North Korea, Kim Jong-Un and Otto Warmbier, Part One

Blog member, Trell W. is in his third day of his locksmith course and is doing well. However, as you probably know, after his wife’s death, her family has been harassing him ceaselessly and even blaming him for her death in the hospital. They’ve tried to turn the police against him, too. Plus, they had his children removed from him and had him evicted from his home. We channeled about this, and Erik said that he is NOT to blame for anything, and his treatment is unfair. I mean, seriously, to inflict this kind of pain on someone who recently lost his wife? Personally, I think Trell should get a restraining order against those relatives. His life is even being threatened. His wife, Crystal, came through very strongly and confirmed that she died of pneumonia and that Trell, who she said she loves dearly, had nothing to do with it. 

He is still trying to save up money for his locksmith toolset and is asking for investors to help him out. He needs a total of $2500 for it and will pay it back in a couple of months with interest. If you want to help this good, brave soul, PayPal him some money to or email him at Please leave whatever information you need so that he can pay you back. I get a lot of requests from blog members who need financial help, and I can’t post about every single one, but this is a special case, and I feel like we, as fellow blog members, should support one another. His training ends in 2 weeks, and apparently, he’s doing very well. 

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Last, I plan on interviewing Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas gunman, Thursday and already have a lot of great questions. In my opinion, even though automatic guns can be purchased on the dark web/black market, we need to ban semi-automatic weapons, too. They can easily be converted for less than $25 to an automatic weapon. I think people should be allowed a weapon to defend their homes, etc. but who needs an AR-15 or Beretta AR-70 for that? And I believe there should be a limit on how many guns someone owns; they should undergo not only a background check but also psychological testing for approval. We might catch and treat a lot of people with mental illness with the latter. Plus, everyone should undergo a gun safety and use course before being allowed to purchase. I know I’ll probably receive a lot of hater backlash for this, but be gentle, as Erik’s death anniversary looms Friday.

Enjoy Part One of this riveting series, thanks to our wonderful transcriptionist, Carol B., and medium Emanuelle McIntosh. Thanks Carol and Emma! As always, the YouTube version for this entire series is at the end.

Elisa: Good morning for me. Good evening to you.

Emma: How’s it going? Hi.

Elisa: It’s going well. I bet you’re excited about what’s coming up with your big event in Belgium?

Emma: I’m excited and I’m nervous but I think it’s going to be good because everybody is already talking on line and on Facebook, and they’re all getting along, so I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Elisa: That’s awesome. How’s our boy? Hi, Erik. I love you.

Erik:    Same old, same old! Doing great!

Elisa: Same old, same old, huh? That’s awesome. Well, we have an exciting topic that I‘m going to start with today. .I am going to ask you, Erik, some questions about Kim Jon Un, that little crazy Norwegian- Norwegian? Oops, sorry! Sorry, Rune! Sorry Rune! (laughing) So what is going on in this dude’s mind, seriously?

Erik:    Okay, let’s take a look at this little dude. Well he’s—okay, so a lot of people think that he is in some way or form trying to be better than his father. He’s trying to kinda follow in his footsteps because, let’s just say that he wasn’t prepared when he came into power. He wasn’t ready for it. He didn’t expect his father to die that fast. So he was kinda thrown in there, but what he is trying to do is, well, if you look at the history of Korea, when you look at his grandfather, he was the dictator, but his people were actually not doing so badly. Everybody had food; everybody was taken care of and the people actually liked him, believe it or not, despite all the, you know, brainwashing. We’ll leave that part aside. Somewhere deep inside there, they did kinda have respect for him. He did take good care of them. Now, when his father came into ruling, he really messed things up. People started becoming very poor. There was not enough food. There was a lot of famine among the people. Let’s just say that his father did not do a good job at leading the country and really destroyed it in some way or form. So what he is trying to do is restore the country to the way that his grandfather had it made, and he wants to be adored like that. That’s why you see a big difference between how his father would never publicly speak because he was a stutterer. That’s something a lot of people don’t know. It was kept a secret. But he was not good literally. He was not good at speaking. It was not always very clear what he was trying to say. So he would not really go and mingle with the people. It was all from a distance. The ruling was done from a distance. His grandfather would walk around and kiss the people and carry their babies and things like that, and you can see that that is what he is doing now, pretending that everything is great and everybody’s happy. So it’s really about, let’s just say that he came into this role as a young man, and he wants to prove to this world that he can be a leader. But he feels that he is not being respected. So he went the other way. “if I can’t be respected, then I want to be feared. I want to be noticed. I want people to bow to me, to show me the respect I deserve.

Elisa: Is he insane? Is he a narcissist? Does he have some sort of mental disorder?

