New Zealand visit ?

Hi Elisa!
I’ve been trying to find the right place to write this where I know you will see it as I have had Erik visit me very clearly .. I’m so nervous as I don’t know how to explain this but I’ll try my best! I was watching tv with my glasses on and this scene appeared in the corner of my peripheral vision on the very corner of my lenses to the right side.. the scene was off colour like black and white but I could perfectly see a young dude my age (im one year younger than erik) standing there about 6 feet into the distance from me, it was like I was looking into a window or a scene of some style .. it was Erik standing there with a baggy long sleeved older style football shirt on with lines around the bottom of the sleeves (I had to Google the description to know it was called a football shirt) he was playfully jumping back and forth waving at me like to get my attention .. I watched him for a good 5 minutes to make sure I wasn’t seing things then I got so overwhelmed with emotions at the realization that holey shit … this shit is real!!
I felt Erik and my guides have been helping me through this little rough patch I’m going through.. I prayed for help and guidance earlier this week as I was starting to doubt I’d ever see a spirit with my own eyes and I just left a toxic job so I am truly thankful that my first visual spirit experience was Erik ? I feel he’s been playing with my cat too haha. Also last night I woke up at a strange hour to a bright light beam shining through my bed side drawer onto my wall and I find out the torch on my phone had been turned on but it’s not possible for it to have been me and not notice before bed as I wouldn’t have been able to sleep with that light beaming!
I feel so thankful for my visit and I’ve been floating on a cloud since and I have enjoyed having Erik around so much I don’t want him to go! But I look forward to future visits.. even tho they may include eggy fart stinks… which I think was him now too but I blamed my cat LOL xxoo ????

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