Interacting with Heaven, God Energy, Occupy Wall Street and Celeb Update

Talk about an eclectic mix! This is from the last session, but because of the timeliness of the subject matter, I decided to jump queue and share.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Hi, Erik! How are you doing?

Erik: Hi, Mom!

Me: What’s up, Buddy?

Erik: I feel like it’s a pretty chill day.

Me: Yeah, I feel the same way.

Jamie: It is. He hasn’t pulled any pranks on me this morning!

Me: Well, it’s still early, isn’t it?

Jamie laughs.

Me: Plenty of time left for him to make up for it with his mischief, too.

Jamie (giggling): I told him to be kind to me!

Me: Yeah, go easy on poor Jamie!

Erik: We talk all the time on Fridays, Jamie. This is no different!

Me: I know, right! Okay, now Erik, I was thinking, if you see all your lives past, present and future—you know how you compare it to a stack of plates and you can focus on any one plate, that it’s not really a linear timeline?

Erik: Duh.

Me: Well, when you look at a plate, or a point in the future and there I am in the afterlife with you, can you see me? Can we interact?

Erik: Yep.

Me: Oh! So why can’t we human beings do that? Why can’t WE focus on that “future plate” and—

Erik: Mostly because I think it would be so overwhelming.

Me: Oh yeah? What do you mean?

Jamie: He says it would be an overwhelming concept.

Erik: Hell, yeah, cuz people are already afraid of death and what that future is going to be like for them. And for them to have the concept of, “Oh, there are multiple lives and they’re all happening at once, so let’s tap into something that’s future,” or even the idea that it’s happening currently, I think that’s why humans prefer to tap into past lives through regression. Shit, that’s finally being accepted. But to look at the present and future, too much for humans to deal with.

Me: Okay, And I guess the whole stacked plate metaphor explains how psychics can see into the past and future.

Erik: Yep.

Me: So it’s about focusing your intent on one plate at a time, I guess.

Erik: Yep.

Me: Well, does that make you happier, being able to visit me in the future when I’ve crossed over into the afterlife? I mean, do you do that? Do we hug and interact?

Long pause, then Jamie giggles.

Jamie: He just gave me a look like, “Oh, I have to answer?” So I said to him in my head, ‘You better answer her honestly!’

Me: Yeah. Go ahead, Sweetie! I can take it like a man!

Erik: Actually, I like to check in on all my friends.

Me: In the afterlife, when they’re crossed over in the future?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Aw, cool! That must make things a lot easier for you, too! That’s good.

Erik: Well, it’s just hard to have any kind of grief or negativity here just because you DO have all of these possibilities! It’s not daunting at all.

Me: Yeah, so nobody’s really dead to you. I mean, nobody’s on the other side of the veil from you, I guess is what I’m saying. You can always go on both sides of the fence!

Erik: Yes! That’s right. That’s how it is.

Me (teasing): You swing both ways!

Jamie (giggling): That makes him laugh!

Jamie laughs hard.

Me: Now, someone pointed out to me recently that you said the God Energy is no the ONLY energy, but I didn’t ask you to elaborate, for some reason.

Erik: Yeah, we’re talking about energy source for our area and our dimensional planes.

Me: What do you mean by “our.” Yours?

Erik: Earth. Our solar system. Our tiny universe.

Me: Oh, okay. So in other universes—

Erik: There are other prime source energies.

Me: Oh, I see!

Erik: Let’s take it out of the context of religion, Mom, cuz that’s just gonna—

Me: Oh, yeah. I know. So each universe has it’s own source energy?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Oh, interesting! Are those source energies somehow connected, though?

Erik: Yes, very much. Everything is connected. It’s all an infinite sea of energy with an infinite number of vibrational frequencies.

Me: Okay, Hey, what’s going on with this “occupy Wall street” movement? I feel like it’s part of the polarization that’s supposed to happen during The Shift, but…

Erik: That, and we also need to have the—

Jamie: Uh, uh. Step back Erik.


Jamie (chuckling): I’m walking away from him, and he’s walking closer, and I start to yawn, and I can feel him, so I’m like, “Uh, uh, Erik.”

Me (laughing): Stalker!

Jamie (laughing hard): He got such a kick out of that!

Erik: I think the healthcare system also needs to fall apart, and then that’s when the government will hit rock bottom.

Me: Okay, um, so this movement is part of The Shift?

Erik: Yes.

Me: Good! All right. A couple more questions before we interview the next celebrity. I got a comment on one of the Jimi Hendrix posts that they think Jimi Hendrix was actually murdered by someone like his manager, that he was essentially waterboarded with wine rather than just drowning in his own vomit. What’s the truth? Was he murdered or did he overdose?

Erik: Nah, he accidentally overdosed.

Me: I thought so. I have to take the man at his word, but I figured I’d ask, because maybe Jimi was already out of his body and wouldn’t be aware of someone coming in and filling his lungs up with wine. Also, JonBenet Ramsey didn’t answer this, but a lot of readers are curious. Who murdered her?

Sorry folks, but I did find out, verified it with Robert, but, for legal reasons, I just can’t divulge the answer. If you have any hypotheses, feel free to post them.

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Also, Erik, Jamie and I will be on a live interview Tuesday at noon Pacific Time for one hour. I’ll give you the link very soon.

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