Erik:    He’s not insane. Narcissistic? Maybe. Let’s just go yes on that one. He’s not bi-polar or he doesn’t have OCD Just look at what he’s doing. He’s eliminating leaders that had supported his father for so long. He’s basically killing people off that don’t go with his new method, that don’t go with his new approach of how to run this, he’s eliminating everybody who is against him. And the problem is, by doing that, he is actually creating the opposite of what he wants to achieve. He does want to be seen as a leader. He does want to be seen kind of in a way like a president who was elected by his people, which is complete madness but that’s kind of the approach that he wants. He wants people to adore him for who he is and what he is doing, but instead, what he is creating is more fear because these people say, “Well, you’re pretending to be all nice and showing pictures of you holding babies and going to the amusement park and having fun. Then, on the other side, you’re killing your own uncle. You’re killing all these people that served your father for so long.” So he’s kind of creating more fear in the people that are there and making it worse. So let’s just say that he is not doing a good job at achieving what he wants to achieve, and the more he feels like he’s failing, the more he becomes aggressive, the more his anger rises up front and he could go into extremes. He really could go and release a nuke if that’s really what he wants to do!

Elisa: Let me ask you that. That’s a very important question. What is the chance of him attacking us or one of our allies, and, if so, with what? I mean there are EMPs, there’ are chemicals, there are biologic weapons, nukes….

Erik:    Right now, the way the energy is flowing, the chances that he does attack the United States is pretty large, unfortunately. However, there are forces that are trying to prevent this. What would he use? Definitely a nuke! That would definitely be it. That is his preference. However, there are things turning. (Emma says that Erik is talking about China.)

Emma: The Chinese? Do they work together or are they an alliance of some sort?

Elisa: (Nodding) It’s a very complicated relationship, very complicated.

Emma: Because he’s making me feel like…

Elisa: They don’t want him to attack us.

Emma: He’s showing me how they’re kind of getting along, kind of like that ( hands together) an alliance in some shape or form.

Erik:    However there’s gonna come a time where even the Chinese say, “Oh! this guy is gonna turn against us as well.” And what’s supposed to happen is the Chinese are supposed to invade. Well, they are already in there, actually. They’re supposed to take him out.

Elisa: Oh, really? How will that happen? Will they shoot him? Will they poison him? What will they do? What is their intent right now?

Erik:    However, this is free will

Elisa: I know, you never know.

Erik:    Things are constantly changing so all that matters is the Universe. The energies are trying to manipulate that from happening. Right now, they’re kinda thinking of an attack with bombing. They’re shooting at his home or just wherever he’s at. They want to bomb wherever he is. Yeah, there are a lot of things going on that people don’t know about, that they’re not going to disclose, of course. However, the United States can’t jump to the gun.

Elisa: No, like a pre-emptive strike?

Erik:    We run the risk of making decisions like (He snaps his fingers.) “Let’s get this fucker and just get it over with!” No, this has to be an operation that has to be planned and involve a coalition of different countries. Right now, China is kind of all over the place with this. Just so you know, we’re not there yet. However, the way it’s going now, that should be the outcome. But, know that it can change at any moment, at any time. If Trump wakes up and he decides to push that button, there you go. You just changed history; you just changed the future. So just know that this is a very delicate time when it’s not just about Korea and America trying to decide whose dick is larger.

Elisa: Yeah, Erik! Oh God, he’s…

(Emma and Elisa both laughing)

Emma: Oh God! He’s showing them standing next to each other going, “Mine is bigger.”

Elisa: Taking measurements?

Erik:    It’s not just about that. It’s a lot more than that. What we’re learning as a global power is how all these countries reacting to this. How are they working together to try and figure out a solution? And there are talks, but a lot of it is kept secret. A lot is being hush-hush because they don’t reveal what they are doing, of course. They don’t want to reveal all the information to people who might abuse it.

Elisa: I forgot to ask if he plans to nuke. What will he nuke: the Mainland? Guam? Japan? South Korea? All of the above?


Erik:    It looks like he would mainly go the States and Europe.

Elisa: Europe? Oh my God! All right, what does he think will happen if he nukes us? I mean, isn’t he afraid to die? That’s like suicide. He’ll be decimated.

Erik:    He isn’t even contemplating that. He sees himself as being a superpower. He’s got places where he can go where he won’t be affected, where everything is provided for him. However, it’s really about….

Elisa: What about the people? They’ll all be slaughtered. His people will be slaughtered!

Erik:    Well, he doesn’t care about his people. He cares about himself right now. Let me tell you something that I think a lot of people don’t know and a lot of people don’t understand. So let’s get the cat out of the bag! What people don’t know is over these past years, because this has been going on for a while, every time he made a threat, they actually give him money to get him to stop making those threats. Why do you think he has the money to build all those bombs? If you look at what he is doing right now, he’s building so much new stuff in his country. He is building all these weapons. That costs money, people, okay?

Elisa: Who is giving him the money?

Erik:    Countries, unions, the United States, the European Union. They pay him off to shut up. They pay him off to stop with tne threats. “Here’s some money, Shut up!”

Elisa: Oh my God! That ain’t working!

