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Story #1

Hello there,

i had a short encounter with erik after listening to one of jamie butler’s video’s. i had been feeling bad all day and unable to reconnect to myself or my guides. when i visited this site he came and said hello to me, he seemed a bit impatient about something he wanted to show me. he opened up a sort of portal of energy and i went through it, then there was a space like environment. he drew a door in it and let me through. he didn’t come with me but just opened the door and held it open for me and i went through and was able to reconnect with one of my guides. 🙂

thanks erik

much love and thanks for sharing this,


Story #2

I was watching a few of the you tube videos last night on my I phone and had it propped up so I could watch the screen, a couple of videos in I glanced over at the screen and all the sudden the video controls that you swipe left to right popped up and started to jiggle up and down. Then stopped then It happened a couple more times. He’s smart, he kept doing this off an on till I acknowledged him. (And thanks Erik for not scaring me.) I wondered if he would really come sometime, and if it would scare me to death lol. It was cute and playful.

Story #3

Hi everyone ive been reading and watching all about channeling erik, and im sure erik has pranked me .I lost my son nathan over 2 years ago so ive been asking erik to look out for my son in the after life and telling erik that im sure they would make great friends. I was woken yesterday with the most bogging passing of wind ive ever smelled lol i blamed my husband but he was in work, honestly to be woken with such a smell im sure this was erik xx

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