Overlooked April Session

Looking through my recordings, I realized that I neglected to finish transcribe the tail end of the last session in April. Wow, it’s like finding a 20 dollar bill in your coat pocket! YAY!

Channeling Transcript

Jamie: Erik is the only spirit I’ve channeled that razzes me all the time!

Me: Oh, that’s so him. Just ask his sisters, his brother and the cats and dogs in our house! Erik LOVED to tease.

Jamie: I just think it’s so funny! And surprising!

We laugh.

Me: Now, Erik, do spirit have arguments over there? Do they sometimes not get long, or do they ever get in little spats?

Erik: No! Arguments just don’t fly here. They don’t exist because the environment here doesn’t support it.

Me: Oh, that makes sense! So, Erik, do you think your story would make a good TV show or movie?

Erik: Yes, and it will be big.

Jamie: You know, I was in my little kitchen area with Erik before you called, and he said, “Get ready. This is the start of something big,” and I said, ‘Oh, yeah. You mean the celebrity interviews?’ He just laughed and walked out of the kitchen. So maybe he’s talking about a TV show or movie.

Me: Well, Erik, do you think it’ll ever happen?

Erik: Yes, yes and yes. I see it more on TV than film.

Me: Will it be successful? I’d hate to see it as one pilot, then it gets dropped.

Erik: Ah, no, Mom. People are gonna LOVE it.  But you’re really going to have to be careful and have your hands on how the information is represented. I really don’t want them to make you sound wacko like someone who can’t grieve, so they hold on to things.

Me: Oh, yeah. Okay.

Erik: It’s not about grieving; it’s about maintaining a relationship. If you can get that point across, this is what’s going to make this kind of show take off.

Me: Why is that point so important?

Erik: It’s important, because people believe that when somebody is dead, all of a sudden you have to ignore them. You have to ignore their legacy; you have to ignore their name. How many times have people run into you, Mom, and they ask all up about what you’re doing and what the other kids are doing, but they never once want to mention my name?

Me: All the time. In fact, I’ve pretty much lost all my friends, because they want to ignore my existence too. The death of a child is a very uncomfortable topic for most.

Erik (talking with passion): Hell, yeah, they’re uncomfortable! Our culture gives us no real reason to maintain a relationship with someone who’s already passed over. They think it’s morbid; they think it’s part of grief. That’s just bullshit. We have to get over the idea that—

Jamie: God, Erik, you’re on a rant! Slow down, Dude. Phew!

Erik: We have to get over the idea that we’re stuck in this dimensional plane and that when the body disappears, everything disappears!

Me: Yeah.

Erik: What happened to the idea of faith and belief and, “Oh, Jesus died, but hell, he’s still around, because he’s gonna come back to get us, right?” Oh, so only one person can die and come back? That makes no sense! What a load of crap!

I laugh. He makes a good point here.

Me: Wow, that’s pretty amazing. So, if there is a TV show, how many seasons will it go for?

Erik: Several, several years.

Me: Good! But is there another story—I mean, my whole purpose is to bring some sort of awareness to the world, both spiritual awareness and suicide prevention awareness, so is your story—our story—the one that is best suited for this, or is there another one that might make more impact on the world? I don’t want to be selfish, so be honest, please. I want what’s best for the world, not for you and me and the rest of the Channeling Erik family.

Erik: Hell, no, this story is the perfect fish for a TV producer to grab. It has power because it’s based on a true story. Now for you and me, the best media for us to work through is always gonna be the written word. So we put it into a book, and then people can read that book and perceive it how they need to perceive it and move on. Mom, you’ve got to read New Earth. It’s by Eckhart Tolle. It’s going to give you a different vocabulary to approach what spirituality is doing for people.

Me: Mmm.

Erik: And this can be a parallel motivator that we can give to people who are also Channeling Erik followers.

Me: Okay. So would the books, TV shows, and or films be part of the spiritual mission of you, me, Jamie, and anyone else involved, like publishers, producers, etc.? Is it part of our intersecting paths to bring this to the world?

Erik: Yes.

Jamie: He points his finger at me.

Erik: Tell my mom what you told your husband..

Jamie: How do you know that, Erik? Uh, that creeps me out.

Me: Little eavesdropper, geez!

Jamie: No, but see, this is when I got married over eight years ago. Before I put my wedding dress on, I went into my husband’s room, and I told him,  ‘Do you still want to do this?’ And he said, “Yeah,” and I said, ‘You know you’re going to have to share me with the world.’

Me: Wow! Well if this goes mainstream, he’s really going to have to do some sharing!

Jamie: He’s told me he’s ready and supportive.

Me: That’s great. Okay, here’s another one: Are books like the Bible, the Koran, and the Torah channeled? If so, from what source?

Erik: Whoever’s asking the question is asking it too general.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: We look at the Bible, you know, just like any other book, it’s laid out in chapters. People submitted their work into it to tell the whole story, and no, not all of these portions were channeled. A lot was very human-driven; a lot of them were very politically-driven to teach morals, cuz that’s how morals were given then.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And before the written word, it was given in the form of art. People would look at art and know what dresses were acceptable, how to hold their hands, their posture, and so forth. A lot of it was made to teach something instead of giving the true story or the true account. But there are portions of it that are what we would call channeled in: through automatic writing, through dream states, through whatever. A lot of the entertainers here now do that just the same. When you listen to Beethoven, when you read his words, he says he hears it in the wind. He hears the music, the strings, the harmony in the wind, and all he has to do is write it down on paper.

Me: Interesting!

Erik: Yeah, so there are those few that do channel stuff and put it down in some way. They don’t necessarily think it’s channeled; they think it’s their bright imagination or bright idea.

Jamie: Do you know that Erik has shown up in several of my other readings?

Me: Oh?

Jamie: Yeah, he did last week with a Channeling Erik follower. He was messing with the daughter, and he came in and explained what he was doing. It was pretty funny. Then he gave his two cents and kind of stood in the corner of the room. I was very proud of him for being reserved.

Me: Messing with the daughter? A living daughter or a deceased daughter?

Jamie: Living.

Me: Oh my god, that guy!

Jamie: Cranking the TV volume up or something.

We both laugh.

Erik (laughing): God, I love my job!

Jamie: He makes both of his hands into fists and curls his back down, and says, “Awww, I just love my job!”

Me: Aw, I can just see him doing that.

Erik: Finally, I’m completely balanced; I’m totally in my head; I’m completely in my body. Mom, do we not have the best relationship ever, now?!

Me: I know! Well, we’ve always had a really good relationship, but it’s even better now that you’re happier. Plus, I talk to you more now than I did when you were here. Even though I really wanted to talk to you and hug you more and all that stuff, you weren’t going to have any of it. Typical teenager.

Jamie and Erik laugh.

Now, go out and share your love with others today!


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