Erik:    Ah yeah! People don’t understand this but this has been going on for years. Only now, he’s, kind of like, “Well, now I’ve got all my weapons. It’s all built! It’s all funded for! Thank you very much.” So now he wants the power. Now he wants the respect. Now he wants people to fear him. That’s what he wants now.

Elisa: What do the actual North Korea people think about America?

Erik:    A lot of North Korea people don’t even know what America is.

Elisa: Yeah! Why does Kim Jong-Un hate us so much?

Erik:    It has to do with America presenting itself as the most powerful country in the world.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:    It’s just a power play, a power struggle.

Elisa: That’s it? He doesn’t hate our capitalist way or freedom?

Erik:    No! No! Believe it or not, he actually spent his childhood in Europe. So he knows how our ways are, how our religions work. He knows everything in and out. What he’s doing now, and a lot of people might not be aware of that either, is he’s actually assembling a lot of his leaders—let’s just call them that—some of the people he trusts and he has them spread out all over the world right now learning about how our economy is, how we are as a people, etc. So he’s actually got what we would call spies everywhere who will come back and help him in taking over some of the success stories in building the economy and so on and so on. By bringing information back to him, he can be portrayed as the saviour, feed people and make him feel good. And he’s gonna be Jesus because there is no religion in Korea, it’s not allowed, It is forbidden.

Elisa: Oh, wow! I didn’t know that.

Erik:    Yeah, no religion!

Elisa: Poor North Korean people! That’s terrible!

Erik:    He wants to be “it”. He wants to be God!

Elisa: He wants to be their God, right? If you were in charge, Erik, what would you do about this situation?

Erik:    Well, I think the only thing we can do without causing too many unnecessary deaths is to really infiltrate into the country and just eliminate him, capture him.

Elisa: That’s gonna be tough! And—

Erik:    What we all need to do right now, and I know some people are gonna say, “Well, that’s just stupid,” but, trust me, this fucking works, okay? We need to use the Law of Attraction. What we need to do is visualize that he’s been captured and that his people are being liberated and reunited with South Korea, that they can grow again together. If we could visualize that and really put our focus on that, instead of the fear of what he’s gonna do because, guess what, people? You’re not gonna be able to stop his nuke if it does happen! So why fear it? Instead, assume it will have a positive outcome. Visualize that he was captured and he will go on trial, whatever, or he might be eliminated in some way or form. Also visualize that his people are fine because these people have been going through centuries and centuries and centuries of brainwashing and manipulation, and even mentioning America gets you and your whole family shot. So they don’t even want to think about America or how it would be to be free. They are so intimidated by this regime that they are not allowed to think freely anymore. A lot of people don’t think they’re born into this. They think that this is how the world works. They don’t know any other way. So it’s going to be really important that we do visualize his capture and that we really visualize these people being guided back to a normal perspective.

Elisa: Are you saying that if he is taken out, that the peninsula will be reunited, that it will all be one Korea or will it be absorbed by China?

Erik:    The way it’s designed, it should be reunited with South Korea

Elisa: Yeah! So that they could really know—

Erik:    Of course, China! A lot of people go, “Oh, we’re close to China as an American country. We get along with them” but, let’s just say that their intentions are not always honorable. They do want to become a global power as well, and they do want to be in control of a lot of things in the world. So they will probably try to unite with North Korea and take over. But normally, South Korea should be able to kind of join together. Families will be reunited. Believe it or not, there are so many families separated still to this day.

Elisa: All right, so say the worse happens and he does nuke us or one of our allies. What will happen? How many will die?

Erik:    It could start World War 3.It’s really hard to say because if you’re looking at, you know, the impact itself, It’s gonna be millions. But, if you’re looking at the long run, we’re talking about skin cancer, we’re talking about the cancers that will come from the radiation. I mean, you know, it would be enormous, of course. But let’s not focus on that. Let’s focus on the positive outcome.

Elisa: If he did launch a nuke at us, how would we respond?

Erik:    Let’s just say that if he would launch, his country would be destroyed in a second.

Elisa: Do you think we could take out the missile before it hits us? Would that be successful?

Erik:    There is a possibility. There is a chance, but they would really have to know and have enough time.

Elisa: I know! That’s right! If we did just decimate North Korea, would that start some kind of World War III involving China, Iran. what’s left of North Korea or Russia, maybe?

Erik:    You would have China and Russia working together against the rest of the world. So, either way, you don’t extinguish a fire with more fire. People think that attacking a country, nuking a country, is the solution. It really isn’t. It just leads to more anger. It leads to more lust for power and that’s just how it is. So we really need to find a middle way. The people who deserved to be punished will be taken in and will get their trial, or whatever, and the North Korean people will be saved and reintroduced to the world because they are completely isolated. They don’t have television like we do. They don’t have radio and they don’t have newspapers or the music that we do. Let’s focus on that.

Elisa: So the best thing, if we get nuked, even though hundreds and thousands, I don’t know how many people would die here, that still the best thing would be just take him out and reunify the peninsula?

Erik: Yeah.

Here’s the YouTube video for this series:

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