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I’m much better thanks to the the awesome energy healing of Ryan Adragna: no more fever, ectopic heartbeats or headaches. I do feel stronger, too, but still pretty weak. I understand that the effects of energy healing can take over 24 hours, though. Thanks, Ryan. If you need energy healing, please check out his site HERE! He’s one of the best energy healers I know of, so I highly recommend him. Someone else sent me energy healing, but I can’t remember who! Whoever it was, thanks so much!

Because I feel like I shortchanged you guys, here’s a Best of Erik and a Rolling with Erik all in one! I’m posting a YouTube tomorrow.

Me:   I’m curious about your thoughts about other planets in our solar systems since they all appear lifeless and with harsh environments. The blog member asking this question went to this website that stated that most moons and planets in our solar system actually do contain life, but at different vibrational levels than ours, making them undetectable to us. Do they exist in their own right or are they mainly around just for decoration. (I burst out laughing.)

Jamie (laughing, too): I love that!

Erik: Like rearranging shit on your coffee table? Yeah, we have all that shit out in the Universe just so we can have some pretty decorations.

Me: Yeah! What an interesting question, though! So what’s the deal? Is our solar system filled with other beings?

Erik: Yes!

Me: Cool! Tell me about it.

Erik: It’s stupid of our race to think that our planet is the only ones that can contain life. I mean, look at our own fucking planet. We have things living at the bottom of the ocean in pure darkness in the coldest of cold. Shit is thriving there. We just don’t have the instruments to measure it; we don’t have a way to get down there and scoop it up and know how to identify it without finding it first. Fuck, we have shit growing in lava! It’s the same with other planets. They’re harsh in terms of what we need to survive, but they’re perfect for other vibrational beings.

Me: Do they vibrate outside of the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum?

Erik: Yeah, but not all of them, Mom. Most of them, they use bodies like we do. Trees are bodies. Insects and animals, they’re bodies. They have bodies in these other living—

Jamie (to Erik, in girlie embarrassment): I don’t know what you just said! (pause) Let’s just use “environments”.

Erik: Other living environments, but yet, we don’t identify them as a body, because we think, “That’s fucked up. That’s gotta be dead; that’s not living.” But it is. So, we’ll get smarter at identification, and that’ll help us open our perspective and beliefs, and it’ll turn out pretty cool.

Me: Yeah, so there are bodies made for very harsh environments. Is that what you’re saying?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Yeah, I think there are bacterium that live in extremely hot environments. They’re called archae bacteria, and they live in up to 212 degrees. But there are also beings that exist on these planets and moons that we can’t see, because they’re different vibrational frequencies, right?

Erik: Correct.

Me: Okay. I just want to clarify that for the readers. Anything else on that? Can you expand more?

Erik: Of course we can expand more, but I think, for now, just a general painting is enough for people grasp, and if they wanna dig deeper, invite them to ask the questions.

Me: Are they all friendly to us, or are any of them—

Erik (chuckling): Oh, no! No. Wouldn’t we live in a cheery, happy universe if that were true!

Me: Do any of them know of our existence?

Erik: Nn—

Me: I’m talking about the ones in our solar system.

Jamie: Yeah. He’s still talking about our solar system, too.

(Long pause)

Me: So, do they all, do they even know about our existence?

Jamie: He’s going with yes, but he can’t give me any specifics on it.

Me: Okay. And are the ones that know about us hostile toward us? Are any of them?

Erik: Some, yes.

Me: Are they planning anything evil?


Erik: No.


Me: Okay, good. They just don’t like us.

I’m thinking they’re some microscopic little worms of something.

Erik: Yeah, for fear of invasion.

Me: They don’t like us, because they think we’re going to invade them?

Erik: Correct.

Let’s just promise them we won’t.

Thanks, Emma, for this great trance channeling! For more on Emma, click HERE.

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