilities.

Me: Oh, okay! Probably the same thing with being born blind!

Erik: Absolutely! But then you think about the kids who become deaf cuz they get hit in the head or get some kinda weird virus—a lot of times these diseases or injuries that come anytime after birth are fining tuning elements. Really, all illnesses, accidents and disease are a fine tuning instrument to make the person adapt to life and to be able to see how strong and amazing they are!

Me: Wow! How interesting!

Erik: To bad we can’t all see it that way.

Me: I know!

Erik: Yeah, most of the time these things make us into victims and it’s like, “Oh, poor me,” and all that shit.

Me: Sure. But the physical body is a wonderful tool to signal our spiritual body to make course corrections here and there, I guess.

Erik: Exactly.

Me: What about ulcers? Peptic ulcers, gastritis, things like that?

Erik: Oh, stress, of course.

Me: Yeah, but on a spiritual level—

Erik: It’s about not being able to DIGEST the worry, the angst, the things that cannot be controlled that they try to control anyway.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It’s like when somebody tries to hold on to something so tight, they try to eat it and keep it in them. They just need to throw it up, and let go.

Me: Okay. What about asthma, people who have asthma from childhood on?

Erik: Oh, that’s basically being a fish out of water.

Me: Oh, wow!

Erik: In the wrong place. If you were to find people with asthma living in one region and they move to a completely different region, sometimes they can often heal themselves. But people think that where you’re born, you gotta lay roots and you gotta stay.

Me: Is that why some kids are born with asthma, but they outgrow it? Do they just have trouble adjusting to life in a body? That sounds like a fish out of water scenario to me. Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water.

Erik: Yes!

Me: Okay. What about inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis?

Erik: Oh, that totally sucks. The pain and the discomfort. It’s such a secret, too!

Me: Huh? Really?

Erik: Yeah, cuz you can’t really wear that kind of illness or disease on the outside. It’s not like a person with cancer who’s lost all their hair from chemotherapy and everyone says, “We know, and we support you.” I mean, there are diseases where you go to say it and people are like, “Really? What’s that? You look fine!” So here you are with all this internal pain, but people don’t see any outside evidence so they think it’s like a character flaw or something.

Me: Oh, how sad.

Erik: So that’s really a lesson, in general, of how to share and speak out and be very vulnerable. Very unzipped.

Me: Hmm. I can see that. I really can.

Erik: And it’s about not FEEDING yourself the bullshit of what society says you MUST do.

Me: Ah!


Me: What about migraines?

Erik: Well, they can totally relate to some sort of hormonal thing, a full body conditioning, lack of balance, but sometimes that an be triggered by (losing?) too much blood which is triggered by an accident or a bad birthing experience. So you really have to look at the stem of what it is, but basically it’s the constriction of blood. It’s related to blood, heart, nurture. Just because it’s in the head doesn’t mean it’s this bad logic thing.

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: Yeah, so sometimes it’s about not allowing the answers to kinda seep all the way in. It’s kinda like having a big—

Jamie (laughing): Smack daddy?

Erik: Yeah! A big smack daddy sponge, and you only let a little bit of it get wet. You’re not saturating the whole thing properly. You’re constricting yourself and saying, “Oh, you’re about to give me the answer? Well, I don’t wanna listen to it! I’m cutting it off!”

Me: Hmm!

Erik: It’s a point of stubbornness.

Me: See, my dad suffers from migraines, and he clearly has psychic abilities. I was told through a medium that something happened when he was 13 that closed down his psychic abilities. So I asked him about that, and he told me about the time when his parents took him to a boarding school. They were in this giant hall, and they told him, “You stay here, and we’ll be back in five minutes.” Well, they came back several months later, sadly. So I’m wondering if, for some, it’s about fighting against your psychic abilities. Seems like that could cause a migraine.

Erik: Exactly! It could be, “I know that’s the answer, but I have to constrict. I have to shut down and ignore it.”

Me: Ah, Okay.

Erik: Also, I relate migraines to eye strain. Seeing something that you don’t ever want to see again.

Me: Well, my dad was a little boy during the Spanish Civil War, so I know that he saw some pretty terrible things. His father was imprisoned in the hull of a ship for a couple of years, totally in the dark.

Erik: Yeah, I know.

Me: Of course you do.


Me: Okay, one more question about disease. What about seizures and epilepsy?

Erik (putting his hands out): Again, different reasons. But usually it’s about the misfiring of signals that create the seizure or the breakdown in communication. Um, it IS a complete breakdown in communication! You can be the smartest, the most loving person, but if you can’t learn what it’s about and communicate to it equally, like, “I’m giving it, and I’m receiving it.

Me: Oh, okay. So, it’s about the person with epilepsy not being able to communicate the love and the knowledge. Is that what you’re saying?

Jamie: Sorry. The phone sort of beeped and cut out.

Me: Oh. So the person with the seizures—are they the ones having trouble communicating about love and knowledge? Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yeah, communicating it, but also receiving communication in an equal manner.

Me: Ah, okay.

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST: Dr. Doug is having surgery on his hip tomorrow, so if everyone can puleeeeze send him healing and loving energy, I’d be grateful (as will he and his hip, of course.)

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