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Prank #1

My family and I just got back from vacation and I decided to get my house back in order and do some cleaning. I had been thinking about Erik a lot that morning and I lifted up my toilet seat to clean it and there was a frog just hanging out like he owned it… I automatically thought that one of my three daughters may have been playing a joke on me and it was a fake frog. I called them in to look at it and asked them if they knew anything about this and they were just as shocked as I was! I’m just saying, I hardly see why there would be a frog on the rim of my toilet and even how it got there… first thing that came to my mind was ERIK

Prank #2

Hello and especially to Elisa (we shared a few messages recently about my writing). A few moments ago I came away from the most beautiful meditation in spirit that I have ever experienced. There is too much to share here but you can be sure that all of it will find its way into the novel I am currently working on with a few special friends.

What I particularly want to share is a segment where a golden dragonfly so perfectly formed alighted in the air to my left. I could see it’s reflection on an orange / golden expanse of water (not water in the earthly sense). Its wings began to move yet I could see every detail clearly despite the speed of vibration. The dragonfly encouraged me to mimic its movements. Teasing, joking, loving . . . ‘Let’s go ballistic.’ I feel the speed that we travelled in my stomach even now, minutes later. At the summit of our climb we exploded into millions of firework like streaks of light. What followed next was our faces meeting, almost nose to nose. What an incredible smile.
‘Take this love and share it, there are dark times, challenges that will seem impossible, love always wins out, share the love, it is after all what we are.’
The Beatles song, ‘All You Need is Love’ is going around in my head despite the music that is playing in my headphones and plain to hear. I had a stomach bug and bad headache for the last few days, I woke up with a crushing headache at 6.00 a.m. Turned on my pc and found some binaural beats meditations. Exploded with the golden dragonfly and now for the first time since the weekend I am hungry, headache gone.

There are many things that could be read into this but my message and Erik’s is, ‘All You Need is Love.’

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